Chu-Bra!! 01

The second contender of my Winter Anime 2009/10 schedule, Chu Bra! turns out exactly the way I interpreted it to be before hand. 4 words. A 99.9999999999% fanservice anime. 16 words? Blah tuts…

Warning: Post contains heavy amounts of ecchi and lolis in pantsu shot exposure.

The story goes like this;

Nayu Hayama, 12 years old (YES. TWELVE!!!) begins her first day in middle school. Having the highest mark and grade at the entrance exam (like any other Japanese school will have…) she has been elected as the School Student Council or something and is forced to make a speech at the opening ceremony. Little does Hayama knows, she fatally trips as she walks up the stage, exposing her “black laced adult-like panties” to the students. Later in school, two other characters called Yako and Haruka take the screen time spotlight, overhear many rumours going around about Hayama having a “sugar-daddy” and various other stuff, so what better to do than on the first day in middle school is to stalk investigate like CSI (kidding). Upon experiencing many sexual predator attacks misconceptions and loli oppai groping misunderstandings and skirt lifting flashbacks going back and forth of the variety of underwear Hayama has worn in her childhood that no child has ever worn, both Yako and Haruka come to discover that Hayama is a so-called “underwear-monitor” who tests new underwear products for her love-of-a-paedo father, and unsurprisingly has great insight on what underwear people should wear (does that include guys?). And after some clear ups and reconciliations the three become best friends! Nayu hopes to help everyone get through the vital stage of their life thus opening an underwear club. No kidding.

Yeah, that last part was blatantly ripped off from Wikipaedia, but I just couldn’t go on :P

Opening and ending not bad… overall just another of them j-pop girl rocky band songs sung by the voice actresses of the main cast. No YouTube embeds as for now as I couldn’t find any due on the wretched site.

Animation is done by Zexcs, haven’t really seen much anime done by them, except for Umi Monogatari after some lurking on Wiki. The quality in Chu-Bra!! seems to be a little below average to me, or it’s just Crunchyroll’s crappy so-called “HQ” quality I dunno, but comparing it to the original manga and it’s coloured art illustrations it does seem to have been dumbed down a bit…

Speaking of the voice actors (or seiyuus being wapanese), here’s the casting list;

Minako Kotobuki as Yako Jingūji
Minori Chihara as Nayu Hayama
Sayuri Yahagi as Haruka Shiraishi

Sayaka Ohara as Tamaki Mizuno
Takahiro Sakurai as Keigo Hayama
Yōko Hikasa as Kiyono Amahara
Yuudai Satou as Yōki Komachi

Asuka Okame as Female student (ep 1)
Chika Anzai as Female student (ep 1)
Hibiku Yamamura as Female student (ep 1)
Hiromi Sugino as Principal
Katsuhisa Houki as Ōkuma-sensei
Motoki Takagi as Kōta
Naoko Sugiura as Kaori Seto
Tomoya Sawaguchi as Male student (ep 1)
Yoriko Nagata as Natsumi Terauchi
Yuiko Tatsumi as Female student (ep 1)
Yuki Kodaira as Sae Mishima
Yuu Asakawa as Takatō-sensei
Yuuichi Nakamura as Elementary school teacher
Yuuki Hayashi as Vice principal

Out of the majority of the casting, about 78% of the cast are (unsurprisingly) female. The most significant seiyuu from the list is- of course Minako Kotobuki voicing Yako, as Kotobuki-san is also known for her other voicing of the high-class-moé-blob Mugi of K-ON!. Strangely enough, the two share the same family name… Sayuri Yahagi as Haruka here is another notable seiyuu as for her known role of Izumi of non other than Hayate no Gotoku, and the rest as you can see on this page. Last but not least Minori Chihara, known for her role of Touka of Saki, that particular mahjong anime airing back in 2009, and is also known for her most notable role of Yuki Nagato of Haruhi. The rest? Ahh screw it…

So yeah, the first episode really just covers what goes on in the summary I kinda wrote the first pará. The episode itself was pretty good in my taste. Not really sure if it’s suitable for people who are always monitored in front of their computers, hate ecchi or even, girls… But Chu-Bra seems to hold some good advice, tips and trivia for females everywhere about girl’s underwear. Surely enough this will give the male region of audience some info upon the “other end”…heau heau…

Looking at it optimistically, it really is just some seinen-loli-ecchi-fanservice anime you may interpret. But of you ignore all the perverted stuff, and you’ll may see that it does looks like an average school girl slice of life anime. An anime about girl’s underwear, that is…

Note: Yes… it’s Crunchysubs if you’re asking. As always apologies for the crappy quality in the screenshots.

Black laced? More like navy blue to me…

You know you lost it when you imagine a g string in the night sky…

Equalty Now will super saiyan this.

Check out THAT sideboob.

Nice camera positioning.

I would be too.

You know you’ll have a lot of free time if you doodle girl’s underwear in your notebook.

Emphasis on the breasts I see.

Military equipment to the maximum eh?

Pushing the boundaries…HNNNNNNNG

Yako is now my favorite character.

No wait, forget what I just said, it’ll be completely NOTHING without the ecchi stuff.

Chu-Bra!!, official NSFW anime.

One- or two- orr three particular screenshots in question;

This considered as nudity? Surely the pink spots are meant to be those weird looking face’s blocked nose… But seriously, WTF?

Hayama. Serious yuri underwear monitor.

Expect future episodes to be as ecchi as this first.

And for me, despite acting reluctant towards this series, I’ll might as well continue with this series since most people I know aren’t gonna watch it…common sense