Sora no Woto 01 – Déjà vu All Over Again?

Another crappy post title but hey, watching Sora no Woto gives me that weird sense of déjà vu that I haven’t felt for many months now. But I just can’t seem to figure out what it is. Surprisingly this is not done by that certain anime studio which I forgotten its name, but actually by A-1 Pictures. Surely it must be the hair or something but man is this a no-brainer.

Okay so you may have already known of the strong resemblances of K-ON!’s moé-blob character designs implemented onto Toshifumi Akai’s adaptation of Mel Kishida’s original concept, but not just the moé blob design basis, but also the daring similarities to the K-ON! cast. Sora no Woto  is the third contender in my Winter Anime line up and surprisingly, it’s pretty damn good.

Which design you like best? The original or the K-ONification?

Personally, I really prefer the original design since it looks more realistic and fitting to the story’s medieval time period. Since the final decision to hone Toshifumi’s plagiarised design, the show seems to have lost it’s seriousness…

Being an original anime, debuting the joint project of TV Tokyo’s Anime department and Aniplex in their goal to create original anime televisions series, also known as ‘Anime no Chikara’, not much synopsis of this anime is currently available. But here’s the brief yet shallow plot of the story as stated on Wikipedia;

The plot revolves around a girl named Kanata Sorami. When she was all alone at a young age as a result of war, she found inspiration in a bugler she met. She decides to join the army and become a bugler herself, hoping to learn well since she is quite bad at it. She is assigned to the town of Seize, where she is taken care of by Rio Kazumiya, her bugler instructor, and the rest of the squadron.

Just realised. Rio Kazumiya = Mio Akiyama and that guy in Tales of Vesperia. Coincidence perhaps?

So basically put, the story is set in the old medieval-like days, a massive war broke out, Kanata, the protagonist of the story, loses her family and friends as result of the war, leaving her all alone. One lonely abandoned day, she meets someone called a “bugler” (which I thought said burglar at first, lol) which inspired her to JOIN THE ARMY! and become one herself. She apparently managed to join (don’t you have to pass some test or something?) and gets assigned to the town of Seize (which is kinda contradicting since seize is the fancy word for stop), meets Rio, her future partner burgle instructor and senpai and lastly meets the rest of the team. Of course, when Rio runs trial upon Kanata’s current level in playing the burgle, she turns out to be pretty shyte, pretty obvious since this is the first episode. They all have fun and happy days but (I predict) obviously something bad and dangerous is gonna happen closely at the end of the series and more of the serious dorama is gonna take place, the same you’d expect from any other 12/13 episode series.

The first episode mostly cover’s what the synopsis’ says. Except that it starts off with Kanata heading to Seize and meeting with the rest of the gang, the meeting of Kanata and the bugler simply just being a minor flashback, a little plot tweaks making Kanata late, clutzy and getting caught up in a local festival where all the civilians come together and throw orange dye at each other (apparently thought up by some local ancient folklores).

By the way, what is the actual name for this anime? Looking at the official logo, it says “Sora no Oto”, but everywhere else it says either “Sora no Woto”, “So-Ra-No-Wo-To”, “Soranowoto”, “So Ra No Oto” or just simply the english translation of “Sound of the Sky”. Since I’m really baffled at this mess I’ll just simply called it as ‘Sora no Woto’, as it seems more appropriate to the counterpart of the english translation and better for eyes for reading it. Haha

Opening and ending. Opening is called “Hikari no Senritsu” by Kalafina and the ending is “Girls, Be Ambitious.” by Haruka Tomatsu.

Personally, I really liked Kalafina’s singing in the opening sequence and it perfectly ties into the medieval backing track and the ending, I was really pleased to see Haruka return since the last time I heard her voice in Kannagi as Nagi and Zettai Karen Children as Shiho. Well the ending was pretty much a girly rock pop song or something which in my experience a typical choice for an ending backing track…

The casting list as stated by ANN…

Hisako Kanemoto as Kanata Sorami
Aoi Yūki as Noeru Kannagi
Aya Endo as Felicia Heideman
Eri Kitamura as Kureha Suminoya
Mayuno Yasokawa as Naomi
Misato Fukuen as Yumina
Unshou Ishizuka as Klaus
Yu Kobayashi as Rio Kazumiya
Mayuko Takahashi as Mishio
Ryoko Ono as Iria

Out of all the current cast members from that list, the only ones I can recognise are Eri Kitamura, Aya Endo and Yu Kobayashi. I’ve seen Eri around many places such as Ami of Toradora, Aya as Yamada of Needless and Yu as Kanon of Umineko and Nagi of Nyan Koi!.

Screenshots are surprisingly limited here, as I was more deeply focusing on what’s happening in the episode than to find good screens to save…

Did my eyes deceive me, or is that what it really says? D:

Two particular screens in question;

A little something special for Kanata-fags D:

Overall I really enjoyed watching the first episode. Kinda confusing at first if you’ve haven’t read any kind of back plot or something beforehand (like me) but as you go on you’ll eventually grasp the basic concept of the plot. Trust me. Sora no Woto seems to be the best anime I’ve watched yet in this chilly season.

Look forward to the second episode!