Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 01

If only my school and any other schools where like this… Baka Test really changes the way all of us people look upon school, and boy it really does. So if you’re interested in Ninja Perverts, insane supervised madness in school and THE ultimate traps, then look no further as Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (or Baka Test for short) will most certainly please you.

I lol’d.

Baka Test is based upon a fictional high school known as Fumizuki Academy, which is not like any other normal school you’d expect. Using the “latest technology” in schooling education they managed to thought up (or the creator of this series) an innovative and original schooling system, where students are assigned to classes ranging from classes A, where classrooms are all refurbished and high classed, which includes reclining chairs, free personal laptops, and even a classroom kitchen! And all the way down to F, where everything is the opposite of Class A, cushions barely with any stuffing in them, personal old wearing coffee tables, tatami mats and the highly intoxicating polluting air. How well the students do on their entrance exam tests and what grade they get will determine which class they’ll be assigned, for example, a really super-smart person does well on the exam, gets an A, meaning he/she will go to Class A. A really dumb and retarded person or even drop outs will be simply go to class F.

Example of getting an F for your overall grade. Self explanatory to say at least.

Upon all this, each student in the academy will be able to summon something what’s called a “Summoned Being”, which is basically a chibi deformation of the student, and it’s power will be based on the student’s recent test results on all subjects. These Summoned Beings are mostly used for something what’s called a Summoned Beings War, or in the Anime, an Examination Summons Battle (ESB for short). Supervised by a teacher since they are the ones to activate the ESB battlefield of course, each class can declare war (or battle, duel or whatever on the lines of) on other classes to battle it out to see which classes the strongest. Think of this as some RPG strategic game where your army of… whatever you want it to be fighting against someone else’s army. A student’s Summon Being’s power level (haha) will be depended on the student’s test score, but if the Summoned Being dies, meaning it’s power level reaches zero, then it’ll reflect upon the student’s test score, meaning that student will have to go to detention and take lectures to regain their test score (did I say that right?)

When an ESB ends, the winning class has the opportunity to switch classes with the losing class. Meaning if Class F wins against Class A (which is highly impossible), Class F can switch classes for Class A’s, meaning Class F will be granted with all the luxury the A classrooms holds, while the original A class, will have to put up in the rotting F classroom.

Quality classrom this is.

Baka Test revolves around a particular student who attends Fumizuki Academy, Akihisa Yoshii, holding the title of the Baka (“idiot” if it doesn’t ring a bell), gets assigned to Class F for his poor test result in his second semester’s opening test result. There, he meets his Yuji (the class rep of Class F), who is apparently old pals with Yoshii, the ultimate, and I mean the ultimate trap Kinoshita Hideyoshi, the tomboy tsundere-like Shimada Minami (who always tend to beat the crap out of Yoshii when he makes fun of her), and the extravagant Mizuki Himeji, who was a student contender favourite to be assigned to class A, but had to drop out the opening exam due to a sudden fever half way into the exam. Pitying her for this, Yoshii came up with an idea to rule over the higher-ups of the school by declaring ESBs, for the sake of Mizuki to rule over the power of Class A so that they can have their stuff. And thus begins our story!

Apparently wearing purple capes that make you look like a certain terrorist group makes you look retarded. Says Yoshii.

Episode 1 literally really covers what goes on in the above paragraph in the first half, but in the second, Class F, or Yuji to be precise, decide to declare war on Class E as their first goal (as simply just taking Class A head on first will be totally reckless), meaning this is just a way to build up more experienced and stronger so that they can be worthy enough to stand up against Class A. During the ESB between Class E and F, while Mizuki and Shimada are off to take more tests to build up their power level, class F ‘s front and main lines are almost completely annihilated by Class E, even minutes after the battle had already begun. Just when Class E reached Class F’s headquarters (their classroom), only few remaining students are left alive in class F, including Yoshii and Yuji, just when the class rep of Class E was about to wipe out Yuji and the rest personally, Mizuki and Shimada run in onto the scene, totally blasting all the remaining students of Class E sky-high, claiming Class F as the victor. Meaning Yuji’s plan to rule over Class E was to simply waste time and act as decoys until Mizuki and Shimada are done taking their tests and powering up their Summon Beings.

Of course, students who have exhilirating battle power gets to have a cut scene transformation moment...

Surprisingly, Yuji declined the offer of switching classrooms between Class E, claiming that they don’t need a better classroom at the moment and that they’re fine with their current broken room. Suddenly, Yuuko Kinoshita (Hideyoshi’s twin sister) steps into Class F’s classroom, acting as the ambassador of Class A to declare a ESB against Class F.

Because they want to. Duhh…

Now if I were a student attending Fumizuki High, I’d guess I’d be in Class B (or even A) based on the overall grades I’ve been given back in late 2009 (do I still get then personal reclining chairs and laptops?). I have to say really, that this awesome schooling system has its pros and cons if this were ever to happen to real life (but not likely due to the truly advance technology used in ESBs).

The pros;

  • Declare ESBs whenever you want during the semester!
  • Encourage students to learn with motivation as they make their summon beings more stronger! Good thing right?
  • Teachers can activate 3D holograms and force fields where a ESB occurs!
  • Develop a sense of teamwork and rivalry between other competing classes and all the other tedious educational skills.

The cons;

  • Students who’ll be assigned to Class F will more than likely be demotivated, as they’ve been placed into the crappiest classroom out of the whole school and their summon beings are n00bs. Leading their shallow motivation to learn.
  • Life in school will become more like of an Strategic RPG. Sucks for people who hates those types of games…
  • When you lose in a ESB yourself your test score for your subject you’ve chosen to fight with gets wiped out to 0, meaning you’ll have to take more tests to build it back up
  • Strong rivalry and hatred between every class.

Despite having a fairly equal amount of pros and cons of this system ever happening to schools, most likely there’ll be very very VERY slim chances of this ever coming to real life, as the technology we have now hasn’t come enough close to the technology they have in Baka Test and, most obviously, like anyone is gonna give this crazy idea a shot… haha

Opening is called “Perfect-area complete!” by Natsuko Aso, and the ending is called “Baka Go Home” by milktub and BakaTest All Stars (Guessing the “BakaTest All Stars are the main voice acting cast of the Anime…)

No YouTube embeds this time, as I couldn’t find any that was available at the time. Go watch the episode for gods sake!

All in all, the opening is great, really like how it solely just focuses on all the main and supporting characters. On a particular note, prepare for a yuri loving “sister” of Shimada’s as you may have seen for a split second in the OP or plainly just read the manga. The ending, obviously sung by the casting voice actors, but this time with a notable group as well known as milktub (anyone know of them?), consists of screen transiting shots of the male characters of the series, under the impression of another certain artist, yes the trap and the ninja perv included…

Oh dear, seems like Hideyoshi is up to something devious...

Being that I’ve read the first chapters of the manga, I can clearly see the fine line of the difference between these two media. Firstly and the most notable of all, the ESBs seems to have been abridged a lot in the anime whereas in the manga, focuses heavily on them, even spanning at a approximate pace of two chapters for every ESB. Guess they’re trying to fit as much as possible in the anime adaption (anyone know how many episodes of Baka Test there are?)… Secondly, the jokes and tongue-in-cheek humour has been toned down in the anime compared to the manga. As they try to fit in a joke as possible as the situation can be, while in the anime the dorama setting seems to have been cranked up. Third and lastly, now I don’t mean to brag, but everything seems to have been rushed in the first episode of the anime if you compare it to the manga. Since episode 1 managed to got up to chapter 5 (6?) in the manga, averaging a chapter of 30 pages, meaning a moderate amount of stuff has been completely scrapped out of the anime. No idea if this is just to speed up the introductory plot, but just wanted to point it out…

Sadly, as I’ve haven’t read the original light novels which was the starting point of this series I’ve simply left it out of comparison…

What is this Touhou?

Screenshots are as follows;

It’s like watching the Matrix…


Oh the contradictory…

Anyone notice the Usamaru like marshmallow that was also featured in Seitokai no Ichizon? Which reminds me, I haven’t posted the review yet! D:

When someone calls you a baka, it means that.

Too much stuff… going on on the screen…

Hard times being an ambassador eh…

Teachers the vital catalyst in activating ESBs and need to be carefully dealt with you see…

Overall, I really enjoyed reading the manga version and watching anime coming to life in Technicolor, despite done by a studio called Silver Link which I’ve never recalled off, I was actually expecting Baka Test to be done by JC Staff, only until I received info about the series is produced by another studio, I was partially hoping for the animation quality to be at least just decent, and not turning out to be another Akikan clone… moving on the wide range of voice actors and actresses are simply brill, really feel the compatibility between the personality of the characters and the voice of the seiyuu. Despite of me knowing barely any of the members of the cast… Really like the slap stick and tongue in cheek humour presented ever so often now and here, little signs of fanservice shown at the beginning when Shimada high kicks Yoshii, therefore exposing her panties for a brief moment.

Baka Test has its epic dorama moments you see.

Totally recommend this anime to any anime go-watchers out there. Looking for some mix of comedy and drama at the same time, original and clever sense of plot, unique range of characters and sci-fi school life action? Then look no further as Baka Test will most certainly satisfy you with its involuntary epic screening  action and stupidly insane humour and plot! Baka Test is my most certain best anime of Winter Anome 2009/10 atm.

Let’s see if Dance in the Vampire Bund can top this…