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Last night, I was pretty bored after completing watching all the anime I was behind. So what better to do than to mess around on Photoshop then randomly came to creating a new header for my blog!

At the time, I had an idea of making a parody logo of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya logo and try to make one fitting for “Niyasu no Eden”, the name of this site.

So after some typography, strokes and outer glows…

Tried scattering all the main and sub themes of my blog, setting the opacity and fills at random levels and lastly slapping on my before-hand-made logo and its romanji counterpart. I felt really pleased of what I did in just under 15 minutes.

I then proceed onto making another tweaked version out of my first above, then this came out;

Attempted to use the traditional column lettering style. Due to the header height being fairy short, I had to sadly resize the font size smaller to fit it all in. But hey, it looks more like the Haruhi logo right? Unfortunately the circle encasing which was meant to surround the “の” character is absent due to difficulties fitting everything in the low header height and actually reading at ease.

Out of the two versions I made after 40 minutes, in the end I chose the second (of first) version since it just feels more clean and polished, and uncluttered unlike the first I made, if you know what I mean…

Just when I was about to publish it as my header, I suddenly had another idea growth spurt. And whaddya know, this came out;

Parodying the “H” behind Haruhi on the first volume cover of the light novel, I decided to use the  letter “N” (as in the my inter-name “Nyarth”) to be place ri~ight behind everything and set to “nearly” transparent. I felt really proud of my first Photoshop’d parody logo, and how it was quite entertaining.

So what do you think readers, anons and lurkers? Which do you think is better, the first, the second or third header I made? Leave a comment below if you can saying which is better, or just simply go off topic criticizing that it’s rubbish and it’s all fail.

For now though, my third version is put up as the display header.

I end my post.


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