Blog Status Update X

Holy crap. I think I might just be a genius.

Well, if you’ve been lurking all over my blog recently, then you may have guess many few changes and alterations I did to this lonly blog of a site. So here’s the lowdown of my recent doings to the site, in no particular order;

Updated Pages

Go look for yourself to see the updatefulness, if that is even a word…

Updated Categories

Well this was a given. The only few tweaks in my “still developing” list of categories is that the rename of the sticky default category we’re always given, “Uncategorized”, to “Nonsensical”. Felt the need to personalise my categories so, what the heck. Also I made a few tweaks in a few posts linking and unlinking them from categories, but like any of you will care :P Categories still in development by the way, so expect them to be updated any time soon….

New style of episodic posts

Now all screenshots will be places at the beginning of the post and appears like a little gallery. Kind of like what you’d see over at RC. Did this change of style as I’ve lately been spending ridiculous amounts of time typing episodics while posting a screenshot at a time, cuz’ you know me, always hooked up on screenshots and captions and shit… Well I’ve now decided to drop unnecessary captions and now focus them when they’re demandedly needed, plus, if I need an image reference to something I’m saying will be just simply linked.

New Header

Like I’ve already explained in this previous post, you may have (obviously) noticed the new header I made. Well this is just the first versions I haste-fully made, so new and updated ones might come out in the next few weeks (if I’m ever bothered to go on Photoshop).

Blog Linked to Twitter via API

Since everyone was doing it, I thought I’d might as well. Posts I publish will now ALSO be published in my Twitter account over a Twitter (obviously). Since RSS readers tend to be slow regarding their refreshing for feeds intervals with Twitter, you’ll most likely to receive the feed in real-time (with a little lag of course). So follow me on Twitter if you want… you’re more than welcome to peoples. I might decide to follow you, who knows?

Future updates I’ll be implementing on in… the future.

  • Maybe a new theme if ever releases any which are decent and have a reasonable wide posting width…sigh
  • New blog name. Now that’s one with a little debate on. Whether I’m changing it too soon or it’ll be completely worthless and be lame as the previous. Now this is a toughie… Don’t expect this to happen until the Summer season this year or so…
  • Buying a personal domain and blog over at WordPress DOT. ORG? This has been looming over my head for some time since most other ani-bloggers I know are leaving and either making their own site or joining some other third-party host blogging site similar to WordPress’s, but with more features, making me feel very jealous that I’m still stuck in this joint -_- Well for though no plans on migrating to WordPress DOT ORG or any other site. I’ll stay here at WordPress DOT COM for now until I can come up with a solution with the hosting fees and the like… -shikushikushiku-

Just a few notes I suggest you read before you make you all decide to ridicule upon me;

Due to Photobucket’s mean bandwidth limit of only 10GB maximum each month for free users, which I take advantage of and have over 5000 images currently hosting, and the sudden increase of daily views on my blog… It’s going to at some point surpass the bandwidth limit and will have failure messages on all the images hosted in my main Photobucket account, until a month later when the limit is reset to zero.

To overcome this problem, I have made more multiple accounts on Photobucket so that I have more bandwidth each month while have more space to upload my screenshots and stuff. But I’ll be in a fickle then as I’ll be mixed up as to which screenshot image goes where and the like. I’ll sort something out when it happens but in the meantime, please spare the shame on me when the limit will break sky-high…


Now that that’s said and done, I now end my rally of posts of the day.

Note: Yes, the opening screenshot is from Seikon no Quasar. Which I’ll make a post about tomorrow…


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