Durarara!! 01 – Made of Awesomness


Ryuugamine Mikado has always been a loser in life where he grew up, and even misses out on school trips. He just wishes for his long dream of living a exciting life in the big city, which is exactly the case here, as his old elementary friend, Kida Masaomi, sends an invitation to him to transfer to the school he’s attending in Ikebukuro. After arrival to Ikebukuro in a train station, while they catch up on things Masaomi shows Mikado around the most known places in the city.

Aside from Masaomi’s lame witty jokes, Masaomi frequently warns Mikado along the way to stay away from certain types of people, as Ikebukuro is known for its variety of gangs, yakuzas, red-heads and the like. From meeting a few of Masaomi’s strange friends, a big hench black guy working in a Russian Sushi bar called Simon and another hench guy throwing pedestrians and vendors, to bumping into a young clad woman and meeting the urban legend headless motorcycle riding guy, Masaomi considers Mikado lucky to have come to Ikebukuro this one night, as many rare sightings had occurred in just one evening.

While the two was strolling around, a kidnapping was taking place involving a hostage of a young teenage girl (who was surprisingly the same one who bumped into Mikado later on), eventually the kidnappers was exposed and beaten the crap out of by the urban legend of a headless motorcycle rider, who was (yet again) the same person who passed by Masaomi and Mikado, as the two were about to end their day.

Absolutely amazing. I was really impressed by this first episode than any other anime this season (well… maybe except for Baka Test) for how interesting the plot was from the beginning till the end. And lol how a cardboard cut-out of Horo from Spice and Wolf had just appeared out of nowhere halfway through the episode. The animation was actually quite good being done by the studio Brains Base (known for their animation quality implemented in Akikan), not far off from the original illustrations done by Yasuda-sensei in the original light novel series and the particularly the opening sequence. Being directed by the director for Baccano!, Omori-sensei really had gone out of his way to make a Baccano-risqué opening. And if you’ve haven’t watched Baccano! or haven’t at least watch the opening, then I suggest you do to recognize the resemblance. Oh and also how I like the idea of the entire main and supporting cast are just hanging off of each other in the ending sequence and the headless motorcycle guy is shown holding everyone up with his magical powers at the end…haha So to wrap up this post I have high hopes for this series to come out as a success and I’m looking forward to the second episode and to see how all of this will all come out clear in the end.

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