MÄR Appears in Cross Game

If you’ve been paying attention in Cross Game episode 40, then you may have notice a little MAR cameo 12 minutes or so in, as Kou came in and sat down in the batting center reading a manga magazine with the lovable Gin-tan and Babbo on the front cover.

Strangely enough, it seems that Babbo has gone with the Imperial Emperor’s staché look over time and Gin-tan has wearied off his sleeves and got a new earring. Haha

Since MAR and Cross Game are done by the same animating studio, SynergySP, this was mostly a given that it was going to occur at some point. Next thing you’d know is Zettai Loli Karen Children and Hayate appearing as cameos. That is, if Hayate is already completely sold off to JC Staff…