Seikon no Qwasar 01


The story revolves around Oribe Mafuyu and Yamanobe Tomo, who were raised by Tomo’s father at the private St. Mikhailov Academy who was once the headmaster, until when he disappeared. Now the two shojos are taking on the world living by themselves. Because of Mayufu being over a protective “mommas girl” towards Tomo, their classmates tend to tease and make ridicule them to make their lives -literally- a living hell. -insert noticable minor character intros here- One day, on their way back home from school, they come across an unconscious boy after Tomo (acting like a clutz) falls on top of him by accident and sheer coincidence of the precise timing. They decide to take him back home to offer him some hospitality. While the two girls figure out whether this unconscious little boy is a boy or girl, since they didn’t know as he looked in between of a boy and girl, they decide to take the precautionary as suggested by Tomo than to investigate his abdomen just to be sure. Little what they knew during their moment of inspiration, the boy makes a run for it behind their backs.

While Mayufu wanders off by herself to look for the unconscious now live boy she finds that the church dear to them and especially Tomo’s father on fire. Upon entering the scene, Mayufu quickly then attempts to retrieve the “icon”, as it’s the least thing she could save, only until she is then suddenly ambushed and tied up by Mysterious Masked Villain A. For some unknown reason Mysterious Masked Villain A knows who Mayufu and Tomo are and doesn’t believe that anyone especially Tomo isn’t going to come to save her, that is, when the boy who legged it who was once unconscious blissfully arrives and does just that.

The boy manages to save Mayufu in the nick of time but unfortunately runs out of Soma (in other words; BITTY! BREAST MILK!). Fortunately, the nun Teresa appears as well (who was briefly introduced earlier on) and offers her breast milk to the boy, which in while doing so, makes Mayufu reminds herself of an icon she once seen. Re-spawning and replenishing his well-being, the boy, now regarded as a Quasar, to bring forth a magical and deadly scythe like that of a Grim Reaper’s and totally beats the crap out of Mysterious Masked Villain A. Unmasking her in the process and making her flee.

After the sudden battle, Mafuyu tries to thank the boy for saving her, but he tells her instead that “those who can’t save themselves don’t deserve to survive” and that she has to take hold of things on her own (ownage). The next day, little did Mayufu knew, a new transfer student arrives at St. Mikhailov Academy! And much to Mayufu’s surprise, the transfer student is actually the boy who saved her the day before! Introducing his name as “Alexander Nikolayevich Her”, Mayufu tries to convince Alexander (I’ll call him that for now) to spill the beans, but he thinks that it’s better left unsaid for now. When the girls who usually torment Mayufu and Tomo comes up to the boy, he acts all cold and arrogant towards them and proceeds on to make a quick grope towards Tomo’s breast (luckyyy). In the end, he warns Mafuyu that “misfortune falls on those who get near him” and walks off in the campus.

Absolute disaster. Due to the heavy edits done by terrestrial broadcasters almost completely all the fanservice and ecchi/close-to-hentai scenes have been cut out and even ridiculously muted the erotic moaning sounds our female cast makes. Since I’ve yet to read the manga (and the rest adapted into anime series in 2009) I actually couldn’t really understand what the heck was going on at certain times. In fact, as I was streaming this episode, at times the screen would just momentarily freeze, making me think my laptop was acting up, but as matter in fact, it was actually meant to be there to edit out the risky scenes to show on terrestrial TV at the dead of night (srsly nao come on…).  But on the bright side, a few ecchi bits where left untouched, such as… the strangely stimulating group hug, a little bug’s eye view of Tomo’s boobs, Mayufu’s expression of her first bondage, Mayufu’s flashy panties when being freed by Alexander and Tomo getting groped by the same boy.

The episode turned out as I predicted it to be. Little action scenes as this is just the first episode, little bits of flashback upon the history of the characters before the series’ time frame, and a little sense of character development. To tell you the truth, at first, when I came across Quasar during my decision of what to watch this season, I’ve always thought of Quasar of being one of those typical action adventure shonen battle series I’ve haven’t seen for such a long time. Until I read the Wiki article that is, when my hopes and dreams were utterly shattered and thus cranks up the perverse side of me (thank you). Haha

The opening is called “Errand” by Faylan, who if you never noticed is the same female artist who sung the opening of Canaan, “mind of judgement”. A bit at a slower pace compared to her singing for Canaan’s opening, but hey, great song there. Ending is called “Pasionate squall”, sung by Ayumi Fujimura, Aki Toyosaki, Minori Chihara, Aya Hirano and Yōko Hikasa. Typically, most of the seiyuus of the main and supporting characters. A little more up tempo compared to the opening, and being performed by the seiyuus of the show, it feels a bit more welcoming than third-party artists if you know what I mean.

Speaking of voice actors, check out the current list of the cast;

Yuko Sanpei as Sasha
Ai Shimizu as Lizzie
Aki Toyosaki as Tomo Yamanobe
Aya Hirano as Katja
Ayahi Takagaki as Ayana Minase
Ayako Kawasumi as Miyuri Tsujidō
Ayumi Fujimura as Mafuyu Oribe
Kana Hanazawa as Fumika Mitarai
Minori Chihara as Teresa Beria
Susumu Chiba as Yūri Noda
Toru Ohkawa as Shin’ichirō Ōtori
Yōko Hikasa as Hana Katsuragi

More notable and obvious seiyuus here. Say like; Aki Toyasaki… Aya Kirano… Ayako Kawasumi… familiar seiyuus this.

As I’ve heard from a certain source that AT-X is planning to air Quasar on the 26th-something this month, with AT-X known for its uncensored anime broadcasting being a digital channel, I shall put Quasar on hold for now and wait till if AT-X WILL decide to air Quasar on their channel and will air the UNCENSORED version, compared to the analogue channels…

Well that’s it for me now. Take care and leave behind the cookies.

One more thing. Alexander really reminds me of Allen of D Gray Man because of… well… you know.


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