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Seven years ago, Amakawa Yuuto’s parents died leaving him living alone without a single relative. Ever since then, his childhood friend, Kuzaki Rinko, has woken him up, cooked for him and generally taken care of him. The only thing he has from any relative is a mysterious charm, a red ball, given to him by his grandparents as a good luck charm, in this case, an omamori (from Wiki).

The first episode starts off on the morning of Yuuto’s sixteenth birthday. After getting  forced-fully woken up by his childhood friend Rinko, the two head off for school. Rinko reminds Yuuto that it today was his sixteenth birthday, only to make Yuuto remind him that it’s has been officially 7 years since his parents left him and left in hospitality by Rinko. When showing Rinko his omamori, he feels something strange about the omamori as he didn’t feel a “prickly” feeling when he first held it like he does usually, only to be interrogated shortly after by a mysterious girl wearing the same female school uniform as theirs. The girl begins to say some unusual stuff like she shall protect Yuuto from now on and the like, and then suddenly flirts at Yuuto. Only to be the dragged away by Rinko as they were going to be late from school.

Lunchtime came and one of Yuuto’s friend, Taizou, offers Yuuto to have lunch with him in the cafeteria, only to be again dragged away by Rinko up onto the school’s rooftop (typical setting for a school slice-of-life anime). Rinko begins to question and unleashes her bitching upon Yuuto whether he knows or has connections with the woman they met in the morning, and complains upon that he felt happy when the girl came close to him compared to when Rinko comes into contact, he just backs off. Suddenly, Taizou with a suspicious look on his face steps into the scene while Rinko and Yuuto were having an awkward moment. Taizou begins to show his true form and attacks the two with no warnings whatsoever. After a while of running and figuring out what the heck was going on, the girl who showed up in the morning returns with a katana in hand and goes at full force to beat the crap out of Taizou. Yuuto shouts and tells her not to severely injure him, as he is his bestest friend and whatnot… So the girl decides to use the back blunt side of her katana to knock the creäture inside Taizou (known as a Ayakashi) out, then slashes the Ayakashi with one blow until it completely disintegrates. The mysterious girls flees, leaving Yuuto and Rinko in disarray, while the school’s water tower being punctured due to the girl’s aftermath and Taizou left lying on the ground sleeping.

Late at night, Yuuto is lying in bed remembering all the weird things that had happened today. Little did Yuuto knew, the girl who has been occasioanly been appearing though out the day, pops out of Yuuto futon and on top of him, making Yuuto totally shocked and freaked out. As Yuuto begin to trigger his perverted side as he look’s at the girl’s revealing Shrine Maiden-like clothes, the girl begins to (yet again) flirt at Yuuto. Thinking he was going to drop the cherry this one night as the girl unbuttons his shirt, it turns out actually she was more interested upon the lucky charm Yuuto always wear than doing something raunchy. The girl proceeds then to explain to Yuuto about the lucky charm given to him by his grandparents at an early age, actually holds some lucky and spiritual charm to protect Yuuto through out his youth, only until his sixteenth birthday, the charm runs out and Yuuto left cold and exposed of many mystical creatures known as Ayakashi. The girl then explains the reason why she appeared in his life was that she was sent to protect Yuuto for ever and ever as the lucky charm’s effect has worn off, then confesses that she’s a “cat spirit samurai girl”, exposing her cat ears shortly after. As we all know Yuuto has a ridiculous allergy towards cats, he breaks out into a medley of sneezes. Rinko comes into Yuuto’s room, intending to ask him about what happened earlier on at school, only to find the girl she’d come across to several times throughout the day, now on top of Yuuto in bed. Obviously Rinko goes berserk, beats the crap out of Yuuto and trashes the whole place into the next morning.

The next day at school, a new transfer student comes into Yuuto and Rinko’s class, only to actually be the girl the two met the day before, introducing her name as Noihara Himari. Much to Rinko’s fury towards this, a flashback occurs to the previous night with Himari, as it continues on where it left off when Rink went haywire. Himari explains to the two about the past, how the charms effect in Yuuto’s omamori has run out, endangering him towards many creäture known as Ayakashi, the reason she was sent here was to, in place of the lucky charm, to protect Yuuto from the clutches of the Ayakashi. Totally pissed off about Himari barging into her life and have many more “enhanced features” compared to her, Rinko demands a match between her and Himari in a fight to gain the rights to protect Yuuto. Himari agrees to the match and the two begins to do many typical PE sports, including track, high jump, kendo, karate (judo?) and tennis. Completely pwning and shaming her at her own game, which makes Rinko say some pretty discriminating things like “monsters like her should stay out of their lives” (the monster part playing in due to her ridiculous high ability towards sports). This makes Himari quite offended and walk off.

On top of the school rooftop in the evening sunset, Yuuto finds Himari sitting on the rooftop building apologising on behalf of Rinko for what she said and that she didn’t mean it. Himari then asks Yuuto of his feelings towards her, whether he’s comfortable or not with a “moster” like her walking around. Yuuto answers back he’s alright with it and cannot turn down a girl’s request. Himari then tests Yuuto by catching her as she gracefully leaps off the building. Then somehow ending up lying on the floor, Yuuto the feels the same prickly feeling as he does holding the lucky charm when it was still in effect. The next morning, as Rinko does the same routine everyday waking up Yuuto to go to school, she steps in at an awful time to see Himari cuddling Yuuji while still in bed. Rinko yet again breaks out in a sudden fury of rage and againn screws up the whole place while beating the shit out of Yuuji once more. Thus ending the episode in a DV way.

Opening sequence was used as the Ending sequence for the first episode for some reason, called “Oshichau zo!!” by AyaRuka. Quite an uplifting song by AyaRuka by her perfect and sheerless singing voice. Great song overall and looking forward to hearing the full version of the OP. No ending sequence for the first episode as the opening is substituting it so I’ll review it in the next episode post.

So… first school-slice-of-life anime of the year for me eh? Quite interesting and superb all in all. Great average cliche awkward walk ins, fanservice, tad bits of action scenes, a little drama… Really have to take note of all the heavy exposure of out heroine’s panties throughout the episode (Himari + Shimapan = WIN!) and a risky nudity screen of Himari and Rinko’s boobs (for most obvious and caring reasons the nipples has been omitted). Being based off a manga series of the same name, I’d guess the manga too bears the same specialities of the borderline between the fanservice and the action scenes…someone correct if I’m wrong :P

Unlike what has happened to Seikon no Qwasar, nothing much explicit has been ommited from the usual TV broadcast airing and everything seems to be intact. Produced and animated by Zexcs, the same company currently doing Ladies Vs Buters, the animation looks ay-okay compared to the dodgy animation in Ladies V Butlers. Looking at the cast, no notable voice actors I could identify from the list, so I’ll leave it at that. But overall, the choice of the actors seem pretty well and done, but I’d just want say a little rant about Yuuji’s voice; Gawd his voice sounds like a depressed emo who’s about to cut himself at times, he even sounds like Makoto of School Days if you listen carefully… Rant done.

So in the next episode… expect the additional characters you’d may have seen at the start of this episode and in the OP (ED) sequence to appear. And maybe also that loli green hared girl appearing at the end of this episode, rambling on about some sinister towards that Himari girl, I smell epic plot tiddling twist at the end~

I now end my post.


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