Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 02


A short flashback is shown at the beginning of the episode, to the time during Yuuji and Shouko’s childhood, where Shouko asks Yuuji what year when the “Taika Reforms” occur. Yuuji teaches her a trick into remembering what year Taika Reforms began by simplifying each individual kanji characters and read it as the numbers “625”.

Continuing on from the first episode… Despite the rejection of switching classes with Class E after defeating them in the previous episode, Class F are now granted with upgraded supplies for the class such as “high quality super glue” (which resolves Yoshii’s rocking coffee table problem), and upgrades upon Kouta’s camera peeping equipment. Thinking about the declaration of war from Class A (as shown at the end of episode 1), Yuuji and the rest decides to take a visit into one of Class A’s room to check things out.

Upon entering without any means of security whatsoever, they are fascinated by all the fancy furniture and equipment Class A has unlike Class F. Students of Class A suddenly show up out of nowhere with Yuuko up at front interrogating them as to why they were there. Yuuji replis that they were there to negotiate regarding the upcoming ESB they declared a while ago. Yuuji suggests a one-on-one battle with each class reps, but Yuuko feels quite against with it, thinking that Class F is looking down upon Class A as they recently just defeated a class just one grade above of them. Shouko appears from the crowd, stopping Yuuko and saying that a one-on-one is completely fine, but has one condition… The losing side of the class must do whatever the winning side wants via one request from the rep, as it’s some obligation to protect the public order and the dignity of the school and such… Yuuji agrees to the tee and cees and that decision is settled, only until Yuuko changes her mind declaring now a five on five (as a precautionary move…), much to Class F’s surprise… Yuuji again agrees to be a five on five and declares that they are the one who will decide what subjects to base the battle on. Shouko agrees and the final decision is officially settled.

During lunch on top of the school’s rooftop, the main students of Class F are huddled around a big coffee table going on about the upcoming ESB and about Shouko, the class rep of Class A they going up against. Hideyoshi lets in the rest upon rumours going around about Shouko, about not being interested in boys as she never has never been seen around with one, and that she’s actually a lesbian and that her request if Class A defeats Class F in the upcoming ESB is that to lay her hands on Mizuki and have SEXY TIME! Yoshii doesn’t believe the fact that Shouko’s not a lesbian and intending on going after Mizuki at first, but then is in doubt when Shimada feels pretty sure that this was the case. Suddenly, Kuroko-clonej Uiharu of Class 2D, takes off at full force out of nowhere and glomps on top of Shimada, acting all clingy and flirty as Shimada tries to get her off. After being insulted as guy from Yoshii when asking for assistance, Shimada and Uiharu forcefully pulls Yoshii’s right leg and pulling hid right arm respectively. Yoshii begs for mercy for them to let him go, but Shimada says that he has to go out with her to but crepes on the weekend, regard her as “honey” and that he has to say that he loves her inorder for her to let him go. Uiharu prevents Yoshii from doing so as she pulls his arm even more and Shimada too on the leg to make him somehow say it. But being an idiot and a retard after all, Yoshii stupidly says what Shimada said literally. Resulting in a cracked and broken bone overall… During the furious stretching physio Kouta tries to take another peek of Shimada’s panties, the colour was infortunately not verified by our ninja hentai.

Evening falls, and just when Yoshii’s enter the classroom to pick up his things and to head off home, he sees Mizuki still in the room writing a mysterious love letter, in which he regards as a “depressing chain letter”. A little scene is rolled out here as Yoshii tries to indirectly make Mizuki spill the beans while trying to comfort her about the explanation of the “depressing chain letter”. After a slight misconception towards that Mizuki’s love letter was actually for Yuuji, Yoshii runs away from Yuuji only just passing by, claiming that he is “not at the bottom”. Leaving Yuuji in disarray…

The ESB between Class A and F has finally begun, with the five on five battle taking place in Class A’s classroom, and Hideyoshi as the “round girl”, an opportunity to flash some distinctive trappish fanservice. The first battle starts out between Shimada of Class F and Yuuko of Class A fighting relying on their test scores in Math. Yuuko obviously wins in the end with a 216HP indifference, as Shimada is totally defeated by her own speciality. The second battle is between Yoshii of Class F and Satou Class A in… actually it wasn’t really mentioned after Yoshii being beaten along with the stuck table on his right hand… well in the end Satou of class A was held victor and Yoshii in defeat. Class A is currently 2 wins ahead of Class F. One more loss of Class F and it’ll be all over.

The third match is between Kouta and Kudou in Tff and Practical Health. Kouta is immediately blown away in a bursting display of blood spurting out of his nostrils as he witnesses some fanservice glimpse of Kudou in her PE clothes. Yoshii decides to sub in for Kouta to carry on the fight, but both are again utterly defeated in a showering of blood coming out of their sinuses, when Kudou says that she’ll teach them a health lesson. Practically. -insert perverse thoughts and dreams here-. Kouta suddenly rises up with still a little strength within him and the battle continues between practical and theoretical health. With Kudou’s battle power of 400 (battle power…lol) through practical health, Kudou is then shamefully defeated by Kouta through theoretical health with a little boost of 576. A first for class F! But will they keep it up?

Fourth battle is between Mizuki and Kubo, the 2nd most top student of the academy. And this time, it’s not really a battle based on a subject, but actually based upon comprehensive (whatever that’s called)… Meaning their class ranks translates directly into the summoned being’s strength. After a decisive and epic battle between the two, the victor of the fourth match deservedly goes to Mizuki! With a 412 battle power indifference! Which makes it 2 victories for each of the competing classes. Meaning it’ll all goes down to the last battle between the two class reps. But instead of being the usual ESB, this time it’s a restricted Japanese History test. In which whether who has the highest marks in the end of the test, utterly and clearly wins the round and the whole battle. The reason Yuuji chose this is all down to what happened roughly 7 years ago when the two were surprisingly childhood friends where Yuuji mistakenly bullshitted at Shouka about the year when the Taika Reforms started, saying that it started in the year of 625, but was in fact in 645 (refer to the first paragraph if you want to know more). Since Shouko is known for her slick and permanent memory upon what she hears, Yuuji is relying on the chances whether the question regarding the Taika Reforms will be on the test or not. If it does appear then Yuuji believes they have a definite chance of winning. Long come the test, and the question about when the Taiko Reforms started luckily came up in the test as question 3! Instant win for Class F you might think… But in actual fact, when the final scores were confirmed, Shouko unfortunately won the test with 97 marks (guessing that the missing 3 marks was the Taiko Reforms quesion), while Yuuji pathetically losing with only 53 marks in hand. And so Class F were defeated by Class A, and Class F’s classroom was regrettably downgraded, replacing the broken coffee tables to just cardboard boxes (lol!).

Evening came once again the students of class F were once again in the classroom moping about their first loss and the fact that their tables were replaced with cardboard boxes. Shouko steps into the room, claiming that since her class won, she has to one request upon Class F as promised at the start. Worried that she was going to go after Mizuki, it actually turns out that Shouko’s request is for Yuuji to go out with her, as Shouko has strong feelings for Yuuji since childhood. It also turns out that the reason for her eyeballing Mizuki is that to make sure that she wasn’t doing anything suspicious to Yuuji. Case closed. Just hen they were about to go home, Shimada forces Yoshii to go out and buy her a crêpe, despite not being the weekend yet, and complains that he can’t due to his low allowance income. Mizuki surprisingly joins in and command Yoshii to go watch a movie with her, both Shimada and Mizuki dragging Yoshii into the unknown…


How I salute the Ninja pervert and his antics that surprisingly goes un-toleratedhaha What an amazing episode this was. There were so much stuff going that I even had to spread across the summary across many paragraphs! Sure I could’ve cut it down a little, but I just don’t seem to have the motivation right now… So like I said, so much crammed into one episode that I can’t really summarise on one sentence. Something I guess… would be just Class A taking on Class F. But there’s more to that surely! Uiharu finally makes her appearance into the anime, as some might point out that she’s a direct lame clone off Kuroko off Index and Railgun… Which kind of contradicts to the manga and light novel original plot as we see Uiharu for the first time all in a grudge against Shimada during a ESB against Class D after defeating Class E, not Class A as in the anime. Of course, more fanservice madness with a little surprise within them starring our most idolised character Hideyoshi… (not bothered to link them all, just view them in the above mini gallery) Yuri, kinda rare in Baka Test is briefly shown as an imagination of Kouta starring non other than Shouko and Mizuki. Which is really rather stimulating for some reason… Well overall, brilliantly hilarious second episode and cannot wait to see the third!

See you soon~


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