Nyarth at Tokyo Day 2009

Here are some pics I took at some exhibition in London about Japanese culture, anime, manga, cosplay, technology and the like almost being a year ago when it actually happened (January 31st. A year late post imo). You may have seen these pics in a forum thread over at FoOlRulez, where I posted them for the first time… But sadly the forum thread has technically died due to the developing ages. But, as I have nothing to do at the moment than to wait for my animu downloads to finish, here are the resurrected pics from that day almost a year ago presented in this scrolling intensive gallery!

The images are as follows in chronological order…


2 thoughts on “Nyarth at Tokyo Day 2009

  1. mugematic January 21, 2010 / 19:19

    0-0 Whoa, they played cencoroll there? Or was it just a poster?


    • Nyarth January 21, 2010 / 19:30

      I don’t think so no… they were just posters on display I s’pose.

      Pic number 29 shows what anime they shown both sub/sub v


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