New Monochromatic Theme!

So only just until recently, finally decided to bring in yet another new theme into its broken bandwagon of crappy themes. But only this time, it’s actually pretty neat! o:

Yes imo, finally, an actual decent theme implemented into the free limited blog hosting server. The theme is called “monochrome”, created by the lovely guys over at mono-lab, nice decent sized side bar at the right, clever meta info side bar at the left, and the post content directly in the middle. What’s so awesome and great about this theme is; IT ACTUALLY RESIZES YOUR IMAGES TO FIT INTO IT’S POST AREA WIDTH SO IT DOESN’T MESS UP THE WHOLE PAGE!!

Well, that is for images that have no captions placed into them, as they will simply be untouched and overlapped by the widget sidebar… close enough to say at least. I’m not gonna do another mass image/post revision like last time… So you’ll just have to deal with it if you decide to reminisce my posts (if anyone is bothered to…haha).

Other specialities this sleek and clean theme holds is that links lurking within words is presented more clearly now (with the default colour of sky blue), compared to Redoable Lite where you’d have to squint your eyes to see close enough…

Return to top button shortcut perma-placed at the bottom right of your screen is activated for now, as it’ll be a convenient button for me to go back to the top after going through some image-intensive posts.

Decided to have the pages tool bar presented at the top of every page than having the categories as it has this nice style of two rectangular shapes overlapping each other and giving off a white space its overlapped space (the post content goes here). While choosing the categories bar, it’d simple be just a simple grey background border from top to bottom… Quite a shame really that there’s no option to insert a image of some sort to the header…

Well, that sorta wraps up this post about a blimey theme makeover, I now hereby end this post. Time to watch the “lost” episode of K-ON! s’pose…


5 thoughts on “New Monochromatic Theme!

  1. I have this theme..but I don’t understand how to make picture appear on my sidebar.
    You have ‘navigate’ and then a picture.
    Can you please explain? (゚ペ)?


    1. I simply grabbed a HTML text widget, named it “Navigate” and pasted a HTML code depicting the image and a link to go over with paragraphs.

      Hope this helps.


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