Photobucket Has Left Me in Despair!

Like I have already predicted in my previous post, due to the recent increase of page views and traffic on my blog recently, many images and screenshots (but screenshots mostly) shown in my blog now have been temporarily disabled due to Photobucket’s mean 10GB bandwidth allowance to free members. “Fail” blog title put to place imo.

To bypass this limitation a little bit I have made multiple Photobucket accounts and when I hit just around 250MB of virtual space in the account, I’ll simply stop uploading and proceed to the next account to do the same thing, simples. I am at my second account at the moment.

Oh and by the way, here’s my way of hosting and uploading images to my blog for all your viewing pleasures.

Due to only having 3GB of free media space in your blog itself;

  • Only single or several images/screenshots will be upload to conserve memory space for the future (3% used up at the moment).

Where as for episodic posts where I tend to post a heckload of them;

  • Will be uploaded to third-party image hosting sites, such a Photobucket, Imageshack and TinyPic. However at the moment, Photobucket is currently my main hotspot to upload them to. Considering to migrate to either ImageShack or TinyPic soon though… I heard there’s not much of a bandwidth limit when hosting with TinyPic, but uploading is a pain really as you’d have to select an image each time you want to upload. Multiple upload isn’t really helping either as you can only upload 5 at a time… -sigh-

At the latest, the day when the images and screenshots will come back to the light will be on the first of February next month (as the account was created on the 1st), since the bandwidth limit will once again reset to zero and all will be well.

That’s all I have to say for now. I end my post.