Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 03

Setting aside the ESBs as Class F is unable to declare one for 3 months, prior to their loss against Class A in the previous episode… Yoshii, Mizuki and Minami altogether decides to go the cinema to watch some movie on Yoshii’s suffering allowance, while Shouka and Yuji -handcuffed- go together as well, while planning to watch a three hour movie, TWICE (as promised with Shouka’s request in the previous episode).

Running hastily to school, Yoshii by chance bumps into Kubo of Class A after turning around the corner, dropping his bread onto the ground Yoshii asks his permission to take it, as Yoshii has barely eaten anything for all his life and will take caring into eating anything (with his way of the 30-second-rule). Thinking this a romantic scene or something and people suddenly watching, Kubo replies he doesn’t know and runs off. As Yoshii approaches the bread, right at that moment his homeroom teacher, Fukuhara-sensei, fatally steps on the bread, making it inedible. Back at school, coming into their -yet again- downgraded classroom, Yoshii -as always- gets twisted and stretched out of by Shimada (while Voyeur tries to take snapshots as always). Suddenly out of the blue, the disciplinary teacher, Nishimura-sensei walks into the classroom, officially declaring he’ll replace Fukuhara-sensei as being Class F’s officially re-owned homeroom teacher! While Fukuhara-sensei will take over Nishimura-sensei’s original job as the Narrator of the anime (fourth wall? haha).

Later on during lunch at the rooftop, as Yuji explains to Yoshii that they cannot declare a ESB for three months since they lost a ESB to class A, he decides to use the three months to plan out more strategies when the long yet short three months are up. Yoshii then proceeds on to bitch about his low allowance income and that he has to cut the dried ramen in a ramen cup in half to have in the morning and at night each day (no salt and water like in the manga?), plus the fact that he’s going to use up all his money. Tsuchiya appears to coerce Yoshii in buying a photograph of Hideyoshi in the callgirl outfit taken from the previous episode, realising that he used up his lunch money or something (500 yen) he swears that he’ll only eat one cup of ramen each day until he gets his next month’s allowance. Mizuki and Shimada show up on the rooftop as well, asking Yoshii where to meet up in the weekend, after only just having another outing last weekend. Much to Yoshii’s surprise, he suddenly had a vision of his money and ramen flying away like birds.

The weekend came, and after meeting up at their desired location and a quick round of Shimada Vs Yoshii, they decide to go to the cinema once again. Meeting up with Shouka and Yuji again, planning to watch a movie which, this time is 7 HOUR LONG, TWICE, poor Yuji as he is tazer’d and dragged away by Shouka to spend 14 hours watching some boring movie… After the movie, the three decide to go and eat some crepes, Miharu shows up randomly intending to wipe Yoshii “off the face of the Earth” and  chases after him, ruining the chance of Yoshii taking a bite each from Mizuki and Shimada’s crêpe. Running outside, Yoshii (again) runs into Kubo, splattering his face with the crepe he came out with. When trying to reform back the crepes, Miharu comes out shooting her forks at Yoshii, forcing him to retreat. Jumping behind some bush and dragging Hideyoshi (passing by) into this as well Yoshi, Hideyoshi, Shimada and Mizuki then come up with a plan to escape from the clutches of Miharu, which is just running back and fourth looking for them (look behind the bushes retard :P). Hideyoshi then coops up a plan, where Yoshii and him where costumes to fool Miharu if she shows up, turning out to be maid clothes Hideyoshi got from some people… Miharu shows up, instantly knowing that the maid was indeed Yoshii and discontented. They then go back to the usual with the whole cat and mouse chase.

Thinking of a safe place to go, Mizuki suggests going to school grounds where, luring Miharu in, have a ESB and whoop her ass. Finding Takeuchi-sensei, specialised in Modern Japanese, they have a little ESB with Miharu just coming in. Miharu’s summon being goes for Shimada’s summoned being first, being that Shimada sucks at Modern Japanese she is instantly defeated by Miharu’s summoned being, Mizuki ‘s summoned being comes running in to the scene, attacks Miharu’s summoned being in one strike and ultimately knocking her out. Shimada and Miharu are then taken away to detention (on a weekend?), being the ones defeated in the ESB. Despite though failing to take out Yoshii, Miharu in the end is satisfied as she’ll spend a long detention with Shimada, having no one else in the way.

That’s my line.

Evening befalls as the sun begins to set, Yoshii and Mizuki are alone on top of the rooftop of the school. The two then talk about Mizuki’s letter, then actually turning out (according to Mizuki) some chain letter where if she doesn’t send the letter to some one else, bad luck will occur and stuff. Still thinking it’s a love letter to Yuji, Yoshii offers Mizuki his support for her in delivering her letter. However Mizuki declines on Yoshii’s offer, as she believes that one day, she’ll have the courage to deliver it herself. After the ending sequence we see Shouka asleep on the Yuji’s shoulder, unconscious after taking many shocks from Shouka’s taser. Yoshii waking up having only having a little cube of ramen for breakfast (compared to at the beginning where he had half), and later on in school… Finding a love letter in his shoe locker turning out to be from a guy! Who turns out to be Kubo all along, as we see him finding a missing letter in his school bag.

Baka Test. Now officially a Yaoi anime.

Nice flatscreen TV you got there.

Oh how I love the stupidity and assetary constantly appearing each and every second… Overall another butt-kicking episode to at least… We seem to be heading off the detour route for now as the ESBs been held off for three months for our Class F due to their first loss against Class A in episode 2, expect the next two or three being cunning episodics and peeking into people’s lives before the ESBs jump back up later in the series. Also when watching this episode, I couldn’t help but notice that they gave Yoshii a few box supplies of Ramen for him to live on each month, as with the manga (and maybe the novels) he simple just drink and eat water and salt respectively. Guess they did it to bypass some child welfare laws or something…haha

Obviously now, we see some Yaoi plot going on between Kubo and Yoshii, as Kubo, after meeting in the ESB in the previous episode, being bumped into him several times in this, and even going so far to giving him a love letter without signing his name. Looking forward to see how this’ll turn out in the end (traps… yuri… now yaoi… man this show has everything!).

Other highlights in the episode… Shouka is seen owning a taser while Yuji is man enough to take many high voltage shocks from it… We peek into Yoshii’s life a bit, looking into several parts of his house, arch-library of games, his life style (the art of ramen slicing…haha) and even looking into what’s inside his head! Oh and, it seems that images of Hideyoshi as some call-girl seems to be circulating around and a little bit of Food lessons, we see how much is inside a  bite of a crêpe really is (not really, btw), and the return of the fag Miharu, who just simple cannot understand the basics of manhunting

Look forward to episode three!

I end my post.


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