K-ON! Special Episode 14 OVA

Ahh the nostalgia… It’s been a while (9 months actually) since I’ve watched remotely a single episode of K-ON! after its first broadcast run. As for the cunningly announced second season to debut later this year (Spring most likely) a special specially packaged with the last DVD/BD volume of the first series sounds quite nice to carry on the moé-blob legacy. Call me a Keion-fag, but to be truthful I actually enjoyed watching the series and this special. Sure the marketing campaign and the craze for it is a little over-the-top and its a tad overrated… but I guess everyone has their own tastes…

Note: Could’ve done a better title, but I thought I’d might as well cram everything in D:

Brief and flunked summary:

It’s the almost the end of the year, the members of the Keion club are invited by Ritsu’s friend to some Live House concert, they all experience how working, performing and preparing beforehand a concert goes, meeting other fellow rock band members and making new friends who, like them, are competing for the big league… They all had a great time at the Live House concert, also inviting Ui, nodoka and friends too… Sawako-sensei meets an old friend somehow back stage…best New Years Eve evur. Later that night the Keion club including Sawako-sensei have a New Years party at Yui’s house, and just before the countdown for the new year, Mugi, Yui, Ui and Sawako suddenly fell asleep all due to being tired out for all that’s happened at the Live House… Ritsu and Mio shortly then decided to fall asleep on the spot too. Morning came… Yui and the rest wake up and head off to some secret spot in the city to have a perfect view of the New Year’s sunrise, hoping to have another happy and a positive New Year that’s ahead of them. Oh and… Azusa forgot to take off her tiger ears when they got there…haha

Alright I guess. Not that much different compared to the original thirteen (except being widescreen), the usual yonkama styled scenes and the repetitive sample performance of Fuwa Fuwa Time. Although, what would’ve been better I believe is that they shown all of what happened at the concert, not just walking in half way through to see a few seconds of it… This is (in my 36 chapters or so 4koma reading) of what I believe an original episode for once, as I don’t remember any of this stuff, Ritsu’s friend, the live house (well…maybe), the other rock members, appearing in the manga. Not much animation, art style or colour palette change has taken place really… Same moe blob style while a new set of pair of tiger ears for Azu-nyan. -sigh sigh sigh-

The cat has just been upgraded.


Now with the OVA done, what’s left to do is to wait for KyoAni and gang to announce further notices for the sequel of K-ON!… Almost being a year when the first season started, it’s more than likely it’ll be coming along with the anime line up in the Spring Anime Season 2010…

Nyarth out.