Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 04

Nothing much really happens in this episode. No ESBs, no character development (a little, I guess), no sense of contribution to the main plot at that. But still pretty much awesome for its hilarious boke comedy and slap stick soft violence…haha. Click the jump to carry on reading.

It’s Sunday and Class F has been forced to take Supplementary Classes on the weekend. Yoshii shows up during lunch where he is seen only having a 1/64 sized cube of instant ramen for lunch for obvious reasons. While everyone was pitying at him, Shimada intends to give Yoshii her share of her lunch she made in the morning. But forgets to pack it in her bag when she left for school. As Yoshii goes and indirectly teases her, Shimada yet again gets Yoshii in a lock, torturing him for what he said that apparently ticked her off. Shimada’s REAL imouto, Hazuki (of Grade 5) shows up in Class F all of a sudden to hand Shimada’s lunch she forgot to bring, while almost exposing to everyone that she woke early in the morning to make the lunch while all excited and happy. Hazuki seems to know Yoshii and Mizuki as she calls them “___-onii/eechan”. While in the reunion. Yoshii out of the blue gets dragged into the dark side of the classroom, somehow convicted by the mysterious pack of men in black clothing for a “serious” crime of “going out with a girl all on his own”, ans is sentenced to the Death Penalty (not really btw anti groups). Regarding Shimada’s lunch business, Shimada denies the fact that she made a share especially for Yoshii, and the reason for making some so excitedly is that she was building some scaled model of some military tank (where Yuuji pokes fum of Yoshii that Shimada’s plastic model is even bigger than his 1/64 instant ramen cube for lunch). Mizuki hesitantly offers Yoshii a slice of caek she made, but unlike Shimada she admittedly says it’s specially for him made by her. Yet again, Yoshi is dragged away by the mysterious men in black loin clothing and this time, sentenced to torture BEFORE death. Seems Yoshii was revived for a split second there…

Moving on, Yoshii and Mizuki are sitting on the rooftop of the school. After the inflicted pain caused by the mysterious men before, Yoshii is in a beaten state and is made even more hungry. Just as Mizuki was about to share Yoshii her lunch, she forgets to get drinks and runs off to buy some. Before Yoshii knew it, Yuuji, Hideyoshi and Voyeur (haha) appears out of nowhere taking pieces of Mizuki’s lunch for them to eat, then suddenly faint due to surprisingly; Mizuki’s suckish cooking skills. Little before Yoshii knew, he was in a bad situation. As Mizuki came back with drinks, Mizuki asks whether Yoshii was going to eat a bit of her lunch. Thoughts from Yoshii’s angel and devil came looming over his head. Yoshii tries to avoid eating the lunch by indirectly praising her that it’s too good to eat. Yuuji finally comes to a little to ask Mizuki if she can get Ooolong Tea for him. Mizuki agrees and runs off getting some. Making some time for Yuuji lecturing Yoshii ancient times and how they preserved foods using spices long before fridges came, which leads to the ” Spice of Love” somehow. As Yoshii gathers some courage to eat Mizuki’s lunch all in one go, almost finishing, he suddenly faints like the rest did earlier on.

Shimada is seen sitting on the side of the school’s fountain slightly regretting to have denied her intentions of giving her extra lunch to Yoshii, and decides on giving her box to him. Just as she was going to, she spots Yoshii wandering around the campus and bumping into Hazuki, long story short they both then decided to search for Shimada. As Shimada was about to approach them, she is interrogated by Miharu again offering her to have lunch with her, losing Yoshii and Hazuki’s trail. Later on, as Shimada spots and goes undercover spying the two, she decides whether if it’s the right time to appear in front of them and whether if she should give Yoshii her lunch. The mystery men in black grim reaper clothing appears yet again, this time questioning Shimada whether if Yoshii has 2 girls making lunch for him. Due to Shimada acting hesitant to answer and just giving a innocent smile, the grim reaping men take full force at Yoshii, this time beating the crap out of him to death offscreen (he doesn’t die, sadly). Unknown whether if lunch has ended or not, Shmada is sitting all depressed on some stone bench where Yoshii piggy-backing Hazuki are still looking for her despite being totally beat. Shimada decides to go to them as they about to cross the small bridge over a stream, hesitating to give Yoshii her lunch, she detours and says something totally random about “Oshamambe’s Special Product”. Giving awkwardness to the atmosphere, yaoi guy Kubo appears out of nowhere behind Shimada answering her question with a little trivia to it. He then randomly decides to treat Yoshii to lunch as the two walk off. Felling that she’s been defeated, Shimada hands Hazuki her extra boxed lunch as she has supplementary lessons to go to. Hazuki questions Shimada that the boxed she was given was meant to go to Yoshii, Shimada denies the fact and points out that she wasn’t intened to give it to him in the first place.

In the cafeteria, as Yoshii cunningly decides on what he was going to order, Fukuhara-sensei asks Yoshii whether he can summon his summoned being to open his jar of Nori. Much for Yoshii’s misfortune, his summoned being manages to open the jar, but receives recoil and bangs his nose and back on a chair next to him, rendering his HP drain out to zero. Nishimura-sensei, just sitting behind Yoshii, forcefully drags him away for supplementary class and detention being his HP (test score) has reached to zero.

Sunday evening, shortly after Supplementary classes have ended, Shimada finishes up eating her boxed lunch, and decides to throw away the rest she didn’t eat in the bin. Just as she was about to, Yoshii steps in to stop and lecture her in never to throw resourceful waste away -insert giba warming stuff here-. In the end, Shimada was able to give Yoshii her boxed lunch. Despite being half eaten by her and totally spoiled, being shifted around all day trying to give it to him…

Not one of the most entirely epic and hilarious of Baka Test I honestly say, but for all the stupidity and relentless comedy constantly appearing throughout this episode, I have to say that it certainly does make up for the filler-ness of this tad filler episode, if that actually means anything…

Out of context though, this episode was really just Shimada taking her time to actually GIVE Yoshii her bento that she, ever-so lovingly made early in the morning all so excitedly and just simply denies it when everyone catches wind of it. Dare I say; Tsundere in the making? Oh and, really have to give it to Yoshii, for his ever-so cunning food survival plan of eating only just a 64th of a cube of instant ramen for the whole day. As some day, it’s most obviously going to happen to me when I go to Uni in a few years and running low on cash… it’s gonna be a nightmare I tell you.

Now that you mention it, wow 4 episodes already. How time simply just flies by eh? I can even remember the first episode review I did just a few weeks ago too. That sorta wraps everything up I guess.

See you in episode 5!