Should I watch Ghost in the Shell?

I recently stumbled upon the first three DVD volumes of  Ghost in the Shell: SAC and the Ghost in the Shell Movie in my house, and totally realised that I haven’t actually came to watch any of them. I was put off from Ghost in the Shell many years ago due it having a REALLY complex and confusing plot and what’s it all about, but now ageing older and older, I feel now I can understand the concept a bit more.

So here’s the question; should I watch Ghost in the Shell or not? Is it any good? Nice plot development? Somebody give me a basic outline of the series? Gahh so many questions… And no don’t go and say to Google or Wiki it, as I have attempted both methods and the plot summaries for both show some strange and discerning vocabulary and grammar that I don’t really see in this day and age. But yeah, can anybody help out…please? Really would appreciate it.

Ah, on a different note, just finished downloading Tales of Earthsea and Cencoroll, maybe I’ll watch them on Tuesday when my mother and father are out for the whole day. Heh heh heh… Oh and maybe even La Maison en Petits Cubes as I have an All Access Membership on Crunchyroll. Oh the wide range of possibilities…

Well that’s all from me now. G’day and g’night for all.

Ps. 50K!!!