To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 17 – INDEX!!!

Oh how I knew this day would come~ Just making this episodic post all in the name of Index-sama. Rising from just appearing at lightning speed in the new OP, Index -fatefully- yet again makes a guest appearance -WITH ACTUAL DIALOGUE- in the recent ACTUAL EPISODE!1 Oh how this has totally made my day.

The gist is this; Tessou has been screwing up BIG TIME lately (ie. wounding to be hostage and being lured in by “students” -Mikoto and gang-) and is constantly being yelled at by her superior, Yomikawa. They do a curfew run at some arcade, forcing every youthful citizen to pack up and go home, including Mikoto and her underlings and a guy called Konoue, who Tessou has her eyes on as he plays a really ancient Tekken-rip-off fighting game. The next day, they go through the remedial tasks again, and Tessou wounds up in the arcade again seeing Konoue. The next, next day, Tessou sees Konoue AGAIN, but this time teaches him a cheat in the game where he can unlock a hidden character by pressing a combination of buttons, before having to flee since Yomikawa collapes due to heavy amounts of alcohol. One, day, later… (acting like the french narrator in Spongebob…haha) Tessou goes through the dilly dallying again, this time dealing with INDEX!!!!! who is attacking a cleaning drone bot after sweeping away Index’s accidentally dropped doughnut, and Himegami as the staff at a ripped off McDonald’s fast food joint are having problems with her order of “every hamburger the joint has”, until she ends up in the arcade again once again, where she properly plays a full game of that old fighting game, and loses after a sudden deathly match with an alternate version of the hidden character Tessou cunningly showed off earlier on. The one controlling the alternate of the hidden character was in fact Konoue, who was just sitting at the opposite of Tessou, as being one of the many ways to multi-play in Arcades in Japan. The next day, Tessou learns from Ruiko and Kazari that Konoue has transferred to a school for games design, hoping to make a sequel for that out-dated fighting game.

You tell her Index-sama!

3 second rule ftw.

Oh how I missed Index so…

Bwahaha,.. Himegami making a guest appearance alongside Index too. Showing her luv for hamburgers.

Personally I prefer cheese burgers. YOU JUST GOTTA LOVE THE CHEDDARH!!!

That’s all from me for now, folks. I now end this post.