International Saimoe League 2010

Just so you know, the annual International Saimoe League (ISML I’ll call it) is back once again in its third year of international running of 2010! Where all the most popular and more importantly, moe anime girls battle it out, to see who’ll win the tournament and take hold of the Heavenly Tiara. How it’ll be accomplished, is by every internet otaku inhabitant (or NORMAL people) to simply fill out a voting form and submit it on the voting arena page in the official ISML website.

The first round of the preliminaries has just concluded today (1st Feb) at 3pm GMT, with the results being developed right at the moment this post is published, while the second round taking place tomorrow (2nd Feb). Fate of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha took the very first crown in 2008, while Hina (YESSSS) of Hayate no Gotoku! took the second just last year. Heck knows who’ll win this year, as the voting system has been revised to be more simpler and fairer, more participants taking part after gaining their moe status just last year (you know what I’m talking about), this years gonna be a big one I bet.

So get your ass over to ISML’s official site now and start voting for your favourite anime shojo characters!

* Well, not right now since the first round is over and the next round starts tomorrow at 3pm GMT… blah tuts

Ps. This post was originally going to be published yesterday, or in other words, 31st January 2010. However., due to internet problems and WordPress bullying me and not quick-saving the draft inb4 crash, I had to start all over again the next day with a totally different and rushed type of reminder-ing post…FML

Pss. Yes, the opening image is who I’ve voted for in the first preliminary round. Muahahahaha~


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