Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 05

Don’t worry, it’s a GUY (for those suspicious about the above image). No words to explain how super awesome and hilarious this episode is. Despite no new character arrivals, Baka Test episode five will surely brighten up your utmost depressing and stressful day (for those like me, that is…). But anyway, here’s my full summary of Baka Test Period Five.

This must be a full sized breakfast Yoshii has eaten since he was 4.

The episode starts off with Yoshii walking to school, only to find a dropped some mascot character phone strap on the middle of the road. Thinking that someone was looking for it, he placed back the Phi strap back onto the ground and suddenly sees Hazuki (Shimada’s sister btw) crouching looking for something, only to discover was the Phi strap Yoshii left on the road. Just about her was going to retrieve it, the light has already turned back to green and the cars suddenly goes at lightning speed, just narrowly crushing the Phi strap. Fukuhara-sensei just happens to have passed by, where Yoshii asks him to give him permission to summon his being to retrieve the endangered Phi strap. Only to have being hit by a passing car, also due to Yoshii’s being’s special ability of real-time feedback, Yoshii is then inflicted with the pain his being feels when it got run over. The person in the car turns out to be a classic British Mini Cooper and in it the principle of Fumizuki Academy.

Surely being hit by a car would totally kill you when going 80…

As Yoshii enters class 2-F’s classroom, he is suddenly presented with a poster display on the wall to see that a Treasure Hunting Orienteering Competition is being held in the academy. Much to his reaction, he discovers among the prizes to be won in the hunt is a full strap set of the Mascots of Kisaragi Land Theme Park, with the Phi strap as on of the three. Only to have lost motivation as each competing groups will have to solve questions on stack loads of sheets, where after answered, they are given coordinates telling them where the prizes are on the school campus. As Yoshii is hoping for Mizuki to be in his group as she’ll answer questions at light speed, his expectations is soon crushed as she is teamed up with Shimada and Tsuchida, while he is stuck with Hideyoshi and Yuuji. The treasure hunt begins, and Yoshi, Yuuji and Hideyoshi are on the rooftop busy solving the questions. Yoshii comes up with a way to solve the now confirmed multiple choice questions by using a cheap broken method of plotting the possible answers on a hexagonal pencil, where he throws it and will use the answer which is presented on the top side of the pencil. Shimada, Mizuki and Voyeur are in the classroom solving their questions, while Shimada is grieving the fact that she can’t answer the questions except for Math questions, Tsuchida is skipping every question sheet except for the Health-themed questions and Mizuki flawlessly answering the questions at full speed.

Obvious Kamina speech reference.

I feel for you Yuuji.

The three then proceed to their first destination after solving the coordinates from their answers, turning out to be the girl’s changing room. Much to Voyeur’s excitement being able to enter the forbidden paradise guys aren’t allowed to go into legally, he is suddenly disappointed as there are no girls actually changing. But fortunately, he still drowns in his fountain of blood after witnessing the leftover clothes and undergarment the girls left while changing. Yoshii, Yuuji and Hideyoshi on the other hand, found out their first plotted location of their first treasure, turning out to be in their own classroom under Mizuki’s “desk” (a used old oranges shipping cardboard box), typically, a basket with three Chiffon cake slices for Yoshii and the lot to eat. Reminding themselves of how Mizuki’s cooking is like signing their death penalty, the episode detours where our four male characters pit it out in a battle for the last man standing eating Mizuki’s Chiffon cake. As this ridiculous yet epic scene is played out, Shimada was waiting for Mizuki and Voyeur to come back with their treasure, only to get ambushed by Miharu where she believes a prize in just under Shimada’s bra, while Kubo is fetching his prize, which turns out to be in Yoshii’s shoe locker, given the title of his Yaoi status he is totally hesitant into opening Yoshii’s locker.

Every schoolboy’s dream.


No freaking way.

Later throughout the day Yoshii and the other two finally found their first treasure findings of the day, turning out to be tickets for a loving couple’s day out to Kisaragi Grand Park, and a chance to have their “mock-wedding day” event. As Yoshii suggests Yuuji to use them to go with Kirishima, but Yuuji rejects the idea, as he believes that Kirishima will make the mock wedding into an actual wedding if reckless, and suggests he goes with Hideyoshi. Things get out of hand and ridiculous as drama abounds when Yoshii is “heart-breakingly” rejected by Hideyoshi due to his gender status. Which makes Yoshii relating Hideyoshi to the so called legendary tree as good things will come if you confess to someone under the legendary tree (as Hideyoshi’s family name Kinoshita can be read as “under a tree”). Thus all the mysterious men in loin clothing glomping on Hideyoshi constantly confessing their love and, actually showing their gay side…

Oh hey look! Its me at the far left!

As the day passes by and only litle time left when the hunt concludes, Yoshii, Yuuji and Hideyoshi decide to wing it and just search random places throughout the school to see if they’re lucky enough to find any prizes. After searching through many different rooms and areas, while little misfortunes are inflicted upon Yoshii (lawl), the three didn’t find jack shi-. Only till then Yoshii steps on a loose ground tile on the rooftop, actually turning out to be a prize capsule of the full set of Kisaragi Land’s mascot straps being the catalyst! Unfortunately though, Kirishima and gand of class A show up claiming that they also discovered the prize’s location. Given the rules that two contradicting groups can pit it out in an unofficial summoned battle and Fukuhara-sensei popping out of nowhere, Yoshii, Yuuji and Hideyoshii are in a tight spot as they’re no match for the top three students of class A. Strangely enough though, the ESB is suddenly cancelled as Class A were about to make their move, as the treasure hunting competition and the school day had just ended, meaning Yoshii and gang take the prize.

Back in the class room where Yoshii, Yuuji and Hideyoshi were cleaning up the leftovers of the treasure hunt, Yoshii discovers one of the secret prizes in one of the boxes turning out to be bracelets, allowing students to call forth their summoned beings without having a teacher supervised! Unfortunately though, Yuuji and Hideyoshi’s bracelets suddenly exploded, leaving them partly stripped as the aftermath of the explosion. Strangely though, Yoshii’s bracelet was still intact, leaving Yuuji believing only true dumbass can handle the bracelets. Concluding the episode with the principle spying the three in her office with a hidden camera inside one of the boxes they were cleaning up.

Epic face epic face epic face epic face JIZZ. In, my pants.

Despite me always saying that EVERY episode is the best episode ever in the past, this time, I cannot help but declare that this is THE BEST EPISODE EVUR!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

Okay, maybe it’ll get over ruled in the next episode (going to be a mizugi special :D) but that’ll be next week. Focusing on this episode, out of context not much development hasn’t much progressed. Sure Hazuki, Miharu, Yuuko (Hideyoshi’s sister) and Kubo make occasional appearances in this episode, but there isn’t much progression in the story… On the bright side, the ridiculous, over the top hilarious dramatical scenes would I believe make up for the inactivity of the plot progression. Like I said just seconds ago if you weren’t actually reading, next episode seems to be a swimsuit episode judging from the title in the preview. Until then, audience!

Ps. Hideyoshi. King of Traps title truly deserved.


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