Dear… Winter Anime/Manga 2009/10-kun

It’s February 1st if you almost forgot. And in anime otakon terms, it has officially been a month in the Winter Anime season of 2009/10, meaning all the season’s top anime are currently in their 4th, 5th or 6th episode in the airing, while the carried on over series from fall, spring and long running series in whatever week they’re in (hehe). So what better to do as I believe to be appropriate, is to make a post about how I’ve felt about how each anime airing in this season (what I’ve picked up of course) has progressed and made comments on it…in formal letter form of course. Please note that this post will be text heavy. Oh and, mangas I’m currently following will also randomly be included.

Hm, I swear I’ve hijacked this idea from somewhere… deja vu?

But anyway, in no particular order but alphabetical, lets (or I) get started~

Dear Baka to Test to Shoujankuu (Idiots and Tests and Summoned Beings),

FFFFFFF- I dunno what to say. You guys are awesome. The comedy, the romance, the drama and of course, the slap stick action (haha), totally priceless. Animation is superb done by the lovely select team at Silver Link, great line up of fitting voice actors, plus the story and development is going at a smooth pace. Even though after episode 2 where Class F isn’t allowed to declare a Summoned Beings War (the main point for the series where Class F overrules the other higher ups and long for Classroom A’s luxuries) for three whole months, the seemingly filler episodes at the moment are surprisingly entertaining (not like Bleach’s fillers -a filler episode in a filler arc!? lolwut-). But being an anime series planned to last for 13 episodes I suggest you lot should step up the pace a little, as I’ll be -sorta- expecting Class F to actually win a ESB against Class A and will be entitles to Class A’s luxurities. But that’ll be kinda ending the main series’ point there so I dunno, do whatever you guys do or something…

Yours Sincerely, Nyarth

Dear Chu-Bra!!,

Despite being a slightly predicted failure being anime adaptive material at the start, and proving to be partially true in the end… You guys did start off at a good positive pace. Surely though, the “guilty” yet “dangerous” fanservice, what this show virtually lives on, is kinda lacking. So I suggest you lot should get your act together and insert more fanservice shots please, not that I’m interested or anything… Moving on, the animation seems fairly under average to me, done by the lolicon artists at Zexcs, the colour palette seems to be slightly dull, the characters skin colours look so… stereotypical in my terms and at times, I do feel that the art quality is lacking and the eyes seems slightly deformed nd out of place… On to plot terms of the series… Nice, an anime sort of teaching the audience about girls undergarments and how it all works from a twelve year old middle school geek girl, acquainted by two other friends, being a holy mother milf big chested and the other being a meer typical petanko loli a undeveloped girl looking much younger than she looks (great). Three (or the underwear maniac to be precise) decides to form a club about girls underwear, simply name as “The Underwear Club”, a club where all girls get to learn how underwear (panties, bras, undergarments, you name it) works and how it helps their bodies develop, you know one of those extra Sex Ed lectures. Which I think the whole idea is absolutely ridiculous yet… being that you are just an anime series, I’ll shut up and learn to accept it… Oh and just one last thing; loving the new character Kiyono, who briefly appears at the end of episode four, telling the original three a special kind of underwear specially used for having sex (who wears underwear when they have sex!??), which makes me believe that my favourite character of this series (being a seventh grader or something) is not actually a virgin!! Please… in some way or form… rectify that Kiyono is in fact, A VIRGIN in the next episode. Otherwise I’ll actually drop this series. Seriously.

Yours faithfully, Nyathu

Dear Dance in the Vampire Bund

Lawl at the talk show trolling the entire first episode, you’re doing great (even though I haven’t touched the manga version yet…). Watched up to episode 5 at the moment and wow, really surprised to see how the plot shaped up in those said dodgy episodes. Opening and ending in my opinion needs some more work I believe and for the animation, top quality my friend. Hopefully SHAFT doesn’t troll you guys like they did with Bakemono.

Yours sincerely, Nyarth

Dear Durarara!,

You people have started off at a great start. Introducing all the main and side characters, what goes on and the environment of the series’ setting and briefly exposing what sinister plan the antagonistic gangs are plotting. Oh yeah, love the Baccano-styled OP sequence and the up-tempo’d ED, simply marvellous. Episode two and beyond is what… made me feel baffled quite a bit really, as you cycle off to side stories and fillers into very little aspects into the series. The only episode what… kind of carried on the development is episode three, where it has I believe to have carried off from episode one. Where as in ee pee two, it’s about this girl’s view point in how she ended up bumping into Mikado and running shrieking in fear in episode one. Episode four, not really a filler but, it actually exposes the truth in the Headless Rider, being actually a Dullahan from Ireland who came to Japan looking for her stolen head. Yeah, really. I was actually surprised to see the mystery background of the “Headless Rider” to have been fully explained so soon than actually like near at the end of the series, as then the mysterious background behind the headless rider’s would’ve been collected up with brief flashbacks in occasional episodes. But oh well, guess this turn of events is alright… Oh and… OMGWTF THE HEADLESS RIDER IS A WOMAN!?? All this time I thought she was a guy…haha Nice going guys.

Yours specially, Niyarth

Dear Hanamaru Kindergarten,

Ahaha… how I love your American-styled episodic episodes with two stories fitted into an episode… if that made any sense. But really, really enjoyed how the series started out and Anzu’s reign and antics inflicted upon Tsuchida. But in a way, I…kinda believe the similarities going around that this is strongly similar to the plot line between Kodomo no Jikan, where an underaged female student falls in love with her teacher, but slightly more older perhaps. However, personally yet to having watch any sort of footage from Kodomo no Jikan, I cannot say more of this subject. But man, how Anzu knows a LOT of stuff a normal kindergarten shouldn’t… not only Anzu, but even also of Tsuchida’s class. Especially Hiiragi, who seems to have surpassed the boundaries of a normal high school student’s intellect…(haha) Hanamaru Kindergarten being done by Gainax all in all was what surprised me the most. The animation studio that has done many known classics such as Eva and Gurren Lagann (okay, not really classic, but you know what I mean) guess this was done by some other team in Gainax or something eh~ But overall, really enjoy watching this series and really looking forward to see how Tsuchida and Anzu’s “forbidden” “lovey dovey” relationship will turn out. Awesome job kindergarteners.

Yours epically, Nyarth

Dear Katanagatari,

Even though you guys only have aired slightly late in the Winter Anime 2009/10 season (January 27…) the first episode surprisingly turned out to have a positive and bright start. Despite me also coming close of dying of eye strain and other eye-related injury cases due to being 50 minutes long and the heavy dialogue, the episode really had me going for its steady paced development and how each quick line of dialogue proceeded to the next, mainly the reason why I had me eyes close to my laptop’s dangerously bright monitor…ouch. Being that I’ve almost explained every much so aspect of this series in the episodic post I did a few days ago, you might as well read it there for now. Great series, I’ll continue on watching until I have my eyes checked!

Yours superfantastically, Nyarth

Dear Ladies Vs Butlers,

YOU GUYS WERE SO- TOTALLY AWESOME IN EPISODE THREE! GAWD HOW I DIDN’T SEE THAT ONE COMING AND MAN! HOW’D THAT EVEN GONE AND MADE MY SUPER DEPRESSED DAY IRL!!! No seriously, episode three was awesome for those particular 7-8 seconds. Now that that’s out of my system, time for the proper part of this short letter.

You people are doing good. Not exceedingly awesome, but…good is all I can say. Even though being broadcasted censored on analogue TV and UN-censored on digital, the nude and fanservice shots you’ve got are really… how I can say it… obvious. At least once of all the fanservice and in the nude shots I can clearly see that exact shot being progressed and polished even better elsewhere. Overall, in my opinion the service and ecchi stuff is not much new from the norm and is mostly average. Except for that specific scene in episode three that I can’t really explain here due to my lame PG-14 ruling system placed upon here…hehe

Plot development seems to have gone out of play after episode 3 and things just… derailed and took a detour it seems. Hope that the next few episodes would rectify this and go back to its usual routine or something…

Yours unsurprisingly, Nyarthification

Dear Omamori Himari,

Great slice of life anime to start the new good year. Yuuji for starting out to just a normal high school student simpleton, then suddenly having his own harem of girls. Well, only being 4 or so at moment…you know what I mean. I feel for Rinko after having her long childhood friend who she has an obvious crush on being snatched, first away from the neko Himari, then the loli waifu Shizuku and even the dumb blondie Lizlet =X


Sorry what was that? =XX

Moving on, Yuuji’s voice is so… twisted. All the time I feel as if I’m listening to some emo when Yuuji says something not worth mentioning. But all in all, you’re doing great. Keep at it.

From Nyarth

Dear Ookami Kakushi,

Ahaha… really like how the story is shaping as of episode five. First time in an anime that I actually see “attempted” rape from some supporting character to the main character, despite being both guys… Hopefully the series won’t end up like Higurashi or Umineko with its endless parallel worlds and rounds of cluedo respectively (as the story is developed by Ryukishi07)… Oh and also, what is up with the school’s uniform for guys? It plainly looks like some cheap polo sweat shirt with the trademark shoulder back thing usually seen in girl’s sailor uniforms. One last thing, Hiro looks like a trap D:

Yours sincerely Nyarth

Dear Seikon no Qwaser,

Due to the wrath of the terrestrial TV broadcasters heavily massacring you with mindless censors which damages the point of the plot a bit has made me steered clear away from you for now. Until I find uncensored episodes at the ready, I’ll briefly review you till then.

Yours sincerely, Nyarth

Sora no Woto,

You freaking K-ON clone (haha)… You peoples are doing alright more than I expected, though at the same time I feel as if I’m watching a crossover show featuring the characters off K-ON and Strike Witches…shiver. Noe is mine btw.

Yours sincerely, Nyarth


And now as a little bonus, short-quick-one-sentenced letters and messages to the anime that have advanced onto this season from Fall and Spring 09…

Dear Bleach,

Cut the filler shit and resume the Hueco Mundo Arc already! It’s already been a freaking year since it halted and derailed…

From Nyarth

Dear Cross Game,

Awesome plot development at the moment. Looking forward to see Seishu would actually enter Koshien…haha

From Nyarth

Dear Dragonball Kai,

Even though this is the first time I’ve properly watched a Dragonball series, nice turn of events here and there. Only one question; when the heck are you guys going to end?? I thought there was only going to be 26 episodes…

From Nyarth

Dear Fairy Tail,

Nice mix of comedy, action and serious drama all in one. I’ll read your manga as soon as I find time and… lol Gray’s stripping habits

From Nyarth

Dear Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,

Gahh… can’t wait to see how this ends. Keep up the excellent work.

From Nyarth

Dear Hetalia Axis Powers,

…when will you end?

From Nyarth

Dear Kimi ni Todoke,


From Nyarth

Dear Kobato,


From Nyarth

Dear Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee),


Excluding that, keep up the good work.

From Nyarth

Dear Railgun,

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! For actually including Index into the show. I don’t care whether it was just a super sped cameo in the OP or just a appearance in a short scene in a episode, what I care about is that she is existant in this spin off. Keep up the good work! AND MORE INDEXX!!!!!!!!!!

From Nyarth

Dear Weiss Survive R,


From Nyarth

Dear Winter Sonata,

No… just no…

From Nyarth

Now, for the random crap.

Dear Onidere

Art I find really un-developed, story, uhhhh……

Dear The World God Only Knows

I worship you capturing God.

Dear Hayate no Gotoku (Manga)


And with that I now end my post.

Ps. Sequel of this post has now been green-lit! :V

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