True Tears Review

Urgh gawd how the ending was horrible and not-appealing. True Tears (the anime which decided to be an adaptation off a Visual Novel of the same name and thought it’d be a nice idea to have a new set of characters and plot…) is the first ever anime I feel to have been a complete disaster and the most failed anime of all time (gotta stop doing that…bwahaha).

Why I’m calling True Tears a complete pile of work you ask? Is it the animation? The plot? The characters? The way it’s presented? Why… NOOOPE.

It’s actually the ending I’m most disgusted and pissed about. Fuck Hiromi-fag-ending I WANTED FREAKING NOE ENDING!!!! Grrr the joys of rage eh?

To point out this rage, here’s a forum thread I posted quite a while ago over at FoOlRulez Forums conveying my rageness.

:wth: Boy how the ending was shit and most obvious… Allow me to elaborate containing spoilers and pointless flaming and bullshitting;


Shinchiro ends up with that stupid-fucking-retarded-faggot-slut Hiromi at the end, making it a Hiromi ending which I… really despised very much so.


Oh yeah, that pussy shit Aiko girl seems to have got back together with Miyokichi, which I think is retarded since Aiko in the first place broke with him and decided to go after her long-term crush Shinchiro, but after finding out she has many competition, she chickens out and decides to start “afresh” with Miyokichi as “friends”. Yeah.

Also the whole Shinchiro and Hiromi being siblings thing, really they should’ve just kept it like that. Cuz then obviously, Shinchiro would back off of Hiromi as an incest ending would occur. Meaning NOE HAPPY ENDING FOR ALL  *_* *_* *_*

Speaking of incestuous stuff, Jun seems to be the only manly lolicon in the series, as he has a sister complex towards Noe all this time. Apparently… Sadly this latter info never got leaked into the general public.

Oh and, Shinchiro sucks too for -in a way- double timing and lying to Noe despite knowing that he likes Hiromi AND the goddamn consequences. His drawings are shitty too.

But on a bright side, it seems that Noe was finally able to shed a tear at the end, what she was longing for throughout the whole freaking series.

tl;dr – Totally awesome and hilarious from episode 1-9, went totally downhill from episode 10-13, where I really would’ve just cut my wrist to ease the pain a little. Really would’ve listened to what Ryno said about not watching the ending… In fact, I’m actually regretting it now…. I need some cookies.

The OP/ED is great too.

I agree. The opening is brill.

Awesome singing eufonius!

So yeah. What made this series to become an utter disappointment for me was actually who Shinchiro ended up with at the end. Fanboyism imo.

Noe’s first shed tears in a long time!

Aside from the notorious ending, I actually enjoyed watching this series from the beginning till the end (Episodes 1-12 that is. Now 13, that’s just ignorant~). The plot really… not you usually setting for some slice of life drama. The main character trying to “wipe” the “tears” away from the heroine faggot of the story, almost failing for practically centuries (man Shinchiro need some balls!). But well, the story really had me going constantly and every episode, just really has to conclude with a sudden cliffhanger at the end there that just makes you really want to see more and how it all turns out (grr producers). Case in point, episode six, where Shinchiro and the whore might actually be siblings (OMGWTFNOWAY). Another point, episode twelve, Noe jumps off a freaking huge tree and luckily breaks her arm! One of those corny tropes used in reality soap dramas where a individual just has to play emo and jump of stuff…


Could’ve given it 9/10, but they just couldn’t have stuck to the script and gone with the Noe ending no…

Next time in Nyarth’s stupid reviews, Suzunari! Volume 1. A super frantic hilarious and godly 4koma manga yet sadly has never been acknowledge. Yet.

I now end this post.

7 thoughts on “True Tears Review

  1. John February 10, 2010 / 21:56

    Brilliant review!

    I like Hiromi.

    • Nyarth February 13, 2010 / 18:25

      Thanks. And I think you made a typo there saying that you like Hiromi.

  2. Jave February 12, 2010 / 07:53

    lol,me too! :D

    One of your best post,I think.

    • Nyarth February 13, 2010 / 18:28

      I think you made a typo there too.

      One of my best post? According to my stats my Toradora! Character Song Album is the best post of all time…

  3. kashim40 August 9, 2010 / 04:14

    thanks for the reviews.. should there be no ending?

  4. Brandon December 6, 2010 / 07:05

    I could care less WHAT ending this godforsaken show has! It sucks either way! Almost as bad as that piece of crap Toradora. But that doesn’t stop fangirls (and what few fanboys it has) from LOVING IT. Who knows why!

    Too many plot twists, weird shit and just plain irritating nonsense convos and arguments. Too much for me. Like, when did Hiromi and Shin EVER develop even a REGULAR relationship in the fucking story? The first time you see her in episode 1 is probably like a year or so AFTER his parents decide to adopt her as one of their own, and most of the time she’s got either a sad or distraught look on her face. There aren’t a whole lot of happy moments between those two. Yet SOMEHOW they develop romantic feelings? That I really never got.

    And btw, what was with Shinichiro’s name having an apostrophe in the middle? That’s like the first anime where a character’s name is seen written like that!

    The Mugiha dance thing was pretty unnecessary and weird. Don’t know whose idea that was. The show would’ve done just fine without it. Seems like more pointless filler.
    And if Aiko actually runs a SHOP, how come there were never any TRANSACTIONS taking place? Shin and Miyokichi always go there after school, and Aiko gets them sodas and/or a snack, and you NEVER see them pay! I was like, “Is this her real house or a fucking business? Where are the customers? How are they making any money to stay open??”

    Stupid anime company that made this can’t even bother to portray business in the correct form. You can’t just waltz into a ‘shop’ or restaurant and never pay. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same co. made Toradora after all.

    • Nyarth December 9, 2010 / 18:40


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