Happy Chinese New Year 2010!

…and Happy St. Valentines Day and 3rd day of Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 at that.

It’s quite a rare oddity for these two (or three…haha) favourable holiday seasons to clash on a single day for years. But I swear CNY and Valentines Day contradicted each other in the past, but that seems to be false (says my mother).

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Sun Tai Geen Hounn~

I think that’s the pinyin of it in Cantonese…meh

Well whether you’re having fun with incense and opening up the lovingly precious red packets if you’re AZN or going out with that special someone hoping that’ll boost the chances of you’ll getting laid at the end of the day, have fun.

Oh and, here’s my collection of red packets I received from family, relatives and fwends;

£80/€92/USA$126/CAN$132/AUS$142/¥11294 altogether!

Oh how I despise the 2003-low-quality photo my Sony Ericsson W595 makes…

To end my post here are some pics I found and FUKKEN SAVED with the efforts of lurking relating to CNY or most precisely, the Year of the Tiger (it’s the Tiger right? Pig…Rat…Rabbit…ah wutevur).

He’s a GUY. To prevent oncoming people complaining of the nipple slip…

Dear lord how I love Hideyoshi…no wait-