Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 06

Summer has arrive at Fumizuki Academy, and due to Yoshii and Yuji sneaking into the school’s pool for a free bathing session after not being satisfied of Yoshii’s shower containing only cold water and his house overall, the two are sentenced to cleaning the pool on the weekend. Mizuki, Shimada, Hideyoshi, Tsuchida, Shouka and Hazuki decide to tag along and turn the cleaning session into something on the lines of a pool party. As they all go into the changing rooms to change into their swimsuits, Hideyoshi gets told to go into the female’s changing room, as they believe that he’s a girl for his appearance despite being a guy, only till Yuuji pointed out that there’s a changing room specifically for Hideyoshi, thus creating a new brand of gender surpassing males and females (lol).

As they all come out flashing their appealing swimsuits for the first time, Yoshii gets pulverized yet again by Shimada after witnessing her possessing breast pads when Hazuki came running out with them on. Shouka comes out showing off her swimsuit, then suddenly poking both Yuuji’s eye sockets, making sure that he didn’t see anything “unnecessary” (any other girl with a swimsuit on). As Mizuki comes running out of the changing room with her breasts bouncing about, upon witnessing Voyeur faints due to heavy blood loss and falls to the ground, Shimada lapsing to speaking in German as being upset and Yuuji get’s another big poking in the eye by Shouka, preventing him from seeing Mizuki and her huge ass oppai. Last but not least, Hideyoshi appears flashing his what believed “normal male swimming trunks”, turning out to be what really is a tomboyish female’s mizugi. More blood comes spewing out of Yoshii and Tsuchida’s nostrils most obvious. Upon Hideyoshi’s arrival Yuuji relieves yet another jab in both eyes by Shouka, preventing Yuuji from seeing Hideyoshi despite being a guy…


Me too.

Totally lacking the ability to swim, Shimada teaches Mizuki how to as they finally enter the pool. Making Yoshii believe Shimada is the A-grade student and Mizuki the F-student in swimming. Shimada unfortunately mistook what Yoshii said for the letters as in breast size and kicks Yoshii in the face straight into the pool (I laughed really hard at this point). Hazuki invites Yoshii to play “Water Devil” with her, with the rules of the game is for the person who’s “it” to chase, catch and drown other people until they’re completely unconscious. Yoshii explains to her that the game is too dangerous to play as someone could get hurt, and demonstrates to her the consequences by talking Shouka into playing the game, throwing and drowning Yuuji into the pool and then finally giving him CPR, which she non-hesitantly does so.

Aiko and Miharu appear in the scene as the Swimming Club’s activities are about to begin. Miharu obviously then chases after Shimada for not inviting her to the pool, and Aiko heads off to change, taunting Yoshii and Tsuchida to peek at her changing. Tsuchida alone goes to peek, only till then come back with yet a heavy dose of blood loss. Mizuki offers everyone pieces of waffles she made in the morning, realising its Mizuki’s dangerous cooking, the guys then pit it out to decide who’ll sign their death warrant by having a traditional swimming race. Yoshii and Yuuji ditch the race as the race commences to fight each other, only to see Voyeur and Hideyoshi almost at the finish line. Yoshii and Yuuji decide to stop them from winning, just as Yoshii attempts to stop Hideyoshi from passing him, Yoshii realises that he’s on the wrong lane, and just grabs Hideyoshi’s upper half of his swimsuit overall. A red oozing agent coming out of Yoshii and Tsuchida is released into the pool shortly after, creating a red stained mark from looking up above…

Yet again experimenting with different anime art styles…haha

As evening befalls, the group then head off to a nearby bath house, where they’ll relax and cleanse themselves from what they did throughout the day. Hideyoshi yet again goes into what’s called the “Hideyoshi’s Changing Room” like what he did earlier on at the pool, while the rest go into the normal male and female changing rooms. Later on in the bathing rooms, Aiko once again taunts Yoshii and Tsuchida into peeking to the female’s side where all the heroines of the series are. Only to get trolled as they dip their faces into the boiling hot water and grilled their eyes when devising a plan of freezing their bodies before hand. Yoshii and Voyeur decide to use the iron bracelets (as demonstrated in previous episodes, where they get to summon their summoned beings without the need of a teacher around) to summon their beings to peek at the other side. Unable to anything since the beings only get to see Yoshii decides to use Tsuchida’s camera to capture the moment from up above, only to be foiled when being defeated by the girl’s summoned beings. Nishimura sensei appears out of the bath dragging Yoshii away once and for all since his summoned being’s HP has reached zero. Ending the episode with Hideyoshi apparently winning a prize from opening a milk bottle cap.


Just as I speculated from my previous Baka Test episodic summary post, episode six is truly in fact a swimsuit special (unlike the swimsuit special in Seitokai, this actually takes place “outside”). Despite the episode not really making much progress in means of plot, the episode turned out to be pretty good, as expected. What I really laughed real hard at most in this episode is, well, virtually every joke or hilarious act they commit I guess… But most particularly is when Hideyoshi was classified as a gender itself by having his own changing room. Not really sure if this was actually quite rude irl but what the hey. Of course, many more huge-assed nosebleeds shed almost constantly in this episode from Yoshii and Voyuer, making it so far of what I believe the episode with the most perverted blood spewed. Now that you mention it, I’ve never actually seen an episode of an anime series with that much blood shed in just 25 or so minutes. Well maybe Bleach’s fight scenes and Elfen Lied’s… dismemberment sequences… but you get what I mean. Aside from the Hideyoshi madness, really laughed my brains out and loved the bit when Hazuki comes running out with her artificial massive bosoms, which were actually highly expensive breast pads Shimada ever-so wonderfully brought with her allowance. Really gotta feel for Shimada’s failed attempt to enhance her DFC into the size of Mizuki’s… But what I kinda felt disappointed was that Shimada, just after having her plan of using the breast pads exposed she changed from her super delicious navy black two piece into a plain yellow piece that’s more like a pair of sports bra and panties…really felt that she should have kept it on. Yuuji on the other hand, ouch you gotta have a lot of GARR if you’re gonna take the inflicted jab in the eye and being temporarily blind… Yoshii and Voyeur, suggest they should visit the blood clinic and Mizuki, man her food is still radioactive. Those who should remind themselves on the inflicted pain, blood loss and enveloped in despair should look at the opening collection of screenshots. Overall of episode six, loved it.

See ‘ya in episode seven!