Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 260

Warning: Post contain huge-ass spoilers to the recent plot development of Hayate no Gotoku. Read on at your own risk.

This MOT pretty much explains chapter 260.

I can finally see the ending.


“A hero is… someone who can’t show anyone… the tears beneath her mask.”
~Hero-san (Hinagiku)

Hina… ;_;


12 thoughts on “Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 260

  1. Nope. Way too early. The show will NOT end anytime soon.

    Let’s see how things develop once he tells A-tan that he’ll now return to care for Nagi ;)


    1. Agreed. Can’t imagine Hayate coming to an end, but what’s been happening recently makes me think it actually is coming to an end D:

      But I wonder how life will be for Hayate now since his mistress has lost the inheritance…


    1. I was just making an assumption of Hayate ending up with A-tan, making it an A-tan ending.

      The series is not going to end any time soon I believe.

      Oh and, I’m still rooting for the Hina ending.


  2. Athena ending, Nagi ending, Maria ending, Hinagiku ending, Izumi ending, Kotetsu ending…they are all good endings for me

    Of course I wouldnt mind Athena’s one AT ALL (which would make me the happiest)


    1. I wouldn’t mind Athena’s one AT ALL too. But I still prefer the Hina ending (which would make the happiest Hayate-fag fanboy on Earth)

      Mr. Hata is thinking very wisely upon this I bet XD


  3. Oh shi- I really need to catch up with the manga.
    Personally, I don’t mind Athena’s end, but…a Hina x Hayate end would make me a very happy fangirl. :D


  4. I really want to see the Hina X Hayate so soso much [Hinagiku lover] but i’m fine with the athena ending but i still want Hina ending
    it will really really make me the happiest fangirl!! XD ^^


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