Pandora Hearts Omake 07 – The Life Times of The Holy Knight

The seventh instalment of the fun-sized omake series that is, Pandora Hearts comes by full swing. This time, with Elliot and Leo introducing to us all and giving their gratitude for “us purchasing the seventh DVD volume of Pandora Hearts”… But anyhow, this omake typically consists of a short brief summary of the story of The Holy Knight (the fictional series of novels introduced half way into the series where Oz was spoiled by Elliot not knowing that Edward DIES in the end, if The Holy Knight doesn’t ring a bell to you…), presented in a fun entertaining picture story slide show with miniature Elliot and Oz puppets in mind for the younger audience watching.

The Holy Knight. EPIC storyline.

To the people who reads the manga, perhaps this was adapted from one of them omakes you have at each end of a tankobon volume?