Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 07

In a direct continuation of episode five, Yuuji (forced) and Shouka go out on a date to Kisaragi Grand Park, as it seems as though Yoshi gave the premium tickets (including a mock wedding event) to Shouka behind the scenes. There, two supposedly unknown staff members greet the two as they walk into the “grand” park in a spectacular way, whom Yuuji immediately sees through the two being Hideyoshi and Yoshii.

After failing to forcing them to spill the beans and explain what is going on Yuuji and Shouka have their first photo shoot which will apparently be the park’s main icon. Two other unsuspecting dimwit couples appears in the shadows, demanding they have a photo of them as well. Yoshii, Hideyoshi and Voyeur makes a run for it after the man is pissed thinking they’re making fun of him.

Nice hiding spot. I might actually try that D:

Kind souls in America? Gosh…

Snake parody?

I never knew Yuuji swung that way…


Later on, Yuuji and Shouka run into Phi the Fox (which is Mizuki underneath the furry costume). Confirming that it is indeed Mizuki inside, Yuuji says to “Phi” that a college girl was hitting on Yoshii and is now taking him on a date, the theory is clarified as “Phi the Fox” reacts shockingly looking where they are. Realising Yuuji knows it’s her in the costume, Mizuki starts over as if that little scene didn’t even happen and recommend them to go into the Haunted House, which by then Yuuji passes believing they’ve setted some sort of trap in the corny attraction. Noin the Fox (Yoshii inside) steps into the scene stopping Yuuji from “bullying” Phi the Fox. Little did Yoshii knew, his costume’s helmet was the other way round. Yuuji taunts Yoshii asking where the college girl he was dating went, which triggers Mizuki to be engulfed in a mysterious evil aura and calling for Shimada to arrive on the spot. Shimada (in yet another Fox mascot costume) arrives just in the nick of time, kicking Phi the Fox (Yoshi) into a nearby trash can. While on the other end Hideyoshi coerces Shouka in forcing Yuuji to go into the Haunted House with her, as Hideyoshi said that she can hug Yuuji all she wants inside.


No seriously, you do.


Voyeur appears yet again, telling Yuuji to sign a contract before going into the Haunted House, as it’s supposedly a “policy” at the park to sign contracts before going into some dangerous attraction. Little did Yuuji knew, the contract turns out to be a marriage certificate asking for signatures for the marriage to be complete with Shouka. Yuuji ignores the contract and then proceeds on into the Haunted House. Not afraid of the contents in the Haunted House believing it’s just another typical Haunted House where stuff pops out of nowhere, a sound is played out in loop where it can be heard of a recording of Yuuji saying that he prefers Mizuki over Shouka since she has bigger breasts. Of course Shouka goes into her coveted homicidal mode and chases after Yuuji with a wooden baseball bat with hammered pins sticking out and bloodstains.

It is zipped right?

Hahaha Yoshii

Nice valid reasoning. But sadly your comeback was ignored…

Just escaping the clutches of Shouka’s demented killing baseball bat the two go to the park’s restaurant to have lunch, where the next event unfolds turning out to be the mock Wedding Ceremony. But first, the two would have to answer five questions correctly in order to have the Wedding. Not liking this one bit and the exits and windows tightly shut, Yuuji wants to get out of this mess and comes up with an idea to shout out random and incorrect answers so that he and Shouka don’t take part in the mock wedding. Little did Yuuji knew, the questions are rigged to make the two answer the questions correctly, while at the fourth question just as Yuuji interrupts Yoshii asking the question and shouting out a random answer they instantly got it right… Thinking all hope is lost as of now and giving in, the couple who had appeared earlier on in the photo shoot appear again, demanding that they should have a mock wedding ceremony, which leads them to take over Yoshii and ask them questions themselves. Just after the guy asking what is “the capital of Europe” (being a continent and not a country, making him a true retard…) Yoshii and the rest simply ignore the conflicting couple and proceed onto the mock wedding.

Answering incorrect answers is serious business.

It says eyes I think.

Recurring gag I see.


As Shouka (in her wedding dress) walks up the aisle where Yuuji is standing waiting for her (in his tux), she sheds a few tears of happiness and gracefully tells Yuuji that it was always been her dream to be Yuuji’s bride and to marry him. Interrupting the two like Kayne West interrupting Taylor Swift in receiving her award, the couple from before stand out again and criticizes/ridicule Shouka’s “childish” dream. Where Yoshii almost gives a smack or two to them, but only being stopped by Mizuki. Just after they realised, Shouka disappears into thin air, leaving her cloche behind on the floor.

While Yoshii and the rest go out finding Shouka’s whereabouts, they see Yuuji coming out the Wedding Event Hall and tells him to help look for Shouka too. Yuuji passes as he has had enough of what has happened throughout the day and walks off saying that he needs to go to the toilet. Which, in actual fact, he goes off to where the couple from before are and beats the crap out of them for their attitude and actions they committed.


As evening befalls, Shouka is seen walking home back into her casual clothes, Yuuji runs into to her as he had a feeling of where she was. While walking back Shouka asks Yuuji whether her dream ambitions is weird and childish, just before Yuuji replies her question, he first tells Shouka that her feelings are “misplaced” and that it’s his fault that he got Shouka into this mess back in their childhood and apologizes. Just as Shouka was about to feel depressed of what Yuuji said, Yuuji goes on saying that he won’t laugh at Shouka’s dream, and even though she’s got the wrong guy, he thinks it’s really awesome for a person to stay faithful to one person over a long period of time. Deeper into the conversation Yuuji consoles Shouka telling her to take pride in her dream and never let anyone tarnish it, and lastly praising her cooking which was intended for lunch earlier on. Just as Yuuji walks off believing everyone will get the wrong idea if they come back any later, Shouka calls to Yuuji that her feelings may not have been misplaced after all.

Before I go on and bull about this episode… AWESOME new ending sequence :D

Since no trace of a mirrored video of the new ED has surfaces on the internet at the moment, enjoy these low quality screenshots;

Update: Ah, found one. Enjoy;

1st and 4th screen… DX

Since episodes 1-6 cover the first ending and this episode (seven) covers the second, it’s in no doubt that the series will conclude with 12 episodes…with a slight possible extra episode to add to the collection.

If you haven’t noticed yet, this new ending is basically the female version (add Yoshii/Hideyoshii in their trap uniforms) of the first ending, starring the female characters of the series flashing out the original default sailor summer uniform. Comparison shown below;

I prefer the female version over the male btw.

Irony as how Hideyoshi appears in both endings.

OH MAH GAWD THIS IS THE BEST EPIC EPISODE EVUR! But in normal talk this episode went by pretty well. Some sense of plot development has progressed I guess between the relationship of Yuuji and Shouka. Which now makes me wonder how Shouka will act towards Yuuji now that she is sure about her feelings for him (I actually found Shouka’s last line of this episode and how she looks really cute D:)… The comedy and the destined situations is what really me wail out in laughter the most that almost made my eyes pop out from all the rofl’ing. Even though I believe that this has totally derailed off the main concept of the initial plot (I believe the manga version focuses on the ESBs and the strategies involved, according to chapter 8), but strangely enough I actually prefer the episodic plot relayed out in the anime than it is in the manga being more of a continued battle plot. The light novels not completely sure as I have yet to touch upon the original concept and actually read, not as if it’s translated somewhere on the net that is…

Looking forward to seeing what episode eight has in store next week!