Spring Anime 2010

Looking back, it’s already been past a year since I began following and watching newly aired anime straight from Japan and about to be a year since this blog’s creation. But anyhow, imo this post is a tad late but what the hei, Spring Anime 2010 is just around the corner with more top-notch quality anime coming along the way. Click the jump to read on.

As expected, credit goes to Chartfag for the awesome visual preview poster.

Like I did with past seasons planning what I might pick up, here’s a more subtle, simpler and clean first impression judging;

Red cross: Rejected

Green square: Plan to watch

Green square with tick: DEFINITELY GOING TO WATCH.

* This is just a brief first impression of what I am planning to watch, meaning I might reconsider some changes later on.

Casually looking at the charter, it seems a few series has returned with some sort of sequel (ie. Keionbu, MAJOR and Shin Koihime), and the other returning series has appeared in the form of an OVA (GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class and Umi Monogatari).

Looking more deeply into the line up, K-ON! is the most obvious to be seen with there sudden comeback with a second season, with following sequels including Hetalia, Major, D.C. Da Capo, Ookiku Furikabatte and Ring ni Kakero.

Iron Man is another highlighted series to be acknowledged, being the first in some project between Marvel and Madhouse, bringing the culture of America’s superior comic book superheroes all the way to Japan in the form of an anime impression (Wolverine will be followed in Summer 2010).

Senko no Night Raid takes the baton off Sora no Woto, being  the second instalment of the joint anime original project between Aniplex and TV Tokyo’s Animation division’s “The Power of Anime”.

Angel Beats will surely be a good one to watch this season, as being based off a Visual Novel developed by the mighty brains of KEY (Luckily this time done by PA Works and not the clutches of KyoAni).

KissXSis will again, for me be another great show to watch. However, sadly being a borderline hentai series, the series will have a high tendency of being heavily massacred with censors when being broadcast on analogue television. But, the fun doesn’t truly end when the series conclude as the last OVA episode  will follow by shortly when it releases in June later this year.

JC Staff seems to on the brink this year as they only have one series to show off, compared to last years when they had practically 7 series in one season. But anyway, what JC Staff have in store for us this season is the highly anticipated Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!, typical to be produced by JC Staff due their well known status of animating Romantic Comedy series and heavy appearances of falling cherry blossom petals, expect the series to be a blast.

Moving onto OVAs and specials, Black Rock Shooter, starring the darker side of Vocaloid princess Hatsune Miku will surely be in high demand when it comes out in a release date yet to be confirmed. Animated and produced by the team of Ordet, recreating the highly popular gothic version of Yamaha’s Vocaloid icon into an anime, also adding an obligatory plot line to add to the series.

Umi Monogatari Special, expect that to be some epilogue after the events of what happened in the TV series or just simply be some sort of non-canon episode with the typical style of heavy fanservice. GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class will be some specimen to predict as not much clarification is determined for the contents of this OVA (might be just some unaired episode I guess).

Surely the second instalment of Shakugan no Shana S will be released this season…right?

2 thoughts on “Spring Anime 2010

  1. Angel Beats isn’t based off a visual novel, it’s like an original anime project so it doesn’t qualify as a KyoAni-Key visual novel adaptation really ^_^. but PA Works is still good.


    1. Ah. Guess I misread the description on Wiki then D:

      PA Works is alright since they previously worked on True Tears (as I despised the plot ending as much as I despise Disney’s live action faction) which I think the quality was brilliant.

      Can’t wait for BRS :DD


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