I Rage (Agen)

I have no idea whether I should be looking at what is actually happening in the episode of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (46), or constantly staring at the tsunami warning notification displayed at the right side of the screen throughout the show. Haha

(((Obligatory post to fill up the void inactive space? Nonsense!)))

Personal Note: If you have been following my Twitter recently then you may have guessed why I have been so inactive in my blog for over a week. Since I have (finally at long last) been granted with a laptop (with a suuper widescreen display) I have been busily setting it up all week (post regarding it all coming up shortly), and while I’m at it, I’ve decided to give my bulogu a new look (since the previous look looked kind of awkward on a 17″). So prepare for all the tweaks and changes coming up the coming weeks! (((Ahh the joys of OCD~)))


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