Happy Birthday Hinagiku-sama!

(((Just escaping from doing my Literature R+J Essay which is due in tomorrow to write this, ha!!)))

It is March 3rd. And if you’re a Hayate-fag like me, then you would’ve realised that today is our favourite (be default) Hero-san’s XXth birthday! Oh and, Hinamatsuri kicks off too.

So to celebrate the festivities, here is a random fanart of Hinagiku by… me of course ;D (Taken from my art class doodle sketch book)

(((Apologies for the crappy quality and for the blow.)))

Ironically enough, I ripped this off the cover of Volume 22.

Best in regards for Hinagiku-sama in the more recent chapters of the manga and death threats to A-tan while I’m at as well. Nyahaha.

It looks like the End of the World flashback arc is back yet again…

(((Now back to writing essay. Dear lord please help me!! ;_;)))

Season three please come soon.

Epic Hina desktop is epic.


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