Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 08/09: ESB Glitches and Akira Yoshii and 2000 Porn Magazines

At last this special double combo episodic post in complete! Apologies to all (well, to anyone who reads my blog) about failing to post the 8th episodic thread of Baka Test last week due to me migrating to a new laptop (which I’ll review this weekend). So to make it up this post will cover last weeks episode and also this weeks recent episode (In my opinion THE BEST EPISODE OF BAKA TEST YET!) I say this in every episodic post imo, but it really is so I just can’t help myself, Nyahaha. Baka Test just reached a new level of weirdness and at the same time, funny!

So to bottle down the episodes if you’re feeling tl;dr and my impressions:

Episode 8: ESB battling system screwing up, Akihisa and gang go Mystery Machine and solve the problem. Liked how this episode is momentarily different to the rest and totally changed its theme to that of Eva’s and that the school looks as if it’s in some ripped off Matrix film. Pretty shocked to see Mizuki heading to detention for the first time (Obviously intentional) and I feel that Miharu’s smalll appearance was quite pointless really…

Episode 9: Akihisa’s E-cup’d nee-san pays a cunning visit and heavy BroXSis incest to occur (Just kidding). Nice to see some bit of plot development with just passing the midpoint of the semester and more obviously the sudden arrival of Aki’s sister, adding to the Baka Test chara roster and for the fact that it has sparked off a slight incestuous relationship between these two siblings. Is it just me, or is Akira looks strangely familiar to Ikaros of Sora no Otoshimono but with out the techno ears and the chains? Weird huh…

This screen… care for anyone to explain what in the world is going on?

Episode 8

After an individual sneaking into the ESB control room sector of Fumizuki Academy to hack into the system, the ESB Battle System goes haywire after the intruder misplays and trips over some electrical cord, which by then all student’s summon beings have gone out of control, and will turn into a more attractive figure of the student if he/she calls forth (Strangely enough, Akihisa’s summoned being remains unscathed). Meaning it’s up to Akihisa and the other characters of Class F to solve this problem and bring back the ESB peace the school once had. Using a camera and micro in means of communication, it’s up to Akihisa’s summoned being (being the only normal summoned being there is) to solve this mess by going up to ventilator to head to the control room as all doors and entries to the room has been closed tightly shut.


Delicious miko Hideyoshi is delicious.

Faptastic Hideyoshi changing shot is faptastica.


I lol

This scene…

…is win!

Neko Hideyoshi DO WANT!

Summon being porn? DD:


Eva typesetting?

Animation fail? Surely Aki’s hand doesn’t reach that far…



Sadly though Yuuji and Tsuchiya’s haywired summoned beings confront Akihisa’s summoned being and instantly ambushed. As Akihisa’s summoned being’s HP drops down to zero, the mission is then put to a halt as Akihisa is dragged off by Nishimura-sensei for supplementary lessons. Thinking of away to crank up Akihisa’s health to the maximum, Yuuji comes up with a idea for Akihisa to take simple easy tests equivalent to that of Elementary, however the test comes to an end when Akihisa makes an incorrect answer regarding the Taika Reforms starting year (refer to episode 2). Nevertheless, Akihisa has enough strength to proceed on with the mission. While inside the ventilator Akihisa’s summoned being is yet again confronted by Yuuji, Tsuchida and this time Hideyoshi’s beings, fortunately Yoshii was able to swiftly defeat the three, advancing on to his destination (Unfortunately Yuuji, Tsuchida and Hideyoshi is sent to detention as being the result of the defeat).

Finally reaching the control room and almost successfully approaching the disconnected cable, Akihiha’s summoned being is yet again ambushed this time by the final bosses Shimada and Mizuki’s summoned being. While endlessly torturing the poor old Akihisa’s summoned being, Miharu and her summoned being unsuspectingly jumps into the scene with more of her affection towards Shimada, where this time given Akihisa’s SB has a chance to dodge Mizuki’s SB, defeating Miharu and Shimada’s SB in the process (As for aftermath, Miharu and Shimada themselves are then dragged away for detention as for their health points reaching zero).


Since Mizuki’s SB is still around and is able to continue attacking Akihisa’s SB at full force, Mizuki comes up with a plan to take a test and purposely answer every question in the test incorrectly, therefore making her SB’s stats to decrease, making Akihisa able to finally defeat Mizuki, and bringing peace back to Fumizuki Academy to where it once was. With Mizuki’s SB utterly defeated, she is then forced to go to detention to replenish her points. Feeling for Akihisa’s guiltiness, the principle whacks Akihisa in the head thereby rendering his SB powerless, making him having to go to detention as well along with Mizuki together, thus ending the whole day with Class F in detention.

…she didn’t write anything…


Episode 9

What you really eat at College/Uni exposed D:

Nice edition of adding Akira into the OP this episode.

I still wonder how she changed.

Akihisa’s older sister, Akira Yoshii decides to pay him a visit on some random day, where it is discovered that she came back studying abroad from Boston in the US to check up on Akihisa and see if he can cope living alone, and decides to do a test on a scoring system and compare it with the upcoming midterms test results for the final verdict (Obviously, the scoring deductions and conditions are heavily ridiculous).

At least this stalker is honest.

That would be glorifying.

Hardcore. Haha


According to Akihisa, Liberal America corrupts your brain in thinking Yaoi is a-okay.


Back at school, Shouka asks Yuuji for his cell phone, as after watching some program on TV stating that evidence of affairs are often kept in cellphones. Looking into the inbox, it appears that Yuuji has more texts coming from Akihisa than Shouka. Reading the most recent sent text, it shows that Akihisa wants to stay at Yuuji’s place overnight. Viewing this as some illicit yaoi couple, Yuuji is them immediately stripped of his pants.

Heyhey, nice plaster there :DD

Love Plus and Idol@Master, good games to keep Akihisa.

Later throughout the day, everyone seems to have notice how strangely Akihisa is quiet and actually studying and has brought a very decently filled boxed lunch. And before Akihisa knows it, he is forced to spill the beans to the rest of Class F for the reason of his actions by letting them in his apartment, believing that he has found a girlfriend and are secretly going out. Firstly steeping into the apartment they are confronted with hanged women’s underwear, where Mizuki is in deep denial and says that the bra and panties aren’t Akihisa’s size. Walking into the living room they find a cotton puff used for makeup, where Mizuki denies it being a cotton puff and believes it to be a fish cake lying about, thankfully she gives in for the denial after witnessing a finely made diet boxed lunch meant for women in the kitchen. At this point the characters meet Akihisa’s sister as she comes back from grocery shopping.

Yaoi is scary.

Yanderes in denial are scary too.

What do you think it was? ;D

No! You are blessed!

AAA Aki :L

No, you’re a girl.

Epic mercy face thar.

Epic Conan cameo there.

Akira is now my favourite character (Second to Hideyoshi of course).

Sitting down on a coffee table in the living room Akihisa introduces his sister to his friends and his friends to her, which by then believes Shimada and Mizuki to be male (As for being against Akihisa to have any female friends). Admittedly confessing that the three (including Hideyoshi, ha!) are actually female, Akira deducts 200 points off Akihisa’s score she is carefully moderating since the start. However after witnessing a YuujiXAkihisa moment after deducting his points, Akira adds 10 back on believing as long as he’s the same sex as Akihisa (haa!!). As Yoshii and Yuuji make Paella for dinner after yet again signing a death warrant as the girls were going to do it (Akira appears to be suckish at cooking too) Akihisa loses back his regained 10 points after witnessing the girls praising his cooking skills (Insert more hilarious comedic innuendo here). After dinner the group then goes to Akihisa’s room to study in means for the upcoming midterms. It is then found out that Akira has been granted a teaching degree and for studying abroad in Boston in America, when then she hands out the “study guides” which actually are six porno mags found in Akihisa’s room, deducting 60 points in the process (10 for each magazine) for apparently not possessing BroXSis incest magazines (coy), turning out that Akihisa cunningly has a ponytail huge ass boobs fetish… Akihisa unfortunately loses another 100 points again for some reasons Akihisa will somehow understand when he is older, after Shimada and Mizuki quarrel about their ponytail bosom appearance.


The next day at school, Akihisa witnesses Shimada with a heavy boob job while Mizuki with a new ponytail appearance (Obviously regarding about Akihisa’s preferences earlier on). Shimada’s fake boobs are foiled by Tsuchida (Apparently protecting the sacred secondary sex characteristics). The topic goes on about Akihisa’s bitching upon his sister always bullying him and the like, Mizuki and the rest doesn’t agree with him and that she actually loves and cares for him (All the more reason why she came back to Japan to check up on him). Coming back from school so suddenly, Akihisa gets mad at Akira after believing that she only cares for his grades on his report card and decides to prove to Akira that he’s fine to live on his own by acing the coming midterms.

I like it how everyone else is just a shamless face print off each other while you can distinguish the rest who’re the main/side characters. Now where are the KKK that are usually hanging around…?

. After the midterm examination, despite virtually getting all the answers correct and obviously would’ve received an A, sadly though Akihisa made one of them clichéd exam writing mistakes and wrote the answer for the first question in the name/bio field, thereby shifting up the answers up by one (Ironically, Akira ridicules Akihisa by calling him “Alexander the Great” as being the name written in the name box, which was typically meant to be the answer for the first question.

This is why you should look where you are writing first. #124 tip in Examination Advice

Late at night looking for something to eat, Akihisa looks upon in the fridge to find the many failed attempts of Akira trying to make Paella and reads upon a note that she said numerously said throughout the episode; “Effort is nothing but a means to an end being proud of the fact that you tried is just putting the carriage before the horse”. Gracefully, Akihisa finally gets the gist. The next morning, while walking to school Akihisa thanks Akira for what she has done and says that he loves her as a brother. Akira (feeling quite embarrassed of what Akihisa said) then says to Akihisa that maybe one day if she feels like it, she’ll properly make dinner for the two of them. The episode ends with Akihisa asking Akira what is the best spice, which the two doesn’t even have a clue.


Episode 10. Mock Test and Phantom Thiefs and Love Letters. Sounds pretty awesome already; can’t wait!