Final Fantasy XIII Getto Da Ze!

It’s March 9th, and if you’re some Final Fantasy fag then you may already found out that FFXIII comes out today in the Western World for 360 and PS3!

Strangely for me, who is not really that much fond of the Final Fantasy series, decided to actually preorder the game (for Xbox 360) for some random inexplicable reason. Being today the initial release, the game came flying through my front door’s mail hole (cuz I’m in England and we don’t have mail boxes HAH!).

Yes, SCREW SANKAKU with its dramatised bullshit; claiming that the 360 version is inferior to the PS3 and having it compressed to three disks like how Xvid is undeniable inferior to MKV/h264s I can do whatever I want (nyahaha).

Proof I actually received the game with receipt (Yes imo I preordered it off and they refused to dispatch it and arrive the day before the release :<)

Nice spread-out :X

So for the next few weeks I shall be leaving the internet world for some time, while I jump on over to Xbox Live and let loose the gaming side to me that has been dormant for quite some time. Worry not as I’ll shall drop in  a few times on the weekends to post updates on my progress, if I’m really struggling (hope not D:) and to update my Animu watchlist.

Anyway, until out next meeting and now OFF TO EXXUBOXXU RAIBU!!!


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