Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 264


7 thoughts on “Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 264

  1. Ewwwww…So you are Hina fan, ok.
    But don’t label Athena route as something “shoddy”, ’cause it’s really beautiful and touching story, you just can’t see how heartbreaking such a conclusion is, ’cause you like Hina =
    I guess this arc really made my hairs a bit gray…


    1. Just to make myself clear, I have nothing against Athena and I have to admit this arc is very touching and emotional. However as you said, since I’m a Hina fan so I don’t feel as much for A-tan due to these circumstances. But remember when Hayate used to be all comedy and laughter at its finest a year ago? Now it’s all the complete opposite with everyone depressed and all that which kinda pisses me off :/

      And apologies if I had offended you in any way.


    2. You hadn’t. It’s me, who must apologize…especially for my awful english.

      I remebmer it all quite well, but as for me(I picked this series recently, when there already was 260 chapters, so my mood was not able to cool down between chapters), that sudden genre flip was just great. Don’t get me wrong, I also used to love “all comedy and laughter”. I also wanted Hina to be series “winner”. Until that horrible “EoTW”, which forced me to ADORE this story(instead of liking), gosh, Athena x Hayate flashback completely killed other Hayate girls and routes for me. It was quite a shock to read that soul-shredding arc just after chapters full of carefree jokes, but now I like where this story is going.


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