Nyarth’s Top 10 Winter Anime Songs of 2009/10

Well, it’s that time of the season again, where I sort out and judge my top 10 anime OP/EDs of a particular season that nobody even cares about. This time around, it’s Winter season of 2009/10, and being truthful here there wasn’t much significant songs that I “like-liked” compared to previous times. Sure in my earlier post I said that I really liked Sora no Woto’s OP, but a few weeks past the song seems to have deteriorated for me… But here you go, Nyarth’s Top 10 Winter Anime Songs of 2009/10.

Of course Durarara!! takes the No. 1 spot for its innovative rap styled ending sequence, quite inevitable to say at least.

1. Durarara!! ED – “Trust Me” by Yuya Matsushita


2. Baka Test OP – “Perfect-area Complete!” by Natsuko Aso

3. Ladies vs Butlers ED – “my starry boy” by Mai Nakahara

4. Seikon no Qwaser OP – “Errand” sung by Faylan

5. Sora no Woto OP – “Hikari no Senritsu” by Kalafina

6. Ookami Kakushi OP – “Toki no Mukō Maboroshi no Sora” by FictionJunction

7. “Shy Girls” by Chihara, Kotobuki, Yahagi and Hikasa

8. “LOVE x HEAVEN” by Ayako Kawasumi, Mai Nakahara, Rie Kugimiya and Ami Koshimizu

9. Dance in the Vampire Bund OP – “Friends” by Aiko Nakano

10. Omamori Himari ED – “BEAM my BEAM” by Himarinko L. Shizukuesu

I have to watch Baccano! at some point this year…


2 thoughts on “Nyarth’s Top 10 Winter Anime Songs of 2009/10

  1. I’ve only watched Baka to Test and Sora no Woto in that season
    Still I agree with you.
    They both have an awesome song. And baka to test OP tune just keep ringing in my head


    1. Inorite, when Baka Test aired, like you the OP got stuck in my head and I’ve been humming it for a few days after, while the first ED popped up shortly after. And along came the second ending of Baka Test that became stuck inside my head to this day.

      Baka Test is invading my personal life ;_;


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