Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 10

This isn’t what it looks like.

Himeji finds a tutorial “howto” book about how to give your “special someone” your love letter confidently, so she tries to do so to Akihisa with the “direct person to person approach”.

Little did Himeji knew, she accidentally hands over to Akihisa her envelope packed full of Akihisa goodness.

Meanwhile, Akihisa’s morning started out with a fun sized molestation by her nee-san.

While they’re at it, Akihisa’s nee-chan revamp Akihisa’s diet and replaces everything he currently has into “Calorie Maido”. Some healthy active drink which contains a decent amount of calories for Akihisa to survive the day.

Mussolini goes boob-watching and grade’s every female’s bust size.

Class F have another one of their fun moments. Plus Shouka.

More epic Hideyoshi delicious trap service.

Of course, meaning all us fanboys drop dead in our puddles of blood dispatched from our nostrils…

Oh really.

Epic screenshot is epic.

Sign this Marriage Registration or die. Says Shouka to Yuuji.

That poor toothbrush.

Mind if I know what Voyeur is going to do with that stockpiles of info of every female student of the school?

Finally, the meaty center of this filleristic episode begins. When Akihisa and his summoned being has been forced to transport piles of examination papers into the vault, he finds an insufficient amount of boxes to store the papers in. Therefore he decides to swipe a few off from Class F as alternatives. Coincidentally the boxes belong to the other side characters of the show, meaning Yuuji’s hidden Marriage certificate, Voyeur’s oppai report, Shimada’s collection of gender-bendering Akihisa pictures and Himeji’s love letter gets dumped into the vault and locked. So for the remaining 10 minutes of the episode, the team decides to sneak into the vault and get back their stuff Akihisa has stupidly took away. However though, the vault is guarded up with many security so breaking in will be quite problematic.

Shit happens.

Yes. An important tegami.

Nemoto of Class B just happens to be nearby and appears to have the same motives as Akihisa and the rest has of cracking into the vault. Nemoto teams up with the Class F misfits and decides to do the cracking 50/50. Akihisa and friends go and attempt to grab the keys for the vault off Nishimura-sensei in the Staff room while Nemoro has it easy and cracks the number code in order to have both security guards to unlock.

If you have an idea, please use a 100watt eco-power-saving light bulb if you care about the planet.

Way better team pose than that Ginyu Special Squad in Dragonball. Haha


Note to self. Front hook bras = FATAL

Actual serious DRAMA takes place at this point, as Akihisa suddenly finds Nemoto suspicious since he knows the code to unlock the vault while he has no clue upon his intentions, which turns out to be him swiping a copy off the examination papers so that he knows what questions are coming up and what to study upon. Nemoto threatens the rest as if they report this to the teachers they’ll be in trouble too since they’re involved with him in illegally entering the vault without permission. Nemoto goes on to insulting Class F just as Yuuko did earlier on, insulting them as true bakas and that they’re just a bad influence upon the futuristic-styled school. Himeji interjects with her strong passion of friendship and says that despite having the lowest of the low grades of the school Class F is a great class with nice people to be in and meet.


Hurr hurr durr…

Rule 34 is indeed deadly.

This episode… well not much I can comment on since it pretty much follows the same format in previous episodes with it’s clichéd funny assetery. But it seems the show will get back to its senses and go back to the usual and original form of this series we all know and love. Yes, that’s right; ESBs. Which also had made me realised this past two months was just 8 episodes of unsubstantial filler (Endless Eight much?) while episodes one and two actually contribute to the main plot. But really, this all had happened of Yuuji didn’t screw around in episode two and had Class F lost against Class A, and that Class F were suspended from any official ESBs for three months. Surely the directors would’ve just time skipped the three-month void and had stuck to the script, but this way kinda works too. Expect episode 11 to return to its delicious ESB battling goodness.

I end my post.

PS. Strangely this episode has reverted back to its original boyband ending sequence…


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