Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 11

What do you mean I’m not invited!?

Three months has finally passed in the Baka Test universe, meaning Class F’s ESB suspension and Yuuji and Akihisa’s suppression to fight has been lifted!

So in-order to go up the ranks and defeat Class A and claim their 9000-star’d classroom, Yuuji orders Akihisa to approach Class D and declare war on them.

Unfortunately for Akihisa, he gets ass-raeped by the Class D students.

Akihisa still has no shit that Mizuki’s love letter is actually for him… Oh the obvious misunderstandings…

Baka Test again hone’s Gainax’s Eva typesetting style…

No shit Sherlock

And so the ESB between Class D and F begin.

Should I even say…? ._.

Surprise buttsecks’d :D

Shimada is yet again confronted by her Kuroko-clone yuri imouto Miharu who has yet to gain any significant screen time…

In order to break through the lines on the said battlefield, Akihisa asks Sugawa to think of something to distract the enemies so that he can simply run past enemy territory, unfortunately, Sugawa makes a fake announcement on the com telling the outdated single woman (above screen) that Akihisa wants to get down intimate for her (I rofl’d).

As expected, Yoshii goes nuts.

Now that all of Class F students has left their base, leaving Yuuji all alone in the middle of the classroom, Class D shortly after invades the classroom with the intent to take down Yuuji and claim victory of the ESB (since according to Yuuji’s test scores he is as dumb as a pet mongoose). Little did Class D knew the data they received of Yuuji was actually outdated, and Yuuji had planned this all along and even had Tsuchida to leak the test scores out in public.

Trolled 8D

*insert intel’s theme tune here*

And so Class F is victorious over a one-sided match between Class D!

Oh god, Yuuji is awakening his Valkyrian powers! D:

This screen…

Yo dawg I herd yr stinkin classrewm got nuked-

Tsuchida releasing his true inner voyeurism rage. Haha

Shortly after they realised that Class B had sabotaged their classroom and that Nemoto had done this as part of his plan to take revenge upon Class F for making a fool out of him (from the previous episode) and took Mizuki’s love letter in the process. So the next day Class F and B battle it out in another yet ESB.

Akihisa agitates the inquisition after learning that Class B’s representative had a girlfriend, which makes them bottle up their anger to the extent of sacrificing their summoned beings to take out the blocking Class B students, which makes way for Akihisa to execute his plan as requested from Yuuji to entrust the strategy to him (after learning that Mizuki’s love letter got stolen by Nemoto).

No freaking way.

Akihisa goes to Class D’s classroom where apparently is the start of his plan to take down Nemoto, the leader of Class B. He takes advantage of the summoning bracelet as demonstrated in earlier episodes where a student can summon their summoned beings without the need of a teacher by opening up their own Summoned Beings field. Akihisa starts pummeling the wall down in Class D (which is the opposite room to Class B and where Nemoto is now), and since Akihisa’s summoned being’s special ability of receiving feedback to its owner, Akihisa receives just as much of the pain his summoned being receives for every punch it inflicts upon the wall. After totally knocking the wall down thereby making a giant hole in the wall, Nemoto clashes back with more back up thinking Akihisa’s plan failed of a surprise attack. Akihisa attacks back by calling forth Tsuchida, crashing into the room through the windows along with Nishumura-sensei and beating Nemoto’s summoned being through the subject Health. Since being in charge of the detentions Nishimura can permit a summoning of any subjects at hand and possessing godlike athletic skills. And so with Nemoto defeated Class F wins their 4th ESB battle against Class B!

Oh shit. It’s the Terminator!!

Later on Yuuji makes an announcement to the students of Class B, giving them a chance to actually keep their Classroom facility only if they follow Yuuji’s highly predicament conditions, which consists of Nemoto having to dress up in the school’s female uniform following Yuuji’s orders. This actually turns out to be the doing of Akihisa, planning to this as a decoy to get back Mizuki’s love letter Nemoto had stolen and placed cunningly in his trouser’s back pocket.

At the end of the day, Mizuki and Akihisa are on the rooftop of the school alone, where Mizuki has decided to rip up her written love letter and to confess her feelings in person, however she believes it’ll take some time before she can do so. And the reason Mizuki called for Akihisa up on the rooftop was to ask him if Mizuki can call him by his first name, and by Japanese name-calling terminology, someone calling some else’s first and given name means that they know each other closely and are close friends/relatives.

A flag has been raised.

Meanwhile at the veranda Shouka confronts Yuuji standing out of the veranda and asks what is driving his desire to wage war. Yuuji answers back that the high-class facilities isn’t what he’s aiming for, but what he’s actually aiming for is to prove to the world that grades aren’t everything and doesn’t give a definite rating to a person’s knowledge. Yuuji then asks Shouko to not hold back and for them to fight with all they’ve got in the upcoming final ESB rematch between Class F and A.

Out of sudden abnormalities, thie episode had strangely followed very closely to the manga adaption if any of you people have read it. Of course, they made it seem more condense and more haste in the anime (looking like some outdated birds eye view strategic game) while in the manga it feels more fluent and in person. But actually, after looking into it a bit more I realised that the anime pretty much did everything that happened in the manga, but more simplistic. Looking into the plot this episode has greatly made some development in the plot, compared to the previous eight, where it was just all fun and games and everyone screwing about.

However Mizuki in this episode… man she has finally toughened up a lot now that she graduated from the Love Letter stage and now to the in-person stage! But it now makes me wonder when she will ever confess to Akihisa or when Akihisa realises that the letter was actually for him and that who Mizuki was interested in was him. A true baka if you ask me…

So next week (or tomorrow really)… the grand finale of Baka Test I suppose- or the semi finale since this is slated for 13 episodes according to MAL… Who knows this is Baka Test we’re talking about. The unexpected will and always be expected.

I end my post.

PS. *sniff* No Hideyoshi fanservicu screentime this time…


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  1. lol this episode was sure awesome.
    so I guess they came back to the original novels… this actually was supposed to be part of the first battle they showed in ep 1-2, from novel vol. 1, but seems like they divided it like this.


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