Shakugan no Shana S 02

Super stalking powers go!!

Wilhelmina is worried yet suspicious at Shana due to the reason of her being late home from school suddenly, and has the idea that Shana has been influenced too much by the real world to the extent that she’s becoming a kind of a delinquent, and even more that she intends to make Shana cease from attending school. After a talk with Yuuji’s mother for some advice, Wilhelmina forces Yuuji to team up with her and to stalk down Shana to see what she’e been up to.

Yuuji appears to have been noticing this as well in the past, and has made an assumption that they’re planning something that they don’t Wilhelmina to know, and him.

Because you’re not invited.

Realising that Shana had deliberately suppressed her spiritual presence or something so that Yuuji and Wilhemina lose sight of her, Yuuji goes to Keisaku’s house where Margery dwells (since she is the main culprit for this to happen). Keisaku acts suspicious and tries to keep them out with small talk. As things get more suspicious, the next day at the end of school, Yuuji is informed by Shana, Yoshida and Ogata that Shana is going to go shopping with them and that he has to go home by himself. Ike passes by ridiculing Yuuji’s loneliness, Yuuji asks Ike if he has anything to do with the secret everyone is keeping from him and Wilhelmina. Ike avoids the question too and responds that even if he is part of the secret he wouldn’t tell him the truth and could just throw him off track with a false reasoning.

Nice direct store name…

Wilhelmina and Yuuji continue their stalking where Shana and friends head into the local market, apparently buying ingredients to some recipe. Wilhemina grows more awry since she is mainly in charge of what she and Shana eats and for the nessecary needs. The two continue their straddling following Shana home from up above. Suddenly, they bump into Margery and decide to land on top of some building to talk about the reason why she gave Shana a bookmark to suppress her presence.

Meanwhile Shana successfully heads back home where Yoshida and Ogata are preparing the equipment appealingly to cook something to eat. The truth steadily leaks out as it appears that Shana is making something special for Wilhelmina to eat for some special occasion and that they only have the time to make it until Wilhelmina gets back (who is being distracted by Margery and Tanaka at the same time).

What the hell are you on about…

As night falls, Wilhelmina is growing impatient with Margery’s blathering and decides to go back to the Haridan to see what’s going on. On the other end, Shana and the rest are in a pinch since they made a miscalculation on the list, mistaking soft flour for hard flour, and requests Margery to keep Wilhelmina and Yuuji occupied for at least 15 minutes more. Which then Margery contacts Tanaka through one of her bookmarks to keep the distracted for the time being. Being confronted by Wilhelmina and Yuuji threatening him to spill the beans, Tanaka as be per ordered tells them a random story that doesn’t remotely even make sense (to waste some more time for them of course). The scene jumps back at Shana’s end where they just came back from the groceries and finish off cooking their stuff. Back to Wilhelmina, Tanaka apologies and asks them to “walk” back to Shana’s place where Alastor and Margery will explain everything.

Looks like an overly decorated pancake to me.

Arriving back home where Shana is, Wilhelmina asks the lot to explain what’s up. But just as she does so, she witnesses freshly cooked dishes of pannenkoek on the table, where Shana greets her home. Suddenly, everyone makes their leave, taking a share of the dutch pancake home, leaving Shana and Wilhelmina to be alone.

Asked why Wilhelmina was in on this plot along with Yuuji, Shana explains that the reason she did this was for her and Yuuji to be on good terms, as in the past they were not, and asks her how she views Yuuji after all this. With Wilhelmina answering that he’s a very “unique” boy. Taking the first bite into the pannenkoek Shana had been painstakingly trained, perfecting the cooking and taste, Wilhelmina praises Shana’s cooking skills, saying that it’s delicious. To end the episode off, it turns out the reason for this special occasion is that it’s the anniversary of the day Shana came to… the good side really (no literal reference intended) and a short flashback is played in the middle, featuring the loli Shana at the large castle-like structure floating in the sky (as seen in episode 14 of the first season), asking Wilhelmina from atop of some castle asking if there are more “important days to remember”.

Which brings us back to the contents of the opening sequence.

The delicious loli-loli loli Shana :D

Who the hell is he?

Please… no more Star Wars pick-up lines…

Ike-kun embraced by the pannenkoek given by Yoshida. lol

This episode was… err… pretty average to me, not the best episode compared to the first OVA and the TV series… but a nice addition upon to the main plot. I didn’t really grasp most parts of the episode since… you know… it’s been really over a year since I completed watching the first and second seasons and just past 6 months from the first OVA… My knowledge of Shakugan no Shana terminology, the circumstances and the plot seems to have degraded a bit inside me, which makes me viewing it again a little awkward unless I go and have a little revisit of memory lane. However, is it just me, or is it that Ogata (the chick who digs Tanaka and had her oen little OVA spin off in the past) sounded pretty retarded and slurred compared to when she was in the main series (what’s wrong with you, Yumiko Kobayashi!?) and that the animation and SS and Eclipse’s animation and subbing style respectively had change a bit? Sorry for the rhetorical questions I just like to blast them out…

As I’ve read from many sources, the first OVA was an original devised by the anime production comittee while this one was adapted off the “Shakugan no Shana S” spin off light novel series. Now I wonder why this OVA series is called “Shakugan no Shana S”…haha

And apologies for this post to be megatholically late (real word?) as I’ve been vusy woth other stuff lately and rest be sured I’ll try to be on time when Shana S 03 comes out.

I end my post.

PS. Shakugan no Shana-tan Dos you ask? Well the same epic shit as usual compared to the last Shana-tan episode really (lol)


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  2. The episode was medicore – I hoped something was going to happen, but no – it was all about a party. Well, I understand OVAs are meant to have cute and relaxing stories like that, but the first episode was better.
    But Tanaka trying to cover up the mess with his story was epic. Such an exaltation!


    1. I’m losing e-respect for Tanaka. He was awesome at first, but then became a pussy when he decided to ditch the supernatural >/

      But it appears this episode was set before he left in the main story, since he was still working under Margery and that he was in the Haridan.


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