Anyone Know This Anime?

Watched this anime when I was a lil’ shota, but just recently I came to notice its existence while having breakfast one morning.

Of course, now I’m unable to watch it since; one, it’s region 1, meaning I can’t watch it since I live in Britannia (got it in Canada on holiday in 2000), and two, the disc is cracked.

Just asking here, nothing hurtful or personal here. Thought I might as well I actually uncover its true identity and stuff…


4 thoughts on “Anyone Know This Anime?

    1. I was expecting that response.

      After all I tried transcribing this from Canto Chinese (since this was dub’d in the language) into English but in the end, I failed. Not that important really since I was just wondering and thought it’d be nice to see if others know what it is.


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