Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 12

A continuation from the last episode, Class F is on a winning streak after defeating Class D and B, and attempts to finish off their streak by declaring a rematch to Class A as well as defeating them. After a delightful morning where Akihisa is greeted by photos of luxurious food under his pillow and a cunning video of his sister eating steak in a bikini, school had already begun (which was also the day Class F were to declare war to Class A).



True that. No wai-


I, in actuality, rolled on the carpet and laughed my butt off at this.

Innocent quote imo.

90% will get what it means and literally lmao, while the other 10% will not get what it means and walk up from their basement and would ask their parents.

That explains why.

Yuuji begins by having  Hideyoshi to swipe a box containing her school uniform and her favourite books and plans to deal with her first before the coveted ESB. Moments after they realised that Yuuko’s “favorite books” are non other than gay doujinshis, revealing her weakness in process as Hideyoshi gets beaten by her when he flashes her “hobby” in the hallway. Yuuko becomes engulfed with anger and marches all the way to Class F, yet again yelling and reminding them of their place in the school. Yuuko goes on saying that Mizuki doesn’t belong in Class F and should join Class A, and even reconsidering her intellects and thinking that she has been influenced by Class F’s idiocy. Akihisa interjects defending Mizuki that she doesn’t belong in Class F’s crappy class, while actually admitting that their Class is crap. As Yuuko leaves the classroom, it appears that “Part One” of Yuuji’s plan is complete, exposing Yuuko’s sacred weakness.



Meanwhile in Class A’s classroom, “cross-dressing fag” Nemoto of Class B declares a Mock ESB to Class A, since having defeated by Class F they’re suspended from ESB for three months like Class F did. Yuuko declines the declaration since they have a battle with Class F later in the afternoon, Nemoto then proceeds provoking to Yuuko how worked up they are over a ESB with the crappiest class out of the whole school, which typically forces Yuuko in accepting the offer.

In fact, you should perform seppuku if you ever lost to one…

Obligatory panty short shot.

While the Mock ESB between Classes A and B had begun, Class F makes their discreet move, having Hideyoshi going into Class C masqueraded as his sister and branded the whole of class C as filthy pigs, sowing discord between Classes C and A, saving F from a rather potential alliance between Class C and Class B.


LOL’d hard at that walk-in comical hand xD

As the Mock ESB between Classes A and B had concluded since Nemoto decided to bail out, students of Class C come charging up to Class A, suddenly declaring yet another Mock ESB, followed Class D and E as well shortly as each respecting class gets defeated by the almighty Class A. Surprisingly, Class A is having a hard time with Class E, as it seems that the majority of Class E are far more physically fit than the lot in Class A, since they’re more in the academic area. This then reveals the sole reason as to why Yuuji turned down all the classroom exchanges, since thereafterwards Yuuji would have other classes owing them favours, which are then used to declare Mock ESBs with Class A.


Yuuko returns charging into Class F, realising their “lame” strategy of having other classes chipping away their points. Unfortunately though Yuuko claims that they still have enough points and energy to defeat Class F in the upcoming battle in the afternoon, and leaves.

The end of lunch has stuck, meaning it’s time for the fated ESB rematch between Classes F and A. Class A begins by sending out students in small groups surrounding Class F’s classroom. Only to realise that all of Class F are outside in the schoolyard and not in the classroom. Students of Class A begin storming out of the building, only to find a stack of tables and chairs all packed and blocking the main entrance. One of Class A’s students finds Akihisa’s summoned being sneaking through the rubble and decides to tail it through a small passageway below. Only to be ambushed by a selection of Class F’s students who excel in PE. Which reveals yet another of Yuuji’s tactics of having one Class A student coming outside one by one and defeating individually by a gang of Class F students.


Surprise butt secks!!

However, Class A were able to break through the tables and chair barricade and begin charging at Class F, all playing into Yuuji’s keikaku (keikaku means “plan”), all who are then pants’d by Akihisa’s summoned being by taking off every Class A male student’s belt buckle at lightning speed. Upon discovering the fact, Mussolini asks Akihisa a favour of this time, taking off the female student’s bras. Conveniently at the same time, Aiko comes out asking them to be her opponent. Akihisa greatly uses this time to oder his summoned being to take Aiko’s bra off, only till then realise that she isn’t wearing one at all (!). Aiko declares where she and Mussolini (Tsuchida if you happen to not know…) had left off in their battle in episode 2, while Kubo does the same with Akihisa, but more in a gay mood. Akihisa and gang flee from Kubo, who is then almost interrogated by fellow Class F students, only to be then massacred (defeated, not literally…) by Satou, another top rank Class A student. Hideyoshi and his men come charging up to Satou shortly after declaring a battle at her.

Do not want.


Epic nosebleed is epic.

Akihisa, Yuuji, Mizuki and Shimada meet up at the rooftop of the school, where the climax of the battle begins. Yuuko and Shouka arrive after their little reunion, and kicks off their ESB battle. Yuuko’s summoned being makes her first move, only to have missed all attacks of the four. This is because they were able to learn to control their summoned beings effectively with the help of the bracelet Akihida hones (which performs a summon with the need of a teacher). Akihisa begins chipping away Yuuko’s points by inflicting hits to her summon being with little damage done, unfortunately though, the other Class A students manage to reach them and rush at full force to the battlefield at the rooftop of the school. Akihisa stops them by having his summoned being knock down the school bell, blocking the lot from interfering their battle. While all the students of Class A are pushing the bell out of the way and Akihisa’s summoned being keeping it in place, this leaves a chance for Yuuji, Mizuki and Shimada to make their move.

May I ask WHY is Nemoto still cross dressing when the losing bet was settles in the last episode…?

With Classes E, D, C and B watching from their classroom TVs, Yuuji gains the upper hand while battling Shouka. As Yuuji was about to make his finishing move, suddenly, Akihisa’s bracelet goes haywire and starts to malfunction (as it has reached its limit due to Akihisa actually studying and that it only works on “idiots”). With the bracelet disintegrated and cease to exist, the summoned field where Akihisa’s summoned being is fending off the other Class A students instantly dissipates.  Leaving the bell rolling and destroying the school building down as it collapses.

Studying is serious business. Don’t try this at home kids.


Everyone tries to escape, only till then the floors crumbling and having Mizuki hanging on dear life by Akihisa, followed by Shimada and Shouka off Yuuji. Just about Shimada slipping up and the three falling off with no regrets, Iron man (Nishimura…) comes to rescue, grabbing and pulling the three up ridiculously sky-high. Mizuki is of course relieved almost dying without living the life she wants and hugs Akihisa because of it.


Love-square confirmed. A bisexual one that is.

Meanwhile for Yuuji and Shouka (still holding hands…), Yuuji acts all flustered after saving Shouka and makes sure Shouka doesn’t get the idea (tsundere…?). And finally out of the blue, Yuuko cunningly sends out her summoned being up from the rubble, utterly defeating Yuuji’s summoned being as she gets up on land. Which brings the battle to a close with another yet so…! close defeat for Class F.


Aww man :<

Wowee what an epic ESB match this is. I of course feel for Class F since they were so… SO CLOSE to winning if they had kept their guard at the end. But it also makes me wonder how Class F (specifically Yuuji) could think of a variety of plans and strategies compared to other “superior” classes who just go and charge into battle with no plan whatsoever. Hypocrisy these days…

In more plot terms this week, this episode continues to follow on the main chapter plot and had just completed adapted the first volume in the light novel it seems (according to certain sources), due to this not much funny scenes and parodies are on display compared to the filler eight (yes, thats what I call the eight filler episodes from 3-10, based off Haruhi’s Endless Eight to be exact).

Soo. Final episode next week… With the episode called the same name as the series who knows what will happen. I end ma-uuh post-ah.

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  1. Well Yuuko was opportunistic of the situation. Since they said it was a mock battle, nothing serious was truly wagered. I wonder if there is a remote possibility of Shouko defecting from Class A due to the events of this ep? If that manages to happen, I think the balance of power might shift…

    P.S.: Found it funny that Akihisa is too smart to be a baka anymore since the bracelet gave out…lol…


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