Delicious Mayoi Neko Overrun! is Delicious

Inb4 the anime adaptation for Spring 2010 imo. I suddenly felt the urge to read Mayoi Neko Overrun a few weeks ago after reading an article about the series having a manga adaption better yet an anime one this Spring. Digging deeper into the turf I had come to found that the manga is going to be illustrated by Kentaro Yabuki, who had ended his To Love Ru manga a while back. Not only Yabuki, but also I had also found out that Peko (the awesome yuri yuri illustrator) does the illustrations for the Light Novel series. So the I thought to myself; “Yabuki, Peko!? Hot damm! Screw everything else Imma read the manga NAO!”. And so I did and here’s my little report inb4 the anime adaption coming this April.



The Story

The story centers around a helthy growing orphan boy Takumi Tsuzuki, who lives with his supposedly “sister” Otome. However the twist of this relation is that both Takumi and Otome aren’t blood related at all. Otome found Takumi trolling in the streets a couple years back from the main plot and decided to take him in. This wasn’t actually the first time Otome took someone or some “thing” in since she’s actually a collector freak and takes things into her home as long as it’s cute. Moving on, apart from Otome working as a full time collectivist, she also runs a patisserie called “Stray Cats” (based off all the stray cats she taken in to her home), and among the workers of the place, it only consists of Otome as the supposedly manager who doean’t really do much in the bakery, Takumi doing the stuff what bakers do and of course, the main star of the patisserie Fumino Serizawa the first apparent main heroine in the story (and since this is pretty much a harem story, expect moar later on). Fumino used to live with Takumi when they were kids (you could say that they’re Childhood Friends) in a orphanage since their parents died in various succumbed accidents. However as time passed the orphanage soon closed down and the two sadly separated due to the closure. Takumi was later taken by Otome (obviously) and Fumino by some loving caring family.

Well, what you just read above was simply the prologue to the main plot. In fact I don’t really know what’s in store for the main plot since I just read two chapters of the manga (it started searilising at the start of this year and going monthly ya know). So I’ll just briefly cover what goes in chapter 1 and 2;

Chapter 1

It starts off introducing the characters in the style of their normal daily lives, while flashing the point that Fumino is one of the rare entities of a Tsundere (lol). Otome picks up yet another stray cat, however this time it’s an actual Cat Girl! Of course disputes start to emerge as it seems Nozomi (the cat girl) had taken over Fumino’s spot as the saviour of “Stray Cats” with her badass catering skillz. So Fumino runs off. Takumi obviously chases after her while Nozomi gets the gist going on, and leaves them for “good”. As Fumino and Takumi calm down a bit, they soon discover that Nozomi had left since she thought she was getting in their way. A big search suddenly kicks off to find Nozomi across the city, and soon after they found her under a motorway bridge. The three soon reconcile and share their similar past as Nozomi, and in the end Nozomi joins the main cast!

Nozomi <3

Happy ending = PROFIT!!!

Chapter 2

This chapter continues where chapter one left off. Nozomi enters the school Takumi and Fumino goes to, a new loli heroine is emerged called none other than Chise Umenomori, who is another typical rich girl and is the daughter of the founder of the school they all go to. Later on the chapter digs deeper into the characters lives, including the time when Takaumi and Fumino were still together at the orphanage, and back in the present Fumino’s latent paradox where she normally says thing which are  the opposite of what she actually saying, which makes Takumi believe Fumino had confessed to him in the church after she had run off for some reason (as she said she really “hated” him). And of course, the chapter ends when Fumino says to Takumi that what she said was a complete “lie”. Adding in the sense of her opposite speaking, Takumi believes of what she said was completely “true”.



And thus create’s Fumino’s “die twice ect” catchphrase…

Even though I found the plot to be very much typical for some ero-harem slice of life series, I actually enjoyed reading the first several chapters and the characters themselves here are quite more unique than other harem character leads (who have loving parents…lol). And of course we have our average tsundere Fumino with her “twice” catchphase…

The Art

Laws of bodily nature, one might say…

The males students appears to haven’t grasped the moé culture it may as well seems…

Chise is now my favorite character of this series.

Patting head fetish :D

As you witness in the above displaying scans, the art of this manga flawlessly top quality. The nude scenes where you can see Nozomi in bare is awesome too (seems as if Yabuki has great experience with the female anatomy…haha).

According to Mangafox in my Google Reader, it seems that Chapter 3 has been released, so I’ll get on with reading that after I’m done with this post.

Mayoi Neko Overrun is surely a must watch this Spring.

I end my post.


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  1. I doubt how are they going to adapt this. Although this may become another To-Love-Ru and Black Cat in which both anime are different to the manga. There are only 3 chapters yet and it’s released monthly.


    1. Bet my money that the anime is going to follow a different route from the manga and light novels, and yeah it’s a bummer that it’s releasing monthly (monthly is too long!) however it keeps the series quite alive and collected.

      Hm, haven’t To Love Ru and Black Cat yet,might read them once exams are over this week :D


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