End of Winter Anime 2009/10 Overall Review

With the Winter Anime season closing it’s shutters with the majority of its season anime coming to a close, it’s only natural for me to review of what I think for each and every individual series that had concluded. Which pretty much this post is all about. Figured that I might as well breifly review each series to save blogging time plus all in one neat and collected post. Note that this post is 65% complete at the first publish (meaning spelling and gramatical errors will be inevitable), and will be updated with more Winter Anime once they have concluded, such as Baka Test and Vampire Bund. But anyway enjoy~

Winter Anime 2009/10

Sora no Woto

Chuu Bra!!

Omamori Himari

Hanamaru Kindergarten

Ladies vs Butlers

Ookami Kakushi

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Fall Anime 2009

Kimi ni Todoke

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun


Letter Bee

Cross Game

Sora no Woto

The ending to Sora no Woto was inevitable as well. Although I found the development of Rio leaving 75% into the series and returning inb4 minutes till the end of episode 12, the plot overall was really well played for a anime original series (props to A-1 Pictures/Aniplex!). And although the final art style bears the similar moe blobby characteristic traits to the members to K-ON! and the personality traits of the Strike Witches crew, the animation was all well and good but, the quality was lacking a little at times.

Moving onto the plot elements, the story quite deepened a little after Rio left. The Holy Roman Empire, peace talks, conflicts, wars and treaties, all of this seems to had made me reminise of my now discontinued History lessons at school with the First and Second World War (and wow did Sora no Woto and the Wars IRL had many strong similarities). Also, really liked how they’ve added more of the Western and European Cultural elements into series. Such as employing a German (I think so) voice actress to star as Aisha, adding to what I think is a European folk song as an insert to the battle scene in episode 12 (not so sure about that) and having the entire town of Seize based off a real live town in Spain, where the crew visited I believed before production of this anime.

Of course overall, a fun entertaining anime to watch to kill some time and to witness how the Army goes from the eyes of a buglar. But still I believe the spider tank thing was kind of ridiculous (I mean come one, set in the oldern times where technology was still in its beta form and all the tanks and equipment in the army have all the tech in the world which seems to have been transported into their time through by a freaking time machine…sheesh).



Chuu Bra!

Oh how the ending was so typical! I’m not going into detail into this show but wow. How the ending was so… cheesy that I almost hurled out my internal organs…

So the climax/plot development for Chuu Bra, is simply Nayu being forced to transfer schools and move away from all her newly founded friends since her brother has been promoted to some underwear company in Kyoto. Haruka, the yuri girl for Nayu gets upset at Nayu for not telling her about this sooner after hearing about it- just after the Cultural Festival and ends their friendship by typically avoiding her overall. However, things get more complicated when everyone who was close to Nayu acts strange and confused now that she is gone. However, inb4 Nayu leaves for Kyoto she makes up with Haruka with the efforts by Yako and Kiyono on a freaking boat (no pun intended) and in the end Nayu leaves for good.

Think that this is the end? Chu Bra closes its curtains now that Nayu left? THINK AGEN!

Nayu obviously comes back to Tokyo weeks after she left, coming down to terms that she can now live by herself with supervision by Mizuno and weekly check ups from her brother every weekend. Reunited with her friends and the Underwear Appreciation Society-whatchamacallit gaining popularity day by day, everyone lives happily ever after and whadd’ya know? A HAPPY FREAKING ENDING!!! = PROFITTTTTTTTTT


Nah I kidd the vomit and the dramatised crtitism (but still think the ending was cliched), Chuu Bra was an entertaining anime to watch- despite all the critisms of it being too fanservicey and subtile characters (whom I cannot comment on since I kinda agree too…wut). Animation was good but not very good if you ask me as the color scheme seems to be quite too “strong” and the music used was overly “Jpop” if you know what I mean.


Delicious trap is delicious. No wai-

Inb4 pantsu service…

Omamori Himari

The ending was quite below average really, and was quite normal if you ask me. The conclusion was totally obvious, typical and ordinary fanservice and panties/bra exposure placed in as heavily as possible, cheesy harem ending where everyone is happy and lives on happily ever after. Not much to talk about for Omamori so I’ll leave it there.


Himari’s reaction to being Trolololo’d


The FFF-

Hanamaru Kindergarten

Not… really an ending if you ask me. Episode 12 was just like any other episode in the series. The “real” final episode I think is actually episode 11, as it lacks the initial opening sequence and starts out like any other series finale episode with the opening credits displayed alongside the episode…but sure this works fine.

Urgh how many highs and lows I experienced in this series, in fact I’ll show you a precise and masterminded list of what I hated about Hanamaru and liked, vise versa;

What I lieked;

  1. Hinagiku-sama~
  2. Satsuki-imouto-chan~
  4. Different ending sequence for episode, like what Sora no Otoshimono did for their endings, can’t wait for the album :D
  5. The “forbidden” love-love relationship with Tsuchi and Anzu, sure I do dig them lolis, but kindergarteners for seem far too young in my tastes…#
  6. The special Ben and Jerry’s ice cream I’m eating while watching this series from episodes 3-11~

Quite a personal point thar, but that’s what everyone do while watching their animu, amirite…?

Moving on, what I despise of this anime;

  2. Honestly though, Tsuchi needs to grow some balls and confess to that motherfukking Yamamoto-sensei damn straight. Word.
  3. Anzu really… REALLY tries hard in grabbing Tsuchi’s heart, which pisses me off quite so
  4. The distinct childness in this series makes me look, quite like a fag…
  5. Crunchyroll denying my priviledge of watching this in 720p HD quality, or maybe it’s just my internet connection… lolstream
  6. The crazy neighbourhood cat outside shrieking whenever the opening sequence starts (I play the episodes loud while leavng my window open, letting everyone nearby hear what I’m watching…haha).

The last one thar was actually dramarised, but you get what I mean ;D

So all in all, Hanamaru Kindergarten is a great anime to watch, however the plot is rather bleak wth no possible future for the characters, but partially saved with Gainax’s legendary animating skillz.


Ladies vs Butlers

The ending was… well… was that even an ending?

The supposedly climax of Lady x Butler is of the sports meet where Drills and Tomomi settle things out with each other and battles to win a certain theme park ticket so that they can go with Akiharu. In the end, Selnia wins of course. However at the end of the day, Akiharu stupidly gives Tomomi his ticket to the park, since he believes the two wanted to go to the park so badly, and doesn’t even get the gist. The other side and supporting characters show up looking down on Akiharu and thereafter he gets a double combo slap by Drills and Tomomi. The episode really just ends with everyone back in their daily lives and Selnia and Tomomi’s rivalry lives on, leaving an open ending with could trigger a second season in due time, however unlikely.

So just like in “They Are My Noble Masters”, ther simply end it where peace is simply restored. Quite disppointing for me since I expected something more bog to occur like some major conclusion or more readily, Akiharu ending up with one of the heroines (but that never happens so I’ll stop there). Fanservice and nude scenes were nothing out of the ordinary (except for the loli one…:>) and the animation ws fairly bland in my case. Oh and, awesome opening and ending sequences.

Epic fail


Great way to an anime huh…


Ookami Kakushi

The ending was kinda rushed if you ask me, so rushed that it even reminded me of how Kampfer ended (and the ending Kampfer was a shit as hell). So I guess… the Jouga Wolves and

However the story being devised by the creators of Higurashi and Umineko, in a sense though Ookami Kakushi is clearly inferior to the story impact level of Higurashi and Umineko, and what I call a more abridged and simplified plot scenario. The game however can be questionable being a visual novel and all the more that I haven’t even played it, nor that I will.

Episode 11 was really the ending in my opinion, just like Kampfer, and episode 12 was basically an epilogue of some sort and an extra if you call it (just like Kampfer!).

Basically put, Ookami Kakushi has a nice range of characters to sink your teeth into however the plot having such deep meanings and mystery that just didn’t manage to explain everything and in my opinion was a tad too short for a 12-episode series with a big plot on the line…kinda on the lines how I think 11eyes was too short-lived for a 12-episode series too.


Coffee lounge virgin…

It must be a trap.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Must I explain how awesome this anime is? But yeah, Baka Test ended in a appropriate manner that had cunningly left off a open ending, since it the 13-episode series had effectively adapted everything that had to offer in the first light novel volume. The plot is amazing, the characters are just…lol… and the animation is just so epic in a way that any quality deformations and degradation that occurs just makes it more awesome. Nice job Silver Link!

And as far as I know, good news has arrive that a sequel of Baka Test has been announced inb4 the end of episode 13, meaning the idiocy of Baka Test will come back once more later in the year or early next year. Awesome.


Only the most legendary animes in my eyes get 10* and don’t forget it ;D

Dance in the Vampire Bund

At first, I was kind of happy about Vampire Bund since it features loli vampires, then comes the first episode, I realised that all the expectations I had were completely obliterated. It started off crappy in a way as it was just some animated simulation of a talk show, and inb4 the end of episode 1 it finally switches back into anime mode where the story finally begins, meaning overall the first episode was really just a prologue if you ask…

The anime soon falls into the politics and royalty genre while atoning it all with moderate scenes of action, violence and gore. Oh- and vampire biting (kinda like how it is with Spice and Wolf, only replacing the vampires with furries and politics with economics).

Vampire Bund soon fell into the centre of attention when Funimation announced that they were going license the series and bring it to the western society legally while dubbing it of course with English voice actors. This is simply usual news for western anime fans but what brought them up to attention was that Funimation was also going to omit a few scenes out, as it was partially a violation to the United States law or something. Which surely had bring many fans in a uproar and even calling Funimation the new 4kids in editing and tarnishing the name of anime. However soon after their announcement and feedback Funimation announced that they may reconsider editing out and “inapropriatte” scenes and make an uncut DVD version after judging the whole series when the weekly broadcast concludes in Japan. Funimation has yet to make another statement…

But well, aside from the flim-flammery of the Funimation domination business, the animation was sort of on the “okay” side but not the brilliant side, being a Shaft anime I suppose a little more work into the animation could be done when it comes to the DVD/BD release (like how it was done with Bakemono). Plot was vibrant and unique however sort of complex and too abridged and the characters were great too. Vampire Bund is a great series if you can put up with loli vampire bitching and constant gory bloodshed.


Kimi ni Todoke

First shojo anime I’ve seen in a while, and a unique one at that. I surprisingly enjoyed watching Kimi ni Todoke as it in some cases portray many situations and scenarios that may and could happen in RL, and usually pointed out in Dramas… Obviously though in the last episode somehow portraying the end of the year 2009 Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship grows stronger and let many Sawako X Kazehaya fangirls squal while Kazehaya X Ume fans bit the dust. The animation by Production IG is simply marvelous and excellent quality while the opening and ending sequence… could’ve put a bit more work into (OP lasting 1 minute wuut?) but the songs for both the OP end ED are nothing but made of win. Honestly I believe that the series could’ve continued for another 13 episodes or so but being an opening, a second season may be debatable, if the manga continues on and produces more material…

Lies. I used to have a long address and it was spammed on all day long.



To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

Obvious conclusion is obvious. Beatrice spiritual clone Telestina has been defeated by the girls and Hayama was able to awaken her students after all these long dreadful years- without turmoiling the whole city. Surprisingly, I found the ending to be quite touching. Hayama accomploshing her life-long mission to being back the senses of her child errors just at the end of this series and the mushy wishy feeling was actually really emotional (yeah, I’m a fag :P).

Of course I’d have to argue back that I prefer Index more than Railgun since, looking at it simply Railgun was generally all filler with only 30% of it actually holding any means to the main plot, whereas the rest are just there to fill the very yet wide void with flashy fanservice and subplots (don’t get me wrong, but they were actually pretty well done). But however in Index, we have mini story arcs each contributing to the main plot with a little added bonus of each little arc having little strains of connections to each other (sure the fight scenes are overly lengthened and that Index becomes a side character after episode 4 or so (grrrrr) but it’s the thought that counts).

It’s been a fun ride in Railgun for me and I generally enjoyed this series episode to episode every week. Also my gratitude for Mazui for their precautious lightning speed subbing and quality.



Kiyama with any eyebags… IT’S A MIRACLE!



As expected of a CLAMP anime, the conclusion turns out to be a happy ending where everyone lives happily ever after. But what’s quite strange about this is that the broadcasters decided to air the final two episodes all at once in a double marathon, not as the usual weekly airing (I’ll take it that it’ll collide with the Spring Anime time schedule). Surely though, having it air both in one airing feels good since you’ll have the cliffhanger uneasiness subsided, but the impact for the ending had kind of degraded for me. Since I didn’t have the 7-day time frame in predicting what will happen in the end, but in reality I’ll get to know straightafter. Kinda contradicting between the marathon and weekly viewing huh… However despite actually being a little bit confused at the end of episode 23 and the start of 24, still Kobato had a great emotional ending and a breathtaking plot which I would recommend to anyone. Oh and, love the opening, ending and the insert sequences as well.

Hanazawa Kana. She’s on her way dude.


Letter Bee

Wow… what an ending. Well, not really an ending since the story continues in a confirmed second season planned this Autumn. How Gauche (who calls himself Noir) and his human dingo version of Roda suddenly showing up inb4 the end of the episode! Looking at this though, and judging from the flashback where Gauche saves the mutant siblings I can already assume that Gauche had joined that Rebirth orginisation (just a hunch as I haven’t read any spoilers or the manga…I promise!). Anyhow, despite 70% of this first season comprising of manditory filler of Lag doing his job while meeting clients in distress, and of course Lag crying at least once in every episode till his tearducts malfunction, the story really had me going from beginning to end (or halfway point to be exact) plus the beautiful and vibrant environment and the character designs on show. For now though, time to put Letter Bee in hiatus until the second season comes out late this year in Fall 2010.


Roda? That you??


Somehow I kinda fancy this human Roda…

Way’ ta go using the french term for the colour black and actually dressed in black.

Cross Game

Not one of the Winter Anime 2009/10 (ughh sick of saying that…), but it did end along with the season so I’ll add it into my collection~

Oblivious obvious ending is oblivious, what whaa? But anyways, Cross Game had gracefully ended as I expected to in means of plot development. Also not forgetting that the original manga concept also pretty much ended alongside with the anime, like how they did with Toradora!, nice timing if you ask me (or did SynergySP and Mitsuru Adachi planned this all along!?…yeah maybe).

A brief cover for the last episode; the match between Seishu and Ryuou rages on in this climatic battle, Seishu gains the upper hand of the match while Ryuou gains it too constantly, the blood and heat levels rises for both the audience and the temperature respectively. Kou manages to pitch at 160kmph however the speed wasn’t published at the time, Seishu obviously claims the victory over Ryuou, breaking their winning combo meaning that Seishu gets to go to Koshien! While taking a further step closer in fulfilling Wakaba’s true dream. After the match Kou goes uo to Aoba, and hugs her (ZO-MA GOODMESS) while getting slapped in the process (lol). Of course, Aoba cries shortly after in Kou hands after realising that she has no choice but to love him since he has managed to throw a 160kmph ball, which in the past Aoba claimed that she would love someone who is able to throw a 160kmph ball. The episode jumps several weeks into the future, where Kou and the team leave everyone for Koshien while before all that, they gather for Junpei and Ichiyou’s wedding (as Ichiyiou’s promise is fulfilled since she agreed into marrying him if Seishu would qualify to go to Koshien).

Honestly though I don’t really like the “Kou-ending-up-with-Aoba” ending a single tiny bit since… I prefer Kou and Akari or Kou and Wakaba…corpse edition (no wai-) But in a way, I’m quite happy for this ending despite actually hating it…lool contradictions

Junpei and Ichoyou in holy-matrimony as really great too, which means that somehow now Yuuhei and Aoba are…. sorta related (semi incest much then??)? Urgh I hate family tree jargons.

Anyhow, it was a fun time watching Cross Game this past, long and drilling year, no pun intended. Could’ve extended the story quite a bit I suppose like showing how Seishu competes in Koshien, for them to actually WIN the tournament while Aoba playing in the matches too (even though it’s impossible), fulfilling Walaba’s one laast regret completely? Now THATS the true Cross Game ending, but inaway, it would kinda be repetitive watching baseball matches over and over again… but hey, isn’t that the same as Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh…? haha


Surprise hugg!


What a touching moment.

Ahaha… M

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