Sayonara, Mina-san

This was inevitable, but it has happened. I am discontinuing my blog and leaving the anime blogging community due to many rationable reasons.

  1. Nobody even reads my posts, so this blog is as good as dead.
  2. My posts aren’t even good quality and contain many grammar errors and bad spelling.
  3. I’m practically getting no views at all
  4. I’m betting my money that no one is even reading this post at all, and even if you did, you’d would’ve already stop reading after the first sentence of this post.
  5. My parents don’t love me :(

So in all due respects, I thank you the few, one true many people who had followed me all this time (hah), and that I wish you all hope and good luck in whatever means you face in the future.

I end my last ever post. And… sayonara… Niyasu no Eden… :'(


Update: Just kidding! It was all an April Fools Joke all along. Niyasu no Eden will live on for as long as I (Nyarth) will vow to live!!

(lool how this has quite made a slight uproar upon the readers ;D)


8 thoughts on “Sayonara, Mina-san

  1. F*SK !!
    now I can eat you eh?
    better prepare yourself … I will eat you nice and good ~~ >:)


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