Hayate no Gotoku! Golden Week/A-tan Arc Review

Not bothered to explain what happened in the previous chapters since I was too lazy to cover… So in a nut shell here’s a cunning “un-biased” post regarding the few previous chapters to refreshe your minds. Moving on, the 266th most recent chapter of Hayate no Gotoku! deeply speculates the long drawn Golden Arc and Athena Arc to a close! Meaning a strong possibility the hilarious parodying comedy and positive upbringing will come back bigger than ever!

A “brief” summary of chapter 266

  • The group head back to Mykonos since they left Mikado’s jet there and will be flying back in it
  • They all have fun on the beach while Nagi is building huge ass sand art depicting otaku references, and is becoming greatly bored
  • Pelican swipes Nagi’s godforsaken hat AGAIN, chases after it to retrieve it
  • Athena, who was cunningly passing by, retrieves the hat
  • Nagi and Athena meet briefly, gives back Nagi her hat while the empty ring case Hayate gave to her as a present 10 years ago
  • Athena goes back to Machina, where she decides to ACTUALLY return to Japan
  • Hayate and the groupies all aboard the private jet (while Hina knocks unconscious before the jet even flies) to -finally- return to Japan!
  • Hayate realises he had forgotten to buy Klaus a souvenir since he was having “so much fun”…

That’s it.

Oh yeah, also mentioning;

  • Chizuru goes to some Comiket-styled convention, and meets a circle ringleader newbie.



I feel bad for Klaus now…

To be frank, I’m quite glad that the Golden Arc and Athena arc has now come to an end. The story was compelling and emotional however though, the plot had condensed and diluted to the point where I pretty much can just figure out what would happen in the next oncoming chapter because of the obvious points made previously (obviously excluding how Hayate and A-tan’s relationship will turn out and a bunch of other stuff). The way Hata-sensei handled the reunion of Hayate and Athena though…was pretty stale if you ask me. One particular follower of HnG found this to be the most down-bringing part of this series OF ALL TIME. Seemingly as though this means the questionable success for this cunning turn-out can be put up for debate. But after all, since I’m a Hayate x Hina believer, I’m overall pretty happy for this conclusion (or Hata-sensei attempts to reconsider and places Hayate x Athena inb4 finale of HnG D:). And also remember how Hayate no Gotoku used to be all about the comedy, misunderstandings and references to pop culture? This seems to have been absent in this long draught arc that has gone on like… almost one and a half year perhaps?

Despite of all the abnormalities for this Golden Week and Athena Arc, the story was in fact quite edifying to read all this time (despite me not having read the gaps in the middle yet D8) and it had also had me going from when Hayate had met Athena for the first time in 10 years, and me crying my guts out when Hina discovered that Hayate was in love with someone else and that he and Athena were embracing each other right in front of her (DAMN YOU A-TANN!!!).


Imma sucker for ratings imo. But it’s Hayate and more importantly Hina here so it gets 10+ by default.

Soo what exactly is the future for Hayate no Gotoku! now that the Golden Week and A-tan Arc is over? It appears that in the last few pages of Chapter 266 that something big is going to happen once Hayate and the rest return to Japan, which involved Comiket and Doujinshi, apparently. Please let it not be another looong story arc or then I would seriously cut myself as it’ll seriously drag on until like until 2012…yeah

But for now I end my post.

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  1. Kevin Luong December 1, 2011 / 01:02


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