Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 13 FINALE

Continuing on where episode 12 had left off, Class A (more like Yuuko) had made a sneak attack on Yuuji’s summoned being, which makes Class A the victor. This episode picks up when Class F’s classroom is yet again downgraded, from used orange distribution boxes to crippled sketching boards commonly used in art, not forgetting that Class F is again put in probation from summoning any ESBs for yet another three months. Akihisa is quite bummed about the defeat due to the fact that they let their guard down right at the last minute of the climatic battle and tries to do something about this.

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Back at home, Akihisa’s sister comforts him with words of encouragement while at dinner, which somehow enlightens Akihisa to think positive (this has shown results when he comes up with an idea in the bath). The next day at school, Akihisa approaches the headmaster’s office, and requests a rematch against Class A. Kaoru Toudou (the principle, mysteriously the name never said in the anime) declines the request saying that a defeat is a defeat. Shouka and Yuuko suddenly appear into the office asking the same thing, apparently it is a disgrace for Class A to take such a cowardly victory and shunning the name of the school. In regards for owing Akihisa a favour from episode 8 for restoring the ESB system back to order, Kaoru (the principle) in the end allows the ESB rematch. However, Kaoru sets a condition that the rematch will be one on one against Class A’s captain Shouka and Class F’s Akihisa, and will be a sudden death match consisting of questions (like how they did in episode 2) unfortunately though no classroom exchange will take place. Instead wages are set that if Akihisa wins, he can have any wish that the principle can grant, however if Shouka wins Yuuji will be forced to give back the marriage certificate to her, meaning Yuuji’s life is on the line in this match (of course, Yuuji does not like this one bit).

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After school that evening, Akihisa is weakly swinging on the swings in some local play area. Hazuki just happens to appear handing over to Akihisa a box of baked cookies she had ever so hardly made. Hazuki gives indirect advice to Akihisa relating to his problems of a way of beating Shouka in the upcoming ESB rematch, which gives Akihisa a boost of motivation and shortly after rushes home to seriously study.


The day of the ESB rematch, and it seems both Shouka and Akihisa are ready, while Yuuji is supporting Akihisa by shouting out to him words of motivation (since his life is on the line of course) the rematch goes underway. As the first question is announced Akihisa appears to had already having troubles with the exact answer, in the end, both Akihisa and Shouka manages to answer the correct idiom, but in two different variations. The questions then range from many subjects in the curriculum, including asking for the formula of the area of a circle, algebra, translations from Japanese to English and so forth. As the battle rages on while Akihisa still hanging on against Shouka, the scene goes back to Akihisa’s sister at home thinking of him, while highlights of the questions are displayed at lightning speed at the bottom of the screen.

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As the battle progresses, the questions exceedingly grows to become even more difficult, where the majority of the questions are all related to ancient and uncommon world history. Akihisa manages to answer a question regarding one correctly, as remembrance of the test he took in episode 10, where he forgot to write his name on the test answer sheet but the answer to the first question which was Alexander the Great. However until the question asking when the Taika reforms had happen (referring to the climatic question as heavily mentioned in episode 2) Akihisa, being a complete and the ultimate baka he has troubles remembering the year. He soon after knows that it was in the six hundreds and it ends in five but doesn’t what the middle number is. Akihisa attempts to gamble on the answer and uses Striker Sigma V, the trusty random number generator pencil as demonstrated in episode five. As the answers from both Akihisa and Shouka are judged, it is then announced that Akihisa is the victor as he guessed right for the answer of the year was in fact 645! Where Shouka continues to answer it in the year 625 (since Yuuji told her since childhood as a cunning prank (and again, refer to episode 2)).

You’re saved Yuuji!

While Class F celebrate by glomping on top of Yoshii, Shouka leave the room where Yuuji is waiting outside. Yuuji asks why she deliberately answered the question wrong, where Shouka explains that she had made a promise with him that she’s remember that the year the Taika Reforms had happened was in the year 625, just as Yuuji said in their childhood. Just as soon the mood has been made fit for Shouka and Yuuji to be more attached to each other, Shouka shows Yuuji the marrige registration she retrieved from where he had hid and goes off to send it in. Further speculation reveals that is was in fact Tsuchida who swiped the registration from where Yuuji had hid it to Shouka.

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As Akihisa’s wish was about to be granted, Mizuki asks what exactly was Akihisa’s wish. As it actually turns out Akihisa’s wish was for Mizuki to retake the entrance exam so that she can move up to class A where it is fit for her. Mizuki forms a bit of misunderstanding believing that Akihisa seems to don’t want her to be around him (while in fact Akihisa is doing what he believes is best for her). That evening Mizuki swiftly completes the test with no interruptions of a fever at all. As Ironman (Nishimura-sensei) goes to mark the test sheet, predicting a 100% grade, Mizuki asks for the paper back for a but as she claims to had an error she must correct.

Guess Shouka wasn’t smart enough to know about that eh?

Is that an actual test paper? Looks like it is…

The next morning where Mizuki is supposed to move to Class A and say goodbye to Class F (and the discovery that Shouka’s marriage Registry was rejected since Yuuji has to be at least 18 to marry), Akihisa and the rest (but mostly Akihisa) are feeling quite down by the fact Mizuki is gone from their class. However moments later, Mizuki shows up in Class F’s class once more! Akihisa becomes quite confused with the matter at hand and asks why she is still in Class F, where Mizuki answers that it was the class she was assigned to after the re-take, and confesses that she had forgot to write her name dow on the sheet (you can also see that she did in fact write her name down but however erased it out when she asked the paper back for a bit). Akihisa becomes infuriated as he somehow  gets the gist and rushes over to the principle’s office, where he yells at Kaoru why she was sent to Class F despite not just having not writing her name down, but the fact that she was the only person there to re-take it, and prominently calles her an idiot. Quite surprised that she was called an idiot by an idiot for the first time ever, she sighs in effect to that of a /facepalm and believes even more that Akihisa is a complete idiot. The other characters shortly appear in the office where they (one by one) tells Akihisa that he’s an idiot, by not getting the obvious situation that Himeji deliberately didn’t write her name down so that she’d get a zero and continue to study in Class F, where all her true friends are. To end the series off, the whole cast (except for Akihisa) shouts out “baka” (idiot) as the scene reaches up to the sky, where the characters “ba” and “ka” can be clearly read.


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And soo Baka Test has now finally finished! It’s been such a long… agonising journey… but we made it! I’d like to thank all the support from the people who comment on my episodic posts cheering me on and gg for subbing the ever so fine series at such lightning speed when launched! Also a little bird told me that a SECOND SEASON has been confirmed for Baka Test to air later this year or even next year at this time! Rest assured that the downright idiocy and touge in cheek humour that is Baka Test will come back once more in the future!! If it isn’t some April Fools joke that is…

Moving onto plot terms, the ending wasn’t… really much of an ending in my opinion. The only most plot development of this season of all was that Mizuki was on the verge of leaving Class F for Class A, but tht was soon rectified inb4 the end of episode 13. Another point is when Class F was about to defeat Class A, so close yet so far… But at least it leaves a wide open ending that a sequel can fit nicely into so it continues on swiftly at the time of launch.

Don’t have much to say right now but I’ll write a brief review of this when I update the End of Winter Anime 2009/10 Overall Review post.

Peace out guys, and rest well, Baka Test~