Marathoning Bleach…lol

Realising that I am several hundreds of chapters behind from the recent chapters of Bleach (DAMN YOU PEOPLE WHO SPOILED ME WHEN ISSHIN APPEARS), I thought it’d be nice to actually support the manga industry in some sort of way by heading down to the local library and borrowing out all the volumes where I had left off over a year ago (according to MAL, and displayed above) and what the library has to offer (luckily now the amount of manga in libraries in my area is rising ;D).

Thought about simply heading over to MangaFox and reading it there, but I thought reading an actual book would be much easier and more confortable to read.

After all;

  1. No need to load pages (especially on a slow internet connection liek me), just a simple flick of a page is all it takes to reach the next…page!
  2. Eyes are spared from the monitor lighting glare since it’ll be on actual traditional paper!
  3. Clear typesetting compared to a number of scanlations are filled with text that many (including me) would have a hard time looking where to start reading!

In regards to the actual translations from Viz and the fan-scans can be a debatable question to all, buut at least I’ll be able to catch up at lightning speed.

I end my post.