HeartGold Get!

Soo eight days after the European release of the new remakes of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, I manages to get my own copy of HeartGold (cuz you know…Ho-Oh would so totally kick Lugia’s ass). And you know what? Five words.


Click the jump and follow me on my treacherous and ridiculous quest as to how I managed to get HeartGold without having my soul being ripped out of my soul cabinet in my very chest… all this just to save 5% off a meer game’s RRP.

April 1st. The last day of school for the winter term and straight after I cunningly went to Asda (pretty much like Walmart since its in the family cooperation) to get HeartGold which was £30, £5 cheaper than other places where it is sold for £35 and even the default price of £40.

So? What’s so “treacherous” and “ridiculous” about this “quest”?

The treacherous part I’m about to get onto. As Asda (slash Walmart) is situated almost at the other side of town of where I am. The ridiculous part will take place later on.


stfu inner me >(

So then after MORE walking I managed to get back home almost an hour later from walking back (HURR). And little did I knew that THE FUCKING GAME WASN’T EVEN IN THE FUCKING BOX THEY SUPPLIED TO ME!!!


I swear 100% that the game wasn’t in the box at first when I brought it and opened it up back at home. Honestly it wasn’t in there you gotta trust me here guys.

Being pissed as for the game box with the game cartridge inside absent, I was pissed that evening and took out my rage playing Platinum and raging on MSN to my friends.

sad pokefanboy

Isn’t it time for your bedtime inner trolling me?#

… … … fag

Anyways I planned of going back to Asda slash Walmart the day after since it was getting dark. But little did I knew (again) that it was Good Friday the day after, thinking that it’d be closed, I waited ANOTHER day which is on Saturday (today really since this post was published).

So I marched across town (as well fetching my Bleach) to Asda with my Pokemon HeartGold game-less and complained at the customer services desk and complained at the staff, not forgetting the punching and uppercutting.

faake and gaay

Alright maybe the violence wasn’t involved but I was actually quite infuriated about this


After explaining to the lady the situation I was in, she had me waiting calling someone in charge of the gaming section of the supermarket to sort out this mess, and had me to wait four or five minutes. But then I was soon told that I had to wait ANOTHER 4 or 5 minutes more for the guys in charge of the place to arrive so I had no choice but to stroll down the place for a while (no not the lingerie section). And that simply covers the “ridiculous” part of my quest.

That wasn’t even ridiculous one bit

stfu inner me, I can say what I wanna say

As the staff informed had finished talking with the guys about this mess, they told ME that there was a slight mix up with the gaming packaging, and that I was only meant to purchase the GAME BOX WITH THE GAME ONLY but not with the Pokewalker accessory included. At this moment of time I was totally confused with the matter at hand.

Why did they say that I was only meant to get only the game when it’s supposed to come with the Pokewalker?

Why did they bash me a little partly not believing that I didn’t admit conning them (technically, I didn’t)

Why is there a Twilight Scene it? game for the DS when it’s either way gonna be shit as hell?

So many questions that just can’t be answered.

Buut with a little coercing and a little comparison with them for other stores selling the game WITH the shiny box and Pokewalker the staff gave in to my outer gloriness and gave me what I started with AND ALSO the game and everything that was absent at the start! With everything I needed and taken care of I waltzed back home playing HeartGold straight out of the box.

And the moral of this story is; “always check the contents inside what you’ve just brought outside the shop when you’ve actually purchased it” cuz honestly you’ll regret it if something’s not right with the thing you’ve brought and the shop you’ve brought it at was 300km across town…

Dat’s better.


Now with the story of how I got the goddamn game all in the past, now for some pics to prove that I haven’t actually bullshitted that nonsense up;

I thought the Pokewalker would be as big as the game box, only to find it was a tad larger than a two british pounds sterling coin…

Bunch of stuff that comes with the game…

The Pokewalker

Box cover itself

My party at the moment, rebuilding what I had in the original Gold back on 2001 :D

A little comparison between the HeartGold cartridge and the Platinum cartridge shows that the HeartGold cartridge is more darker and black than the Platinum and normal games…

Battle scene

Cyndaquil, whom I chose for my starter, leveling up to level 6.

Moving Pokemon from the PC to your party is now faster and simpler than ever now that it’s situated in the touchscreen, meaning you can drag and drop your Pokemon wherever you like!

After countless battles Cyndaquil already evolved into Quilava in just a few hours, this must be a record.

And as for some review of this game I’ll make do with some other time.

But for now I’ll end my post.


14 thoughts on “HeartGold Get!

  1. you have both games now, you know what you should do..
    trade and get all three of the main in one game =)
    thats waht ill do lol


  2. Lol’d hard. Hope you enjoyed your journey.

    And damn you and your shiny Pokéwalker. ): The piratefag I am, don’t get them special stuffs. If only I could download cars…


    1. Its sometimes best to be goody-goody-two-shoes than a pirate. This is a prime example ;D

      The pokewalker ain’t that much special, it’s basically like a Tamagotchi clone and what I think you’re better off without one…if you don’t mind not getting any free items or “special” pokemon along the way…


    2. Bleh. Some of the newer events require the Pokéwalker to obtain special items/pokemon. ;-; I would’ve bought it if I wasn’t a good $20 bucks short. I need a part-time job lol.


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