As the title of this post clearly speculates… Inb4 watching the actual first episode, I manages to snatch hold of the opening and ending sequences of K-ON!’s new second season (don’t ask me why).

And to say at least, they’re not bad at all.

Due to YouTube’s law and order of removing any anime material out of it’s video streamingsphere, the video presented below will most likey be removed several days/weeks/months after the publishment of this post. If the worst case scenario happens to occur, just simply google “k-on!! opening (and/or) ending and all will be well. Thanks for understanding.

K-ON!!’s second season OP is called “GO! GO! MANIAC! (no kidding). The sequence is not that much different from the first OP, it mainly features the HTT (Houkago Tea Time?) band jamming it out along with the OP while the camera spins around them making the viewers watching slightly nauscious and dizzy. Several additions to the sequences is added such as Azu-nyan included instead of several episodes in, Azu-nyan’s new friend and the absense of Yui’s imouto… Viewers discretion advised.

The ED in this season is called simply “Listen!!”. Completely different to the first season’s ED out of context. While still atoning Mio’s “Don’t Say Lazy” costume’s style, it stars the main characters in flashy modern day time female clothing inside a giant slice of Mugi’s strawberry cake, meeting a Mio doppleganger, and of course the band rocking it out this time in casual clothing. Not as good as the first season’s ED in my opinion but overall it’s really not that bad.

Looking forward to actually watching the first episode of K-ON!!’s second season… well not really, but you get my point…right?

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    1. True true, but even still I strangely prefer the OP over the ED…

      I seem to prefer things the opposite of the majority of other people prefer…lol


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