Angel Beats! – First Impression

Did I actually go hyper-ventalated before and after watching this? But anyway, here’s my hands on first impression on Angel Beats!.

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An abridged short summary’

  • Otonashi suddenly wakes up is some unknown location and instantly meets Yuri, apparently a “sniping Angel”.
  • Yuri tells him that he is practically dead and he’s now in the Afterlife world, and if he doesn’t do jack, he’ll be erased of his existence.
  • Otonashi approaches Tenshi (whos being precisely sniped by Yuri from afar) and informs her that she’s about to get sniped.
  • Tenshi suddenly stabs Otonashi in chest, after Otonashi asking her to prove to him that he couldn’t die.
  • Otonashi wakes up in the infirmary, looking at his blood stained shirt, he realises that he unable to die in thw world he’s in despite the feeling of pain left untouched.
  • Noda enters the infirmary who supposedly slashed and killed him 100 times which once and for all proves the fact that he cannot die.
  • Otonashi later goes to the principles office, only to get knocked out of the window nearby by a sneaky trap set out.
  • He wakes up magically inside the room, where he sees the whole gang discussing about the finalization of the organisation’s name, finalised to the “SSS”.
  • Otonashi greets the whole members of the “SSS” while introductions are made.
  • After an explanation to the situation, the team get down to business of starting their first mission, “Plan Tornado”, which mainly consists of them snagging all of the student’s (NPCs as they call it) lunch tickets.
  • During Plan Tornado, Otonashi again meets Tenshi, this time armed with a handgun, he shoots her at her stomach, and gets chased down.
  • The rest of the gang shows up as back up, fending off Tenshi with all the advance ammo and weapons they had (MW2 much?).
  • Otonashi realises they’re doing this to buy time for Operation Tornado to complete, and then retreats.
  • The episode ends with the whole gang sitting down in the cafeteria of the school eating together, where Otonashi is thinking that it’s too soon for him to clarify anything, and just simple go with the flow in the Afterlife for the time being.

The first episode didn’t really made sense for me due to my laziness of even reading any material to the plot of Angel Beats whatsoever… However I managed to grasped a bit of the plot after the first episode and it all finally made sense when I read all about it on Wiki and ANN shortly after. Yay!

I got a sniper mutherfukker

lol at the naming suggestions

You fail

Well done captain obvious

No wai-

Congratulations! You’ve been raeped!!

Wut r u lookin at fag?

Achievement unlocked; 100 hit kill streak

Now who’s gonna clean that mess up??


With an iron fist?

God Buddha Angels… GBA… Game Boy Advance!

Key Cohhee! Key is the company that created and produced Angel Beats! btw

Key Coffee PV?

Epic song

Look at the firing bullets, it’s like MW2 all over agen…


The plot of Angel Beats I find to be really original (like I’ve seen any anime which is about in purgatory, wait, there is that anime featuring hardcore chess…) but it seems entertaining to find out the whole business with this “Afterlife” and the mystery behind Otonashi’s previous life and his actual name. The characters here are all the more unique and have their own different class. I particularly like the guy with the red bandana on spouting stereotypical American engrish accent nonsense. He looks mysterious but all the more epic for his random timing of screen time, I bet my money that later on he’ll be more featured and after scouring on the net and light spoilers, it seems that he’s some spy working for God or something- I didn’t read it all since I didn’t want to be spoiled. But in the meantime time will tell for his abnormal aura in future episodes. Another particular scene in this episode I’d like to point out is the rock band performance scene, where the girls rock it out on stage (pretty much like in TMOHS Haruhi performing “God Knows”)  in front of the students while supposedly having lunch. I watched the PV and some behind the scenes footage of Angel Beats and had come to my surprise that the way they produced and animated this scene was that they motion captured footage of a real life band performing the song IRL, then cunningly using the footage to transform into 2D and etcetera etcetera… Plus Otonashi is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, the same guy to voice Ararararararararararararagi in Bakemono and the desparing teacher in Zetsubou Sensei. Kamiya’s becoming my favourite voice actor you see…

In means of opening and ending sequences… did the first episode had an opening? Guess that’ll be featured in episode 2. The ending in this case is pretty much average. Usual cradit scrolling from bottom to top at the left side of the screen, while the logo of the SSS organisation is shown spinning in the background.

The song is called “Brave Song” by Aoi Tada and is alright I guess…

This ending sequence is somewhat so-so and too normal for Angel Beats for what I think. I really hope actually that this is only a one-off thing for the first episode and hope that the actual opening and ending sequence with animation will be shown in episode 2. Otherwise PA Works fails, like they already did with Yuri’s hand in this episode;

Epic fail indeed.