B Gata H Kei – First Impression

Just when I thought that among all the perverted minded anime characters the majority are normally guys, that there was actually a few perverted H-thinking girl characters to go along with it. B Gata H Kei is a prime example of this and totally revolutionizes the usual ecchi and fanservice anime genre to make something the complete opposite. Yep. That’s right. The girl is now the perverted predator, while the guy is the nice-nice innocent prey.

Main Plot Line

Yamada is a high school student, and a virgin, who aspires to have 100 casual sex partners. Despite this, she soon finds herself targeting and pursuing only one boy.

Source: ANN

Pretty self explanatory thar. So this bitch whore wannabe Yamada (who we never get to know her given name) has reach High School and is now 15. The age she believes she has to get laid so she sets to find 100 sex partners (wow). However, due to her lack of expertise of hooking someone up and her lack of confidence of her… precious place and chest, you can call it plainly impossible for her to actually find an army of 100 sex slaves out in the wide wide world. However, as time progresses she learns that the can’t just go out and instantaneously fetch herself 100 men and ready to be fucked no. She realises she has to start out small and work her way to the top, which she does as she found her first perfect man according to his plain and normal to be a main character status. As time progresses Yamada and Takashi (the normal male lead who isn’t worthy enough to be a lead) would obviously fall in love with each other (it will happen, just watch).

The first episode pretty much follows the main plot;

  • Introduction to Yamada and her sexual intentions
  • Yamada and Miharu (her friend, cunningly voiced by Yui Horie) tag along to go apparently go buy Yamada a new dictionary, as her old one was messed up and highlighted all over sexual words…
  • A few boys hit on Yamada and Miharu, who Yamada instantly rejects after thinking one if her own perverse fantasies…
  • Yamada and Miharu arrive at the bookstore
  • Yamada fatefully bumps (or fall…) into a passing customer after falling off a stool grabbing the dictionary she wanted.
  • The guy she was on top of fatefully becomes Yamada’s cup of tea, so Yamada sets her eyes on him as her first “sex partner” and asks if he was a virgin.
  • The guy, feeling so embarrassed after hearing such a question runs off crying to his mum… well not maybe his mum but you get the gist.
  • Morning after Yamada finds the boy from the bookstore to actually be one of her classmate sitting next to her!
  • Yamada tries to get closer to him, which forces her to kidnap him into some small room where she strips in front of him
  • The boy (called Takeshi as we already knew) runs off again all embarrassed and freaked out
  • The two are then called for library duty at the end of the day, where Yamada has Takeshi to “rub” her bare tummy since apparently she’s feeling pains. Takeshi obviously gets intimidated and flees.
  • The next day after school Yamada attempts to get a kiss off of Takeshi since believing that to start her creation of 100 fuck buddies she has to start each and every one of them a kiss
  • Somehow Takeshi’s sister approves of Yamada and leaves the two alone for two hours in the evening
  • Yamada looks at Takeshi’s old baby photos, and due to the great normalcy of Takeshi, Takeshi’s face over time doesn’t practically change one bit.
  • As the two get really literally close to each other in Takeshi’s room, Yamada gets freaked out by Takeshi’s BONER and runs on home, leaving Takeshi, utterly defeated and confused, while Yamada crawls up in bed scared of the thing she’s supposed to gag all over if wanting 100 toyboys.

The plot here seems like another generic shameless fanservice anime, and also a kind of a spiritual successor of Chuu Bra which had just ended in Winter 2009/10. The characters as well look generic as well and not that much special or anything original and unique to them.

First off we have Yamada, whom we are never going to know her given name, who is pretty much a slut-wannabee weeaboo who apparently wants 100 sex slaves again, which the reason we’ll never know. Apart from that, there really isn’t much more abut her and her personality.

Secondly we have Takeshi, who I believe is too normal and “pale” to be one of the main characters. Looking at him out of context, he really does seem for me like a randomly picked person out a giant crowd you’d normally see in anime where the scene is in a big packed environment. Not much details is given for him except that he’s a pussy that has been bullied all his life in elementary and junior, has an alluring while attractive elder sister and is still a ronery virgin however is a loving and caring person when it comes to girls. This is based off a slice of life yonkama after all so don’t expect much out of this.

Orly? Then why don’t you just show your precious out to the viewing public and judge for themselves.

May I ask the question; WHY?

Why… so… censors?

At least I’m not the only one… no wai-

He’s a VIRGIN weeaboo what do you expect?


No comment.

‘Fake and gay. The tissue box is far to away for him to reach.

…too easy

Because you’re a dumb VIRGIN.

Best not to do it in the library…

Flag triggered.


Do it, fag.

Just do it, fag.

You look a lot like that person from Journey to the West…

Even girls have fantasies…

Just realised dumbfuck?

Pr0n mags are so… traditional

How to… H? lolwutt

Tsk tsk tsk…

Can’t turn down a request like that 8D


They sure look dodgy….

Wut is that bad?

What. is. THAT?

Why censor pantsu when it was clearly shown earlier on?

Dude, and you want an army of fuck buddies with even bigger things that you just saw…



So overall, the story sounds bland, the characters look and are bland, the animation is… bland too and the music… is freaking annoying.


I think I almost pulled my hair and growing stache and beard out…


No different to the opening, but apart from the annoying vocals, the song itself is not that bad…

Not expecting much from this anime from now, but quite interesting to see how the relationship between Takeshi and Yamada will turn out in the end, and if Yamada will drop the soap in episode 13…haha


4 thoughts on “B Gata H Kei – First Impression

  1. This series is simply lol.
    normally you would get the opposite side than femaile XD

    anyway im still going to watch this.

    laughed like an idiot with the condom song XD


    1. The condom song should be screened everywhere to stop everyone getting AIDs. However I got scared when the condom song came up D8


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