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Pokémon Black and White!??

The much-awaited Generation V games’ names have finally been announced. ポケットモンスターブラック Pocket Monsters Black and ポケットモンスターホワイト Pocket Monsters White are set to be released for the Nintendo DS in Japan in late 2010.

The only known Pokémon that will debut with these games are the non-legendary Zorua and its evolution Zoroark, which both feature in the thirteenth movie. The version mascots of these games have not yet been announced.

The April 11, 2010 episode of variety show Pokémon Sunday is set to reveal more information on these games, much as the announcement of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver preceded its revelation on Pokémon Sunday last May.

The gooood source.

Yeah, the fifth generation games names of the Pokemon RPG series has been announced. From the names of metals from the Periodic Table back to colours, it’s called  Pokemon Black and White(highlight it if you can’t see). Not much fifth gen Pokemon has been announced except for the one who’s going to appear in the 13th movie, even the mascots for Black and White. I haven’t even completed Pokemon HeartGold or even Platinum yet and they already just announced new games…sigh

Expect it to reach western shores early next year in 2011, oh and, expect a bit of some racial controversy from a bunch of people due to the light-heartidly suggestive names. By the way I fancy on getting Pokkemon Black.

Yui and Ritsu Second-hand in K-ON!!??

If you haven’t heard recently, much like the incident with the whole virginity innocence issue with Nagi from Kannagi leading to an Otaku uproar, the very same has been done with everyone’s favorite K-ON!! members. You can read the full story here (Be warned; NSFW).

However unlike in Kannagi where it is totally confirmed and the red truth that Nagi did in fact had a boyfriend, the suspecting chapter in K-ON! only gives a slight hint and confirmation on the fact that Yui and Ritsu have a soulmate and “second-hand”, given by their abnormal behaviour on the adgenda. But given to the majority of the die hard fans of Keionbu, expect pics flooding onto the net depicting figures of Yui and Ritsu violated and several manga tankobons and merchandise burned to smithereens. Now all Kakifly has to do is to provoke the fans even more and make Mugi, Mio and Azusa have boyfriends as well and bon-voyage to this moe-blob anime. Like that’ll ever happen…ha!

Guess the few thousands of K-ON! doujins showing the characters of K-ON! getting laid wasn’t enough for them to rage huh…

The New Durarara!! Opening

Is fucking awesome.

Hideyoshi of Baka Test Merchandise Released

Do fucking want. Especially the T-shirt.

Damn why international isn’t available? YES ASIA!!


Too much fucking assignments to handle… m=_=’m

Mind if someone would assist me in collecting house price data?

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